Dragon Sunglasses

For over twenty years Dragon have been providing quality eyewear to surfers and sunseekers. Working in collaboration with established pros such as Mick Fanning and Taylor Knox, while never straying far from its humble roots, Dragon employs a combination of iconic design and quality materials to make sunglasses which perform as well as they look. Some of Dragon's latest creations, including their floatable frames, show that this is a brand run with the same passion as it was when it all began.


Started in 1993 out of founder Will Howard's garage in Capo Beach, California, Dragon aimed to channel Howard's passion for surfing. Through providing quality product and collaborating with established pros, Dragon soon expanded to supply a global market.


Watermen and women need not fear losing their shades again thanks to Dragon's H2O Floatable frames. The Fit For Living collection uses quality acetate and nylon to make lightweight and comfortable frames perfect for all-day, everyday wear.


Dragon specialises in chunky and at times oversized shapes, perfect for medium to large faces. Retro motifs such as double bridges and flashy temples help these frames make a bold statement! Wraparound frames such as the Vantage give great sun protection.

Frame Technology

From sportier performance models to throwback classics to fashion forward design, Dragon's frames are built from quality material to provide a comfortable, secure and accommodating fit. Whatever your need there is a Dragon frame available to suit it, including sporty, 8 base shapes which hug the face and provide maximum coverage of the eyes, and fashionable 6 base shapes which give an edgier aesthetic.

Grilamid Frame

Grilamid: An injection-moulded thermoplastic material, used widely in the sunglass industry. Grilamid frames are extremely lightweight and durable, great for performance and lifestyle frames. These frames achieve a wide range of colours and patterns. Grilamid has excellent shape memory, meaning it can bend without permanent distortion.

Acetate Frane

Acetate: Made from cotton fibres, this material is cut to form sheets. The manufacturing process is longer, and much of the work is done by hand. Acetate can be made into a wide array of colours, textures and patterns. Acetate frames are comfortable, fashionable and of high quality. They can be adjusted with a gentle application of heat for a personal fit.

Lens Technology

Incorporating an array of technologies using lightweight polycarbonate and optically-clear nylon as base materials, polarising filters, ionised mirror finishes and dirt and water resistant coatings all make appearances with Dragon lenses. Whatever purpose you have in mind for your sunglasses, Dragon have got you covered.

Nylon Lenses

Polycarbonate: Made of the toughest, most shatter resistant material, these lenses are light, comfortable and much more impact resistant than conventional glass. Perfect for the active everyday lifestyle.

Polycarbonate Lenses

Nylon: If you love checking out unspoilt vistas then these high-clarity lenses are the perfect choice. Lightweight nylon is used exclusively in Dragon's H2O Floatable Collection and Fit For Living Collection frames.


For something a little different, Dragon's collection pieces are made to give you an eyewear edge! Using unique technologies and ingenious design methods, the H2O Floatable and Fit For Living collections showcase the best of Dragon sunglasses.

Summer has landed, and so has Dragon's Fit For Living Collection. Featuring new travel-inspired styles, the Fit For Living Collection is built for everyday wandering. Make sure you pick up a piece from the Fit For Living Collection for your summer holiday! Crafted from quality acetate, you'll wear these frames without ever thinking twice.

Introducing the H2O Floatable Collection from Dragon. These lightweight floatable shades are designed to stay afloat in the ocean, pool or lake. Complete with Performance Polar and Oleophobic and Hydrophobic lens coatings, Dragon's H2O Floatable sunglasses are the answer to never losing your shades to the seas again.