Bern Unlimited were founded in 2004 to give action sports enthusiasts one lid that is adaptable to all seasons and all non-motorized action sports. Pioneers of the peaked snow helmet, Bern have literally reshaped the ski helmet world. With dial-adjustable fit, removable liners for all season wear, and now optional audio accessories, Bern are continuing to shatter the mould of conventional helmet technology.


Founded in 2004, Bern Unlimited was started to give action sports enthusiasts a single lid, adaptable to all seasons and all non-motorised action sports. A partnership with2006 Winter Olympic gold medallist Seth Wesscott catapulted Bern to fame.


Bern believe in providing a single helmet for action sports all year round. Certified for use on snow and in the skate park, summer and winter liners easily pop in and out of the helmets, making them perfect for use in every season.


Bern's signature visor shape revolutionised the style of head protection worldwide. Every single brand on the market now has a brim, but Bern is the original. The signature, low profile look of Berns makes them a must have for the style conscious.

Trendsetter, innovator, rule breaker. Bern is all of these things and more. Their range of helmets reflect this with iconic shapes not only looking the part but feeling it too, providing a quality fit and feel whatever your demands.


Bern is a leader, not an imitator or a follower. They are passionate about delivering authentic differences in their products that will genuinely enrich your experience while skiing or riding.

As athletes themselves, Bern are constantly pushing the envelope in the head protection category with innovations like their proprietary Zipmold+ helmets and new winter liners featuring the latest in fitting technology for unparalleled comfort.

If you prefer to ride your own way then Bern’s Team Fit models give you the freedom to ride with or without a beanie or liner, with premium protection coming at a competitive price. When Bern develop a new product, their goal is to create a work of art that looks and feels like it was custom made for you. This is the Bern Difference.


Bern’s winter liners have been redesigned to further improve the fit of their helmets.

Available on this season’s Watts model, the liners now feature BOA’s premium 360 fit technology. This uses a band which travels around the full circumference of the helmet, to be expanded and contracted with the turn of a dial at the rear of the helmet for a completely customised fit.

A tricot knit forms the top of the liner for a comfortable fit that keeps you warm during the coldest weather.

Finally, earpads in the new liner are designed to accommodate Outdoor Tech’s wireless audio Chips so you can rock out while you ride! Learn more about the Outdoor Tech range here.


Bern’s exclusive Zipmold+ technology has changed the way we look at modern helmet production. The revolutionary manufacturing process starts with a micro-layer of PVC that is injected with Bern’s proprietary liquid Zipmold foam which hardens as it cools.

The resulting product has a smooth exterior finish and is extremely lightweight and low-profile. Zipmold+ boasts an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio compared with traditional EPS Foam construction.

Zipmold+ hard foam meets ASTM F 2040, CPSC, EN 1077B and EN1078 standards for non-motorized action sports, making it safe for all-season use when skating or on a bike.

Zipmold+ construction can be found in the all-new Weston model.