Wiley X Sunglasses

For three decades Wiley X has led the way in protective eyewear, supplying military forces and law enforcement personnel with top of the line ballistic eyewear. Understanding the importance of protecting the eyes during leisure and sports, Wiley X is the only premium eyewear brand who tests its entire sunglass collection to both ANSI Z87.1-2010 and EN.166 safety and optical standards.

The idea of Wiley X was born on the battlefield, focusing on protecting men and women in service, but the vision has evolved over the years to offer Absolute. Premium. Protection. to everyone. This family-owned company believes that continual improvement is not just a goal, it is a requirement.


Since 1987, Wiley X has shared an unparalleled partnership with US Armed Forces and elite Special Forces units, and their eyewear remains part of standard issue equipment for many, a testament to its exceptional performance and reputation.


All Wiley X eyewear is tested to meet both ANSI Z87.1-2010 and EN.166 safety and optical standards. The Climate Control range of products, featuring a removable Facial Cavity Seal, is perfectly suited to a wide range of extreme outdoor activities.


These extremely functional frames are crafted with understated style in mind. All feature some degree of wrap to provide optimal protection. True to the brand's heritage, these are tough frames with a tough, masculine look to match!

Ballistic Approved

ballistic_approved.jpgWiley X eyewear with this icon are not only approved through ANSI tests but also by the Military Fragment Test (MIL-PRF-31013) which involves having projectiles shot at the lenses to prove their level of protection.

US ANSI Test Approved

ansi_test.jpgAll Wiley X glasses have passed this test giving them the highest of safety ratings. This also allows all Wiley X eyewear to be used as safety goggles.

Case Included

case.jpgModels featuring this icon come with an official Wiley X sunglasses / goggles case. These can be either hard or semi-hard cases, both offering your eyewear protection when not being worn.

Wind Gasket

wind_gasket.jpgSome Wiley X series feature a removable wind gasket. It is made of comfortable foam and clips onto the inside of the frame, blocking out wind, dust and other eye irritants.

Mirror Coating

mirror.jpgMirrored lens variants can be found amongst most of Wiley X's sunglass models. They offer glare reduction to help protect your eyes, and an attractive finish.

Head Strap

elastic_strap.jpgModels featuring this icon come with a detachable head strap. This is attached at the temples and increases comfort whilst reducing any slipping. Especially useful for people looking to use the glasses for sports and other activities.

100% UVA / UVB Protection

uv_protection.jpgAll Wiley X sunglasses provide 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays allowing you to stay out in the sun for longer without having to worry about your eyes.

EN166 Test Approved

en166_test.jpgThis test is the European equivalent of the ANSI standards which all Wiley X eyewear models comply with. It ensures that the glasses or goggles you are wearing provide the ultimate protection for your eyes.