Julbo Sunglasses

By 1888, the commune of Morez in the Jura department of France had been home to a thriving spectacles industry for centuries. It was in that year a man by the name of Jules Baud opened his business. By the turn of the century he was supplying sunglasses to the crystal hunters of Chamonix who required optical protection during their Alpine excursions - the Julbo tradition was born.

Through the twentieth century and beyond Julbo have been supplying mountaineers, hikers, skiers, sailors, trail runners and even para-gliders with eyewear of the highest quality.

Sunglasses of the Julbo range are highly functional, packed with excellent technical features, while maintaining a unique style. An impressive range of high-category and photochromic lenses make Julbo a perfect choice for all manner of outdoor activities.

The Julbo range is made to be dependable in the most hostile of environments. Reliable grip, comfortable fit and ventilation are all key principles of Julbo frames. The lenses are crafted from the highest quality materials ranging from Mineral Glass to Trivex, all of which offer excellent high-level protection from blinding glare.

Julbo Frame Technology

Julbo frames are packed with technical features, conceived with the intention of making your sunglasses tough, dependable and versatile. There are too many to list on a single page, so here's one example from our range, the Trek, with its key frame features labelled. To find out more about the technical features of a specific frame, visit the detailed guide for that particular product.

1. Flex Nose

Julbo Frame Technology - Flex Nose

Adjustable nose piece for perfect fit, adherent material for optimal hold in all situations.

2. Sweat Blocker

Julbo Frame Technology - Sweat Blocker

Foam insert absorbs droplets that could impede visibility.

3. Adjustable Strap

Julbo Frame Technology - Adjustable Strap

Hold and security. Strap length can be adjusted.

Julbo Frame Technology - Julbo Trek

4. Removable Side Shields

Julbo Frame Technology - Removable Side Shields

Lateral protection against harsh sunlight.

5. Full Venting

Julbo Frame Technology - Full Venting

Aerated structure that allows complete air circulation to avoid fog.

6. 360° Adjustable Temples

Julbo Frame Technology - 360° Adjustable TemplesStem ends bend in all directions, good hold when worn with helmet.

Julbo Lens Technology

Julbo lenses are made with three different materials - Mineral Glass, Polycarbonate and NXT, a form of Trivex. No matter the material, all Julbo lenses are capable of giving excellent protection in bright environments, and 100% of all harmful UV radiation is blocked.

Mineral Glass

Julbo's mineral glass lenses are of superior optical quality, boating high scratch and shock resistance. The Altitude Arc lens is the benchmark model for glacier sunglasses.

Altitude Arc 4

Julbo Lens Technology - Altitude Arc 4

The Altitude Arc lens is ideal for desert and high-mountain environments. Anti-reflective, flash finish and burnished coatings eliminate interference glare and strengthen filtration.

Polycarbonate Lenses

Polycarbonate lenses offer good shock resistance and light weight. The lenses are multipurpose and suitable for all sports. Polarized-type lenses in this range eliminate reflected glare to provide more comfortable vision.


Julbo Lens Technology - Spectron

Spectron lenses come in a range of colours with mirror finishes to help reduce the effects of distacting glare. Available on selected models with either Category 3 or 4 protection.


Julbo Lens Technology - Polarized

With a polarized filter as standard, the Julbo Polarized range is ideal for high-glare environments. Available with Category 3 protection.

NXT Lenses

NXT lenses are constructed from Trivex material which is ultra light, unbreakable and solvent-resistant. They enjoy excellent transparency and stability over time with no cracking.


Julbo Lens Technology - Zebra

This lens comes with a brown tint as standard to accentuate relief and generally enhance contrast. The photochromic element of the Zebra lens activates within 22 to 28 seconds of a change of lightning. With anti-fog treatment as standard, the Zebra lens keeps working excellently even when the wearer is perspiring under exertion.

Zebra Light

Julbo Lens Technology - Zebra Light

Zebra Light is a lighter variant of its eponymous counterpart. Giving Category 1 to 3 protection, this brown-tint lens is perfectly suited to outdoor conditions ranging from overcast weather or shaded areas to all but the brightest environments. Anti-fog and oleo-phobic coatings help keep the lens water and dirt free.


Julbo Lens Technology - Octopus

The Octopus lens is designed for use on the open water. In order to combat the massive amounts of reflected glare in this environment, the lens has a mirror coating, polarised treatment, and the ability to give up to Category 4 protection with its photochromic properties. Internal and external hydrophobic coatings make the lens completely useable around water.


Julbo Lens Technology - Cameleon

Designed for use in extreme environments such as desert and mountains, the polarised and photochromic Cameleon lens gives protection ranging from Category 2 to 4. NTS technology ensures the lens changes tint changes regardless of temperature extremes. A brown tint accentuates relief and enhances contrast.