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Giro are leaders in protective Winter wear, selling more ski and snowboard helmets than any other company in the industry. With a blend of understated style, premium build quality and progressive technical features that should come as no surprise. Whether you need a helmet and/or goggle for riding, sliding, racing, killing it in the park or just learning, Giro has the perfect product for you. If you're also in need of eyewear then check out our selection of Giro goggles which are made to be seamlessly compatible with all Giro helmets!


Giro was founded in 1985 by Jim Gentes. Based in Santa Cruz, California, Giro's location at the intersection of surf and mountains has allowed for the pioneering of protective wear for all manner of action sports, not least skiing and snowboarding.


Every helmet in the Giro range offers some form of customised fitting system, making them perfect for those who need that perfect fit. MIPS technology is an increasingly common fixture in Giro helmets, and offers enhanced protection from rotational brain injury.


Whether old or young, park or piste, Giro offer helmets to fill every niche. For low-profile brimmed style the Ledge is the way to go. If you need a helmet that does just about everything, the Range MIPS is the perfect choice.

The excitement of a new winter season brings an energy all its own – the anticipation of adventure and a world full of open opportunity. This same energy inspires Giro's approach to creating functional, forward-thinking innovative products.


What does it mean? To Giro it's all about coming up with new ideas that enhance the ride. Through Giro Sport Design's history spanning three decades, this has been the foundation. It's a fusion of the design and R&D that happens inside their Santa Cruz HQ, and the real life riding experiences (and revelations) that are brought with every new day in the mountain.

Science and Soul combine to translate the pure human experience with the engines of science and technology. Through this process, Giro evolve and improve the connection between the ride and the riders.

The results reveal themselves in Giro's latest product line. With MIPS as standard across the range, seamless fitting technologies, and hybrid shell construction on their newest models, we think it’s their best yet. Read on to learn more.

Giro Helmet Technology - MIPS

MIPS technology is now an ever-present fixture in Giro helmets and can be found in every Giro helmet in the RxSport range. Designed to provide more protection in certain types of impact, MIPS provides an added layer of defence against rotational brain injury.

Giro Technology - MIPS Schematic


The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System is a low-friction liner that helps reduce rotational energy to the brain in an angled impact.


The MIPS system allows the helmet to rotate independently around your head, redirecting impact energy and providing more protection in certain impacts.

1. Helmet Shell and Interior Foam Liner: These form the main helmet structure, to which the MIPS system is attached. MIPS doesn't compromise on conventional helmet technology meaning you still receive the greatest protection possible from direct impact.

2. Elastometric Attachment System: The connection method between the helmet shell and the low friction liner. Elastication helps to absorb rotational energy, reducing the forces exerted on the head and the brain.

3. Low Friction Liner: This membrane comfortably cradles the head in much the same way as any standard helmet liner. The membrane slides against the helmet shell, allowing for rotation.

MIPS can be found in every Giro helmet forming our 2016-17 range. That includes the Range, Zone, Union, Nine, Ledge, Strata, Fade, Era and Crue models - meaning men, women and younger skiers and riders can all benefit from this technology.

Giro Helmet Technology - Conform Fit Technology

We know finding the right fit can sometimes prove to be a real drag. Giro changed things up with the debut of their Conform Fit technology last season in the flagship Range helmet and it became an instant bestseller.

Giro Technology - Conform Schematic


The fully integrated Conform Fit System utilises a two-piece shell that literally forms to the unique contours of your head, by expanding and contracting with the turn of a dial.

A truly adaptive design, it features a durable yet semi-flexible EPP construction that envelops the head to provide the lowest-profile fit Giro have ever created, as well as unmatched custom comfort.


The Range led the way with Conform technology last season, and was the first helmet to boast truly integrated, custom fit at the turn of a dial. The Range has already become one of Giro's most popular helmets.

Giro Helmet Technology - Hybrid Construction

Historically helmets have been about choosing between durability and weight. The very best in protection means added weight you could do without after hours on the mountain. Giro have merged the best of both worlds with new helmets combining the benefits of lightweight construction with added durability.

Giro Technology - Hybrid Construction


Hybrid Construction merges a durable ventilated Hard Shell upper with an In-Mold Construction lower shell plus sidewalls for added style.

With Hybrid Construction the helmet is beefed up for added durability - while remaining lightweight. Hybrid Construction also features an impact absorbing and lightweight EPS foam liner.

1. Durable ventilated Hard Shell upper: This tough shell forms the uppermost part of the helmet, providing premium strength and ding-resistant durability in the most essential areas.

2. Lightweight In-Mold lower shell & sidewalls: With the hardshell giving added durability to key areas, lightweight In-Mold construction makes up the rest of the helmet, helping to trim away excess weight while still providing excellent protection.

3. Lightweight EPS foam liner: A lightweight EPS liner with integrated ventilation channels keeps weight to a minimum while maximising comfort and protection.

Hybrid Construction is featured in two of Giro's new models for 2016-17. The Zone MIPS also carries the benefits of the In Form 2 Fit System, MIPS technology, adjustable ventilation and POV camera mount. Its counterpart, the Strata MIPS, features all the same technology in a scaled down, women-specific package.

Giro Helmet Technology - Audio Accessories

Giro Technology - Hybrid Construction


All Giro helmets in our range are compatible with in-ear audio systems.

Giro have collaborated with Outdoor Tech to optimise the fit of their audio-compatible ear pads with Outdoor Tech's rugged Bluetooth-enabled wireless speakers.

Learn more about Outdoor Tech's audio accessories here.