Bern Bike Helmets

Bern helmets are regularly seen on Hollywood A-listers and Olympic champions alike. The reasons: lightweight, peaked designs, interchangeable liners and low-profile fit. Bern are forerunners in the move away from standard issue (aka ugly!) helmets. The RxSport team hunted Bern helmets down in the UK after spotting them on a snowboard trip to California a few years ago. It took us a while to hook up, but definitely worth the wait - we are massive Bern helmet fans!


Founded in 2004, Bern Unlimited was started to give action sports enthusiasts a single lid, adaptable to all seasons and all non-motorised action sports. A partnership with Olympic gold medallist Seth Wesscott catapulted Bern to fame.


Bern believe in providing a single helmet for action sports all year round. Certified for use on snow and in the skate park, summer and winter liners easily pop in and out of the helmets, making them perfect for use in every season.


Bern's signature visor shape revolutionised the style of head protection worldwide. Every single brand on the market now has a brim, but Bern is the original. The signature, low profile look of Berns makes them a must have for the style conscious.

One of our most popular helmet brands, Bern have an ever growing fan club - thanks to designs outside the standard helmet box and unique tech features. Key to the Bern philosophy is a choice of foam to match your riding/skiing needs.

Bern Helmets Types

Unlike any other helmet manufacturer, Bern offer three different foam options. Breakthrough Zipmold hard-foam helmets and Hard Hats with patented Brock multiple impact soft foam are the first new technologies in action sport head protection in more than 20 years.

Hard Hat w/Brock

Burly ABS high-impact shell with soft breathable multiple-impact Brock foam. Brock circulates air through the foam, and out of the lid. It sucks moisture from your skin, keeping you cool and dry. Lighter and more comfortable than hard foam helmets, Hard Hats have not been tested by ASTM or EN standards.

Burly ABS Shell with patented Brock soft foam
Shell: Thicker ABS shell specifically designed for Brock foam
Impact Foam: Soft and breathable Brock foam for multiple low-impact protection
Features: Brock is open cell foam which allows air to circulate through the foam and out the lid, keeping you cool and dry.
Standards: Hard Hats do not meet action sports head protection standards. Hard Hats are designed to protect against multiple lower force impacts and may prevent concussions when hard foam helmets will not.

Available in the Bern Baker helmets, Bern Watts helmets, Bern Macon helmets, Bern Muse helmets and Bern Brighton helmets.

EPS (Expandaed Polystyrene)

Meets CSPC, ASTM F 2040. EN 1078 and EN 1077B helmet standards.

Improved ABS thin shell with EPS hard foam
Shell: Ultra thin ABS shell specifically engineered for EPS foam
Impact Foam: Expanded polystyrene hard foam interior for high-impact protection
Features: Approximately 20% lighter than last season’s model
Standards: Complies with CPSC, ASTM F 2040, EN1077B, EN1078

Available in the Bern Baker helmets, Bern Watts helmets, Bern Macon helmets and Bern Muse helmets.


Patent pending liquid injected high impact foam fused to a tough polycarbonate shell. Engineered seamless, tapered, and thinner, it's ultra-lightweight.

Polycarbonate (PVC) shell with liquid injected Zipmold hard foam
Shell: Tough PVC thin shell exterior
Impact Foam: Liquid injected Zipmold interior for high-impact protection
Features: Engineered with a tapered edge and seamless finish. Ultra-lightweight Zipmold technology provides a
high strength to weight ratio.
Standards: Complies with CPSC, ASTM F 2040, EN1078

Available on the Bern Brentwood helmets.

Bern Helmets Tech Features

Bern Profile

All Bern lids feature the Bern Profile. The difference between all of the models is the vent and edge styling and the size of the mold.

Sink Fit

Low profile - surround fit and feel for your Bern helmet. Bern's trademark, low-profile style is combined with a deep surround fit and feel.

Chine Line

The chine line of each model separates the top of the lid from the sides. The lid ergonomically fits around your head instead of on top of it providing full protection.


Channeled Air Flow - Air channels that pull air through front vents and allow air to exit through back vents (available on all Bern Zipmold helmets).

The Clip

Snap in clip system for cold and warm weather liner integration.

Eyewear Channel

What really sets Bern apart. Choose from helmets with hard shell visor lids, baseball cap style visors and knit liners.

Twin Clip

Two goggle clip locations for custom Bern snow helmet fit.

Visors / Liners

Snap in clip system for cold and warm weather liner integration.

8 Tracks Audio System

Wired high fidelity audio system integrated into cold weather knit optional on most Bern helmets.

The sizings for all Bern helmets - EPS, Hard Hat and Zipmold helmets - work out as follows:

52cm - 53.5cm
54cm - 55.5cm
55.5cm - 57cm
57cm - 59cm
59cm - 60.5cm
60.5cm - 62cm