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Oakley Helmets

For decades professionals and enthusiasts alike have sampled the leading technology and unmatched performance of Oakley goggles. In a quest to help their athletes go faster and push harder than ever before, Oakley have sought the perfect match between goggle and helmet.

The result is Oakley's own range of snow helmets, utilising unique technology to optimise the fit between the helmet and any pair of goggles while integrating the cutting-edge protective MIPS system in selected colours. From park to backcountry, these helmets will take you everywhere with the assurance of Oakley quality built on a legendary reputation.


Oakley's heritage can be traced back over thirty years to the development of their first motorcross goggle. Since then they have expanded to cater to some of the world's biggest starts with a range of sports eyewear built for practically every condition and terrain.


The unique Modular Brim System lets you swap out the helmet brim on any Oakley helmet to best match the fit with your goggles. These helmets are designed to perfectly fit with any Oakley goggles from A Frame 2.0 to Flight Deck. The groundbreaking MIPS system can be found in selected colours.


Oakley helmets come in two designs, the MOD 5 is ultra-lightweight and designed for peak performance, while the MOD 3 takes that design philosophy and tailors it towards a lifestyle look.For the ultimate in style, match your helmet up with a pair of Oakley goggles for perfect synchronisation!

Introducing the Oakley helmets range - your first stop for perfect goggle helmet integration! These helmets are designed to help you travel faster and go harder than ever before. Read on to get the lowdown on the range.


On the mountain goggle and helmet integration is key. Improper fit can cause discomfort and impact performance, leading to a bad riding experience. In order to truly understand the issues causing improper fit Oakley have performed an extensive amount of research. They then aimed to fix those issues by creating the most comfortable helmet, designed to integrate with any goggle you choose to pair with it.


The MOD 5 has been designed to lead the way in protective headwear. Oakley have scoured the finest details to ensure the most premium of materials and comfort.

A dual material outer shell has been designed to provide durability while trimming weight for protection that doesn't weigh you down. The Modular Brim System (MBS) gives the perfect helmet integration with practically any pair of goggles.

Available with the added protection of integrated MIPS technology in selected colours.


Drawing from the performance aspects of the MOD 5, Oakley have tailored the styling of the MOD 3 for a streamlined, lifestyle look. The Modular Brim System (MBS) has also been utilised for the optimal fit with goggles.

Unique to this helmet, the Modular Accessory System (MAS) is not only decorative but also designed to function as an additional ventilation option.

Available with the added protection of integrated MIPS technology in selected colours.