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RxSport are proud to present our hand-picked collection of models by the leading brands in sports sunglasses, such as Oakley sunglasses, Bolle sunglasses, adidas sunglasses, Rudy Project sunglasses, Spy and Smith Optics. We are confident that our range of sunglasses offers you the ultimate sports optics , all at  incredible internet prices. Equally, if you just want sunglasses to chill out and look good in, we are sure you will find your perfect pair here at RxSport.

In this section you will find our full range of non-prescription sunglasses. which we have split by brand. For prescription sunglasses, please go to our section dedicated to prescription sunglasses. If you want sunglasses for a particular sport, why not 'Browse by Sport'. Alternatively, if you want any further information, please check out our Sunglasses Guide.

Lens Tints For Sport Sunglasses

There is a wide range of  lens tints for sunglasses, and an equally confusing array of different names, ranging from Smith's Ignitor Mirror to Bolle's Competivision Gun. Essentially, however, the following broad categories cover most lens tints:



  • Reduces light intensity without altering the colour of objects.
  • Provides most natural colour vision, but does not enhance contrast.
  • Excellent choice for general use and activities where subtle colour differences are important.
  • Ideal for bright light conditions as it maintains the fidelity of colours.


  • Enhances contrast (objects appear sharper) by blocking a larger percentage of blue light (compared to grey).
  • Provides a warmer appearance to colours and makes greens more vibrant.
  • Works well in variable light conditions. Work especially well in activities where judging distances is important, or where there is high glare.
  • Inherently soothing, so suitable for bright or medium light over a long period.


  • Improves visual clarity in a wide variety of conditions.
  • Particularly strong in moderate and poor light as it increases contrast.


  • Blocks nearly all blue light for superior contrast.
  • Will distort colours, so may not be suitable for activities that require accurate colour recognition.
  • Good for overcast, hazy or foggy conditions.
  • Enhances depth perception in overcast/shaded conditions.
  • Perfect for very flat light conditions, especially fog as it enhances contrast by elminating blue light.


  • Filters some blue light for enhanced contrast
  • Will distort colours, so may not be suitable for activities that require accurate colour recognition.
  • Good for overcast, hazy or foggy conditions.
  • Enhances depth perception in overcast/shaded conditions.
  • Perfect for overcast/low light conditions, as it enhances contrast and depth perception. A hybrid between yellow and vermillion.


  • Eliminates blinding glare from reflected light bouncing off surfaces such as water or wet roads.
  • Good choice for fishing, sailing and other water sports, plus for driving and cycling.
  • Usually grey or brown - primarily suited to bright conditions.


  • Also known as Transitions or Reactolite - light-adjusting lenses that darken when exposed to UV.
  • As such, they are flexible for changeable light/weather conditions.

Cat. 4

  • Category 4 lenses are very dark (3-8% light transmission), so are only suitable for use in incredibly bright conditions, such as high-altitude use. Not allowed for driving.


  • Limit glare, increase light absorption and reduce infrared.
  • Good for snow sport and water sports.


This is not to detract from the many lens colour configurations, as they all have a particular purpose, but as a rule they are combinations of the above colours and fall somewhere along the continuum between these shades. For example a sandstone tint is soothing over prolonged use in sunlight, but also offers contrast enhancement in more overcast conditions.

Sport specific

When browsing through our shopping pages by sport, you will see that we have identified some lenses that our experience and expertise tell us are ideal for use with particular sports. Furthermore, there are some tints that have been designed specifically with a particular sport in mind.



The teal Competivision, by Bolle, has been created to enhance fluorescent tennis balls.



Also, Bolle's vermillion Mogul Vision lens reduces the intense reflections of snow, making it perfect for skiing and snowboarding sunglasses.



  • Oakley G30
  • Rudy Project Golf 100 and Impact X Photochromic Golf
  • Nike'Max Golf
  • Bolle EagleVision 2
  • adidas LST Contrast series
Whilst these range from green to cinnamon through to vermillion, all have been designed specifically to differentiate the shades of green on the golf course.


Oakley's G26 lens enhances orange targets while increasing contrast against green and blue backgrounds. Yellow, orange and rose lenses are also popular for shooting.