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adidas Goggles

adidas have rapidly become one of the leaders in technical ski goggle innovation. adidas have carved their own niche at the cutting edge of sports eyewear. Drawing on years of experience at the leading edge of performance eyewear for sun and snow, adidas Sport Eyewear returns for 2016-17 with a fully revamped range that seeks to push the boundaries of adaptability and style on the mountain.


Boasting nearly seven decades of experience in the production of performance sports equipment, adidas have channeled their knowledge into creating quality eyewear, worn by some of the world's biggest names in a breadth of sporting disciplines.


The Progressor Pro Pack steals the show this season, giving riders the choice between a cylindrical and spherical lens on the same frame. The highest grade frame and lens materials have been utilised for the greatest comfort and distortion-free vision.


adidas have gone down the route of oversized lenses for maximum peripheral views and a low profile look. The spectacular rimless design of the Backland is sure to draw eyes with its range of eyecatching mirrored lenses.

adidas Sport Eyewear goggles return with their strongest ever lineup and new technology! Read on to learn some of the key themes for 2016-17.


With three brand new goggles and a special Pro Pack in the lineup, adidas Sport Eyewear is launching into the winter season of 2016-17 with a bang! With a variety of colours to choose from it's easy to bridge the gap between style and technological advancements.


The new Progressor line of goggles feature a super-thin, stylish and technologically advanced frame design with an incredibly large field of vision, merging its uncompromising style with optimum performance.

Available with spherical or cylindrical lenspod and by utilising high quality materials, the Progressor delivers perfect fit and highest comfort in every situation on the mountain. Developed with athletes, for athletes.

The Pro Pack consists of a podcarrier (main frame) and two lenspods - one cylindrical lenspod for crystal clear vision under all conditions and a top-notch spherical lenspod for an enhanced field of vision.

Thanks to its split frame design and the quick-shift lenspod system you can easily swap the lenses, even while wearing gloves.


adidas Sport Eyewear use only the highest quality materials in the construction of their goggles to maximise performance potential for skiers and riders of all skill levels.

Frames are made from SPX, an durable material with an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. It is highly flexible, meaning the goggles will accommodate a wide range of face shapes without resting uncomfortably on pressure points. An Auto-Fit Nose Area allows for a perfect fit as the nose bridge area expands to fit any nose.

Lenses are made from decentred polycarbonate for optically true, distortion-free vision. Dual layer construction helps to equalise the temperature difference between canopy and exterior to reduce the risk of fogging.