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RxSport will talk you through every element of your ideal running-specific eyewear.

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Semi-Rimless Sunglasses


Lightweight, and with an uninterrupted downward field of view. The open lens will also help to prevent lens fogging. If it's good enough for Mo Farah . . .

Shield Sunglasses


For those who want the sleekest look. Like the semi-rimless design, this shape will maximise your visual field whilst minimising weight.

Tech Features

Frame & Lenses


Directly glazed sunglasses minimise weight, and maximise stability when running. Sunglasses with inserts offer great versatility for year-round use, as they allow you to change the outer lens – perfect for those who have to run before or after work in winter.
Running Sunglasses Tech

Lens Simulator

Below you can take a look at the effect of different lens colours for running.

Drag the slider to view more of the image with your chosen lens colour.

Naked Eye
Selected Lens
GREY - A neutral tint, ideal for running on blue sky days.
BROWN - A naturally soothing lens, this will help to relax your eyes on long runs. A good choice for filtering out blue light, Ideal for medium to bright light.
VERMILION - A rose lens will soothe the eyes, and is flexible enough to be worn in almost any weather. The lens of choice for serious runners.
ORANGE - For overcast dull days. By brightening and improving contrast, this lens is incredibly popular in winter.
YELLOW - As with orange, this lens will assist on dark days. Can be useful for those who want to reduce glare from street lights, so is ideal for early morning and after work urban runners.
POLARISED - Not as critical as for some sports, polarised lenses can still help when running. Ideal for those who struggle with light reflecting off tarmac, especially on wet road surface. Also perfect for those lucky enough to run next to water.

Recommended Products

Running Sunglasses

Nike X2 Sunglasses

Nike X2

True to its name, the Nike Run X2 is excellently suited for running.

FROM: £89.99

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Nike Road Machine

The Nike Road Machine is crafted for running athletes.

Nike Road Machine Sunglasses

FROM: £69.99

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adidas Arriba

Show passion for your running with the adidas Arriba.

adidas Arriba Sunglasses

FROM: £59.99

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Oakley Half Jacket 2.0

The perfect performance sunglasses for running!

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Sunglasses

FROM: £95.99

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Oakley Radarlock Path

Provides a wide field of vision and extra protection.

Oakley Radarlock Sunglasses

FROM: £155.99

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Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 Sunglasses

Tifosi Tyrant 2.0

Lightweight material provides all day comfort.

FROM: £44.99

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Bolle Tempest Sunglasses

Bolle Tempest

Perfect performance eyewear for running.

FROM: £85.99

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Bolle Vortex

Designed with fast paced sports such as running in mind.

Bolle Vortex Sunglasses

FROM: £86.99

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Dirty Dog Sport Ecco

Perfect for a small to medium fit.

Dirty Dog Ecco Sunglasses

FROM: £35.99

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Rudy Project Stratofly

Features a slim, ultra-lightweight design.

Rudy Project Stratofly Sunglasses

FROM: £75.99

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