Universal Prescription Insert

Giro Prescription Goggles

We also offer a range of Giro prescription ski goggles, which work with a prescription insert. This removes the need to wedge spectacles inside your goggles, or battling with contact lenses in a cold environment.

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Giro goggles make a return to RxSport for 2017 with a high quality, functional range which aims to provide unquestionable performance and cutting-edge style across their entire line. If you're after a companion to a Giro helmet then look no further than this range, their lids and goggles are perfect match! Giro's performance-engineered polycarbonate lenses filter out 100% of harmful UV. Made in collaboration with Zeiss, these lenses feature durable coatings that resist fogging and scratches.


Giro was founded in 1985 by Jim Gentes. Based in Santa Cruz, California, Giro's location at the intersection of surf and mountains has allowed for the pioneering of protective wear for all manner of action sports, not least skiing and snowboarding.


Expanded View Technology finds its way into more of the Giro range than ever in 2017, featuring on the Balance, Dylan and Semi, among others. If you find yourself in changeable conditions and need to adapt on the fly, consider the Contact for instant lens switching.


The Semi and sister model Dylan give a sharp look for boarders with a low-profile cylindrical lens. If you love unobstructed panoramic views then you will love the new Contact. Can't part with your prescription frames? The Index OTG was made for you.

We're stoked about Giro's offering for the coming season, so we've expanded our Giro range for 2016-17 with all-new models including a cylindrical lens offering for women. If you love their helmets, you'll love these goggles. Read on to learn more!


Giro have led the way in protective headwear for years. Their range of winter eyewear is fast becoming equally exceptional, with a range of goggles catering to every age group and demand, and a collaboration with ZEISS leading to some of the best lenses on the market today.

It goes without saying that Giro goggles are seamlessly compatible with their range of helmets, meaning you can take advantage of total integration and all of the added benefits that brings, not least extra style points!

This season we welcome in new models such as the Balance, Dylan and Semi, getting more styles and technology to more faces than ever before.


Giro’s Snapshot Magnetic Lens Interchange System found in the Contact goggle utilizes self-locating magnets and a secure locking mechanism for virtually effortless on-the-fly (or on the chairlift) lens interchange.

Simply depress the shutter button, release the lens, and insert the lens of your choice, which magnetically snaps into place and locks down securely.

This system is simple and secure enough to function even when wearing gloves, meaning this is the truest on-the-fly interchange available. Click it and rip it!


For more than 150 years ZEISS has remained the global authority in quality optics, and in partnership with Giro, continues to uphold the strictest standards in optical clarity and pure performance.

All of Giro’s goggles featuring Lens By ZEISS optics are engineered to be taper-correct and eliminate prismatic distortion – delivering the ultimate in crisp, clear, superior vision.

Get the best optical experience on the market with ZEISS lenses, as found in the Contact, Onset, Balance, Field and Blok models.


Giro’s EXV Technology creates increased peripheral vision and boasts an overall expanded field of view while keeping the goggle frame compact and wearable.

EXV goggles offer unobstructed, panoramic views and crystal clear premium optics and are available in even more models for 2017. Select premium EXV models are paired with world class Lenses by ZEISS.

EXV technology is available on the Contact, Onset, Balance, Field, Blok, Semi and Dylan models at RxSport.