Spy Optic Sunglasses

Spy sunglasses are designed in California, genuinely hand-crafted in Italy, and undergo an elaborate manufacturing and quality control process that helps retain Spy Optic's reptuation as one of the highest quality eyewear brands in the world. Spy regularly develop their technical sunglasses with the world's best surfers, snowboarders, skiers, BMX and mountain bike riders.

Spy Optic: Here by popular demand! Probably the hottest brand for sunglasses and ski goggles at the moment, Spy are one of the most talked about names in the notoriously picky ski and snowboard world, and look set for world domination!

According to Spy . . . this is life through our lens . . . the collective experience of sport, art, music, design, lifestyle and fashion. Uniquely ours but at the same time there's something for everyone. If this is your first rodeo with Spy, hike up your chaps and get in the game, otherwise welcome back!

Candy Colours, new stuff, old stuff - its all going to get your head spinning, your mouth watering, and your eyes seeing the world with a whole new reality. Just roll with it, it's much easier this way.

Think outside the box and transform the world around you. Live through our lens . . .

As well as all that, Spy sunglasses feature:

  • ARC Lenses - Spy Optic's ARC (Accurate Radius Curvature) lenses are used in their sunglasses to provide the highest quality and most optically correct, distortion-free vision. ARC lenses are decentered, eliminating distorion and allowing true clarity. All ARC lenses are Optical Class 1 quality.
  • Trident Polarised Lenses - All of Spy Optic's polarised sunglasses feature premium injected Trident lenses. Trident lenses diffuse glare through the use of an integrated polarising filter layered within the injected lens, allowing incredible clarity even in the harshest conditions. Trident polarised lenses are of the highest quality available, and effectively eliminate more thatn 99% of blinding glare. Spy's premium Trident polarised lenses will outlast and out-perform a typical polarised lens every day of the week (even on Sundays!).


  • Propionate Frames - Spy is one of a few elite manufacturers to offer frames crafted in premium prpionate. Frames constructed in propionate have a sleek, dense finish that is modern, comfortable and durable.
  • Grilamid Frames - Spy uses flexible Grilamid in its Scoop Series sunglasses and other sport friendly styles. Grilamid frames are shatter-resistant, comfortable and ready to take on the world in any climate.
  • Hytrel Rubber Pads - The Hytrel rubber found on the Spy Scoop Series frame temples is a unique hydrophillic compound that increases tackiness when introduced to moisture. When you sweat, Hytrel keeps your shades on and ensures a longer ride.
  • Scoop Venting System - Spy Optic's patented Scoop venting system combats lens fogging by promoting airflow between the lens and the wearer's face. Scoop forces air through strategically placed vents of varying aperture on the frame, effectively shutting down fog anf keeping your vision clear.

We feature Spy sunglasses from the following collections:

  • Look Series - Look is Spy Optic's premium series. Showcasing Spy's most forward thinking designs, Spy experiment with the latest cutting edge technologies and use only the finest materials. This is where Spy explorer new territories and exercise their passion for pushing the limits of accepted styling.
  • Addict Series - This series is the core of Spy Optic. High end materials and fashion forward forms make Addict the series that keeps you coming back for more. Sunglasses in the Addict family may have raised eyebrows when they were launch, but were catalysts then and Spy staples now.
  • Steady Series - Tried and true models that are still at the front of trends - Spy's bread and butter pieces are still a step above the rest.
  • Scoop Series - The Spy Scoop venting system is Spy Optic's proprietary technology and what put them on the map. Air is forced through strategically placed vents and reduces the incidence of foggin. Scoop Series sunglasses are built with performance in mind, but still carry signature Spy design elements.

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