Electric Sunglasses

Electric hit the scene in sun-drenched California at the turn of the century. For fifteen years they have made quality products to enhance active lifestyles, offering style that performs. Electric re-engineer classic designs which have stood the test of time, integrating modern technology to make a product which performs as well as it looks.

Premium eye protection is assured thanks to the use of the natural pigment Melanin to not just filter out 100% of harmful UV radiation, but also up to 98% of blue light which can cause long term damage to the eyes without altering colour perception. Optional polarised filters eliminate practically all glare from reflective surfaces, making them an essential choice for use around water.

From the iconic shapes of the Knoxville to the wrapped, sports-lifestyle hybrid design of the Backbone, Electric offer an aesthetic for every walk of life, for those who live where peformance and style collide.

Electric Sunglasses - Frame Materials

Frame Materials

All Electric frames on RxSport are made using grilamid frame material, a thermoplastic boasting a range of physical benefits. High tensile strength and heat resistant grilamid retains shape for optimal fit. This material is extremely impact resistant while still being flexible, lightweight and durable. An excellent material for active lifestyle frames, injected grilamid is crafted into an eclectic choice of shapes, from highly wrapped sports-style designs to edgier, flatter models.

6 Base Curve

Base curvature references the curvature of a lens. The curvature of the lens in turn effects the amount of wrap or curve a frame has. The lower the number, the more flat a frame will be. Perfectly suited to the lifestyle aesthetic, a 6 base curve frame provides essential protection to the eyes, while maintaining a sharp look that makes a bold statement.

Electric Sunglasses - 6 Base Curve

8 Base Curve

The curvature of the lens in turn effects the amount of wrap or curve a frame has. The higher the number, the more wrap or curve a frame will have. 8 base frames are more wrapped & are ideal for active settings. These frames provide greater coverage, with the lens sitting closer to the eye, giving improved protection from the elements.

Electric Sunglasses - 8 Base Curve

Electric Sunglasses - Lens Materials

Lens Materials

Electric provide you with more than the standard lifestyle frame. Sourcing the highest quality lens materials and integrating natural pigments to protect the eyes, Electric sunglasses are designed to keep your eyes healthy as much as they are crafted to make a statement. Read on the learn how Electric's lenses are some of the finest on the market.

Melanin Lens Filtration

Melanin is a natural pigment found throughout the human body. Its role is to protect us against damage by filtering UV and blue light from the sun. Melanin acts like SPF 140 for you eyes, protecting against crows feet, prolonging retinal health, and improving visual clarity and contrast to relax the eyes. It is the best natural defense against the harmful effects of the sun.

While UV rays are most harmful to eye health, they do not reach - or hardly reach - the retina. On the other hand, blue light is the most energetic part of the visisble light spectrum, and this light radiates the retina all day long. Recent studies have revaled such rays could damage the retina in the long term, meaning blue light protection is essential.

Where competitors lenses simply offer 100% protection against UV light, Electric's Melanin Lens Filtration technology gives the added benefit of nearly complete protection from harmful blue light.


Every Electric sunglass model in the RxSport range utilises lightweight, and impact resistant polycarbonate as its lens material. Electric exclusively use Bayer® brand Makrolon® raw polycarbonate material for their lenses.

All of Electric's polycarbonate lenses are infused with health-preserving melanin. This premium polycarbonate material is extremely light weight, has excellent visual clarity and definition, and provides 100% UV and up to 98% blue light protection.

As an added benefit, polycarbonate also boasts superior impact resistance to other materials such as class, which are more likely to crack or shatter upon impact. This means you can use your Electric sunglasses with the confidence that they will stand up to the test of an active everyday lifestyle. The added optional benefits of Electric's Premium Polarised Lens technology make this lifestyle eyewear some of the most protective on the market.

Electric Sunglasses - Premium Polarised Lens

Premium Polarised Lens

Electric's polarised lenses eliminate 99.9% of glare, offer 100% UV protection, provide true colour perception, high colour contrast and utilise the superior glare reduction fueled with the finest degree of craftsmanship. No gimmicks, no distortion, no glare. Polarised lenses can help to reduce glare in a range of environments, but are perfectly suited to use around water or while driving, when levels of reflective glare are at their highest and harshes.

How It Works

When light is reflected off a surface, it becomes condensed which creates glare. Electric's premium polarised lenses block 99.9% of glare while allowing 100% of the true, natural vivid light to pass through. The result is vivid, crisp clear, glare-free vision.

Level I Polarised Lens

Using Bayer® optical grade Makrolon® lens material as a base, Electric’s Level I Polycarbonate Polarized Lens comes with integrated standard with Synthetic Melanin as standard, providing wide ranging benefits including glare reduction, relaxed eye feeling, true colour perception and scratch resistance.

Level II Polarised Lens

Electric’s Level II Polycarbonate Polarized Lens combines the world class Level I lens, with the addition of a flash mirror finish on the outer surface and anti-reflective coating on the inner surface to further reduce glare. Hydrophobic and oleophobic performance coatings prevent smearing on the lens surface.

Electric Sunglasses - High Performance Lens Coatings

High Performance Lens Coatings

An excellent selection of lens coatings are available with Electric sunglasses, augmenting the lens to improve clarity, comfort and durability.

Anti-Reflective Coating

Electric Sunglasses - Anti-Reflective Coating

Reduces reflections off the back surface of the lens which increases contrast. Available on Level II Polarized lenses.

Mirror Coating

Electric Sunglasses - Mirror Coating

Cosmetic treatment applied to the exterior of the lens. Available on Level II Polarized lenses and select models.

Injected Polarised Filter

Electric Sunglasses - Injected Polarised Filter

Polarized film is encapsulated by the lens. Glue free. Available on Level I & II Polarized lenses.

Hard Coating

Electric Sunglasses - Hard Coating

A double-sided coating that reduces minor scratching. Offered as standard treatment applied on all Electric polycarbonate lenses.

Oleophobic Coating

Electric Sunglasses - Oleophobic Coating

A double-side treatment coating that repels oils and dust. Smudges and smears wipe off easily. Available on Level II Polarized lenses.

Hydrophobic Coating

Electric Sunglasses - Hydrophobic Coating

A double-sided lens treatment that repels water, sweat and condensation. Available on Level II Polarized.

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