Sports Protective Glasses

Sports protective eyewear is about much more than simply providing corrective vision or looking good on the field of play. The emphasis here is on safety. In this section you'll find highly functional designs engineered to provide exceptional protection from physical hazards such as collisions with obstacles, impacts from object balls or falls.

While conventional opticians often shy away from offering this type of product, we consider it one of our specialities. Drawing on years of industry experience, offering premium product from leading brands at great prices, we're confident you'll be able to find protective glasses that perfectly suit your needs right here!

Sports Protective Glasses in Detail

Impact Protection

  • All of our Sports Protective Eyewear meets the ASTM F803 Standard for Sports Protective Eyewear.
  • Impact Protection provided by Toughened Polycarbonate lenses, NXT used for Polarised Photochromic options.

The risks of sports-related eye injuries depend on the type of sporting activites.

High Risk

Medium Risk

Low Risk

Basketball Tennis Track and Field
Cricket Badminton Gymnastics
Lacrosse Football  
Hockey Golf  
Squash Volleyball  

Prescription Restrictions

  • Please contact us if your prescription is not available, we may still be able to help.
  • For those under 16, GOC regulations prohibit our supply.
  • If you would like your optician to provide lenses for one of our frames, please contact us for more information.