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POC Prescription Goggles

POC Prescription Ski Goggles

POC is a Swedish company with a strong mission to do the best we can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes.

POC represents technological and protective excellence in an understated though nonetheless stylish package.

These goggles offer optical performance in a variety of light conditions, protecting your eyes from anything the elements throw at you. All goggles in the range enjoy optimal field of view, improving perception and your reactions. Lenses are made from high grade polycarbonate in collaboration with the famed optics manufacturers at Carl Zeiss AG.

A fundamental belief at POC is in making equipment that saves lives, as a result of that objective these goggles should be thought of more as visual armour, designed to protect your eyesight and help up your game whatever your winter sports pursuit.

POC Ski Goggles Technical Information

POC goggles are developed to optimise vision, function and protection, fulfilling needs depending on the activity and conditions. Renowned for their research and innovation.

POC Prescription Technology

Prescription models are fitted with the universal prescription insert, produced by Salice in Italy. Note that this is not a POC product. This insert uses a spring-loaded fitting technique. The fit of the insert in these goggles has been tested and confirmed by RxSport.

Giro Prescription Goggles - Salice Insert

Frame Technical Information

These features ensure POC goggles are strong and comfortable - standing up to impact, fitting well with or without your headwear and ensuring your vision remains fog free.

Frame Construction

POC Goggles - Frame Technology - Frame Construction

Every POC model features a soft-coated polyurethane frame, boasting flexibility at a range of temperatures to help give a comfortable fit and dissipate energy in case of impact.

Helmet Compatibility

POC Goggles - Frame Technology - Helmet Compatibility

These goggles fit seamlessly with POC helmets. They also enjoy good compatibility with helmets from other manufacturers.

Silicone Grip

POC Goggles - Frame Technology - Silicone Grip

All POC goggles feature grippy silicone-based material on the strap inner to keep your goggles in situ.

Frame Vents

POC Goggles - Frame Technology - Frame Vents

Frame ventilation channels built into each frame help to generate airflow, reducing the risks of moisture accumulation and fogging.


POC Goggles - Frame Technology - Outriggers

Outriggers help to optimise strap positioning for the perfect fit with or without a helmet.

Available on the Cornea model.

Frameless Construction

POC Goggles - Frame Technology - Frameless Construction

Frameless construction gives the goggle an ultra-low profile and unobstructed view.

Available on the Lid model.

Lens Technology

POC pride themselves on excellent optics. In collaboration with the Zeiss laboratory they are able to provide lenses of the highest quality and clarity in their goggles range.

Lens Attachment

POC Goggles - Lens Technology - Lens Attachment

POC's lens attachment system makes it possible to easily change the lens.

Available on the Lid model.

Spherical Lens

POC Goggles - Lens Technology - Spherical Lens

The spherical shape provides a wider field of view and helps to improve peripheral vision.

Available on the Lobes model.

Carl Zeiss Lenses

POC Goggles - Lens Technology - Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss AG is recognised and revered for its optical expertise in ophthalmic lenses, medical equipment and optics for over a century. POC's Carl Zeiss lenses are constructed from polycarbonate (PC) and have superior optical performance.

All combinations of lens tints and mirrors are carefully selected to minimise internal glare and to utilise the full effect of the base tint used.

Sonar Lens

POC Goggles - Lens Technology - Sonar

Zeiss' patent pending technology Sonar lens is available in a POC-exclusive VLT level for the best contrast perception, high brilliance of colours and contours, especially at high speed and in changing light conditions. All technical research and practical field testing has resulted in a lens which improves visual acuity in all light conditions.

Available on the Cornea, Lid, Lobes and Retina Big models.

POC Ski Goggles Lens Tints

Persimmon Red Mirror Specifications  
poc_lens_pers-red-mirror.pngBoosting contrast with persimmon base, red mirror cuts out glare. From overcast to sunny conditions. Light Transmission:
Protection Index:
Flat to medium light 
Sonar Orange (no mirror) Specifications  
poc_lens_sonar-orange.pngA versatile lens designed to excel in all light conditions. Enhances contrast and accentuates terrain, especially useful when travelling at speed and in changeable light conditions. Light Transmission:
Protection Index:
Flat to bright light
Bronze Blue Mirror Specifications  
poc_lens_bronze-blue-mir.pngContrast-enhancing base tint with a blue mirror finish to reduce glare. A good all-round lens choice. Light Transmission:
Protection Index:
Flat to medium light
Bronze Silver Mirror Specifications  
poc_lens_bronze-silver-mir.pngContrast-enhancing base tint with a silver mirror finish to reduce glare. A good all-round lens choice. Light Transmission:
Protection Index:
Flat to medium light 
Pink Gold Mirror Specifications  
poc_lens_pink-gold-mirror.pngPink base tint boosts contrast in snowy conditions. A gold mirror finish helps to block blinding reflected glare. Light Transmission:
Protection Index:
Flat to medium light 
Persimmon Green Mirror Specifications  
poc_lens_pers-green-mirror.pngBoosting contrast with persimmon base, green mirror cuts out glare. From overcast to sunny conditions. Light Transmission:

Protection Index:
Overcast to sunny
Black (no mirror) Specifications  
poc_lens_black-no-mirror.pngDark grey lens which provides neutral colour perception true to natural eyesight. A comfortable tint for very bright conditions at higher altitude. Light Transmission:
Protection Index:
Extremely bright light