Giro Cycle Helmets

Giro Helmets

Giro are the biggest name in cycle helmets, and it is not surprising given their history and the technology they manage to cram into their helmets.

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Giro Cycle Helmets in Detail

Find out all the incredible technology that features in the Giro cycle helmets. Giro, very helpfully, have even made videos, so we can see these features in action!

Roc Loc 5 Fit System

Giro Roc Loc 5 Technology

After more than two-years of development, Giro introduces Roc Loc 5. This groundbreaking fit system provides an entirely unique user experience with an unmatched level of comfort, stability, adjustability and weight savings. With Roc Loc 5, you can easily dial-in both fit tension and adjust vertical position with a single hand. Just twist the dial for a tighter feel on rough terrain, then back it off a notch and relax across the flats or a warm climb. Even with these remarkable features, Roc Loc 5 is still nearly 40-percent lighter than its popular predecessor, Roc Loc 4.

  • Micro Dial: The heart of Roc Loc 5 is this ratcheting, micro-adjusting dial. A simple, two-finger twist of the Micro Dial opens or closes the retention system and each click is audible.
  • Three-Position Bracket: It’s never been easier to change vertical positions and fine-tune fit. We incorporated a three-position bracket that features 15-millimeters of up/down movement. Like the Micro Dial, this system can be adjusted without removing the helmet. Carefully-crafted ergonomic arms are shaped to be as comfortable as possible, yet work flawlessly with Giro eyewear (what we call Super Fit engineering).
  • Dual Pods: These two panels are designed to firmly grasp the back of your head while comfortably cradling the occipital lobe.
  • Strap Baskets: With Roc Loc 5, your helmet straps are always right where you need them. Not to mention this strap basket brings a new level of comfort.
  • Roc Loc 5 fit system is availble on the Giro Hex helmet, Giro Aeon helmet, Giro Ionos helmet & Giro Monza helmet.

Roc Loc 4 Fit System

Giro Roc Loc 4 Technology

This system, found exclusively on the Xen, offers full adjustment of both fit tension and vertical position. Roc Loc 4 allows riders to easily customize fit, making the helmet more stable, especially on rough terrain.


Roc Loc SL Fit System

Giro Roc Loc SL Technology

Minimal, simple, incredibly comfortable. With one quick adjustment of the webbing system, our new Roc Loc SL self-adjusts to provide a comfortable, secure fit. We’ve also spec’d supple, Italian-made, featherweight webbing material for maximum comfort. Roc Loc SL is found exclusively in our new Prolight race helmet. The Roc Loc SL fit sysyem is available on the Giro Prolight helmet.


Acu Dial Fit System

Giro Acu Dial Fit System

The Acu Dial system combines single-handed adjustment with a full fit band that brings a quick, sure ponytail-compatible fit in our line of Universal Fit helmets. The Acu Dial fit system is available in the Giro Rift helmet, Giro Indicator helmet & Giro Skyla helmet.


Universal Fit System

Giro Universal Fit Technoloy

Giro's Universal Fit family of helmets is sculpted to look good and fit great for most people on the first try. By developing unique shell sizes based on select customer groups and combining them with an adjustable fit system, Universal Fit helmets make it easier for you get the right fit, right out of the box, right away. The universal fit system is available on the Giro Rift helmet, Giro Indicator helmet & Giro Skyla helmet.


Xstatic Padding

Giro Xstatic Padding Technology

In addition to being very comfortable, our X-Static pads provide anti-microbial properties to help keep your helmet fresher, longer. The pads are also machine washable. The Giro Xstatic Padding technology is available in the Giro Ionos helmet & Giro Prolight helmet.


Super Fit

Giro Super Fit Technology

A great helmet is so comfortable that once it’s on, it virtually disappears. Our proprietary three-size Super Fit system is based on “human scale factors” data and over 20 years of crafting helmets for the best bike riders in the world. The result is pure Skull Hugging Luxury™, a helmet that fits 98% of the world’s population, yet looks (and fits) like it was custom made just for you. Availble on the Giro Remedy helmet.


Wind Tunnel Ventilation

Giro Wind Tunnel Technology

Giro helmets are developed utilizing our proprietary Wind Tunnel™ ventilation system, which combines active vents with internal exhaust channels that thrust cool, fresh air over and around the riders head-while forcing heat and stale air out. This significant increase in air channeling makes a difference that riders will immediately feel and appreciate. Available on the Giro Hex helmet.

Roll Cage Protection

Giro Roll Cage Technology

Roll Cage reinforcement is a tough web of DuPont ® Nylon® molded inside a helmet’s EPS foam liner. It provides an extra measure of strength and integrity that you’ll never notice…unless you need it.


In Mould

Giro In Mould Bike Technology

Our in-mold construction process fuses the helmet’s outer shell with its impact-absorbing EPS liner during the molding process, making the liner literally a part of the helmet. This fusion process reinforces areas around vents and ribs, creating a one-piece ‘exoskeleton’ that allows the helmet to be lighter, more durable, and better ventilated than traditional designs. Available on the Giro Prolight helmet.


In-Mould Composite Sub Frame

Giro In Mould Composite Technology

Giro's in-mold composite Sub-frame is a composite skeleton fused into a helmet’s EPS liner. Visible on the bridges between vents, this series of composite plates is directionally “tuned” to provide structural support, impact dispersion and penetration resistance. I.C.S technology is what allows us to carve those massive vents— as seen in our Ionos helmet, for example—without compromising rider protection. Available on the Giro Ionos helmet.


POV Visor

Giro POV Visor Technology

Point Of View visors are anchored by a patented internal clutch mechanism that allows 15-degrees of tool-free, on-the-fly vertical adjustment while preventing the visor from rattling and coming loose over rough and technical terrain. Available on the Giro Hex helmet.

Giro Cycle Helmets

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