Atomic Goggles

Aiming to "make every skier a better skier", Atomic are proud to supply both professional ski athletes and leisure skiers with eyewear which can be worn straight out of the box thanks to a wealth of features designed to enhance fit and comfort. Spherical and cylindrical lenses of the highest quality, paired with photochromic and multilayered mirror technologies, and a system making lens switching quick and simple mean you will be fully prepared for whatever is thrown at you this winter. Wherever you want to ski, Atomic equipment can take you!


Based in Austria, Atomic have been manufacturing ski equipment for over 60 years, supplying past and present pro stars, both male and female, in practically every skiing discipline including racing, freestyle, nordic combined and biathlon.


Atomic have collaborated with world-leading Zeiss to produce their spherical goggle lenses, offering exceptional clarity in any weather condition. Live Fit Frame technology helps to give a seamless fit straight out the box, whatever your face shape.


Whether you're a racer in need of streamlined shape or a freeskier wanting to look your best, Atomic's spherical-lensed Revel and cylindrical-lensed Savor will be able to tick your boxes. These goggles pair up seamlessly with our range of Atomic helmets!

Atomic was created by skiers for skiers, so they know what makes a great helmet and goggle set up. More importantly they can turn this insight into innovation. With the help of their Austrian in-house development and European production, Atomic have made their best helmet and goggle combo yet: Automatic and Revent Q. Read on to learn more.


Atomic have been part of skiing ever since its popularity boomed in the 1950s. Countless winter athletes have been guided to success with Atomic equipment over the past 50 years.

The brand have applied their expertise to eyewear in recent years with great success. Skiers of all abilities can benefit from the technology found in this range.

Attention has been paid to every little detail with emphasis on three key areas. All Atomic goggles feature top quality lenses, with progressive frame designs opening up awesome field of vision in all directions. Live Fit frames mould to the countour of the face, for great fitting goggles that stay comfortable and snug all day long. Finally, all goggles have been developed with the ideal helmet-fitting frame shape to fill gaps and maximise compatibility.


New for this season, Revent Q are Atomic’s premium goggles for all-mountain skiers.

What makes them special is the way you change lenses.

It’s a mechanical system called Quick Click Lens that works in seconds: when conditions change you click out one lens, click in a new one and you’re done.

Every Revent Q comes with an extra low-light lens included, so you’ll be fully equipped for an entire day on the mountain whatever the weather brings.

These goggles also feature Live Fit technology for a fit that molds to your face and stays snug all day. And last but by no means least, like all of Atomic’s goggles, they’re made and developed-in house by the skiing experts.


All Atomic goggles have frames designed to match up with Atomic helmets. That said, there are combinations that work perfectly.

Atomic’s new Automatic LF 3D helmet offers seamless compatibility with the new Revent Q goggles.

Automatic is Atomic’s new helmet for all-mountain skiers. What’s so special? It’s the only helmet with Live Fit 3D, which totally surrounds and moulds to your head the moment you put it on.

You’ll find a perfect fit between this helmet and the Revent Q goggles, with articulated outriggers enhancing the fit of the goggles without warping the frame or distorting the lens. Learn more about Atomic helmets here!