Oakley Youth Fit – Everything you need to know to kit out the kids

There has always been something of a gap in the market with Oakley and their limitations on small frames, until now!

2017 has seen a brand new range of frames designed for those of us with smaller faces and for the kids.

The Quarter Jacket has long been a firm favourite among kids and adults but now there’s some new contenders!

Oakley Turbine XS

“Engineered for performance that would make a sport frame jealous, a coveted lifestyle design has been specially sized for youth, and its clean lines of lightweight O Matter™ are matched with Unobtainium® components and interchangeable icons.” – Oakley

This sleek new frame takes its inspiration from one of Oakley’s best sellers, the Turbine. A truly versatile frame that takes anything in its stride, perfect for the kids!

The size of the frame has been specially engineered to fit smaller faces while still maintaining the classic Oakley quality. The Turbine XS comes in a variety of lens tints and also includes Prizm and Polarised options, great for use around water! The variety of lens tints that the Turbine XS comes with makes it perfect for any summer activity, from Fishing to Cricket, it covers it all!

The beauty of the Turbine XS and Oakley’s youth fit range is that they aren’t specifically for kids, they also fit those of us with a smaller face. How do we know? Well look no further…

RxSport’s resident model, Freddie has been waiting for this moment since he got here so here! After trying on anything and everything under the sun, we have finally found a range that fit Freddie!

Oakley Radar EV XS Path

“A milestone in the heritage of performance is now available for youth, with sizing that brings all the breakthroughs of a revolutionary design to young athletes who need the benefits of protection and an extended field of vision in their upward view.” – Oakley

A true Oakley icon can now be found in a youth fit! Still the same quality and style, just scaled down. The Radar EV XS brings the technological excellence of the best-selling Radar EV Path and scales it down to a size suitable for youth faces. A perfect choice for young athletes including runners, cyclists and golfers.

The Radar EV XS Path is a fantastic alternative to the classic Radar EV and those who may find the shield design a bit big on their face. Be careful though, they look exactly the same, so make sure you get the right one!

Oakley have included their iconic Prizm sports lenses with the Radar EV XS, including Prizm Road, Prizm Golf and Prizm Field. Making them an ideal companion for your up and coming sports stars!

This model comes with the Path lens variant. A slightly shallower lens with a contour to follow the shape of the cheek and sit comfortably on the face, Oakley’s most popular lens shape!

Again, Freddie took this opportunity to test out the Radar EV XS, they fit pretty well and just look how happy he is!

Oakley Quarter Jacket

“Specially engineered for youth faces, Quarter Jacket™ blends the convenience of an interchangeable lens design with the clarity and protection of High Definition Optics® so the new generation of athletes can take advantage of Oakley innovation.” – Oakley

The Quarter Jacket is something of a staple in the Oakley Youth Fit collection. Featuring styling that closely resembles the best selling Flak Jacket series, the Quarter Jacket is a scaled down version of one of Oakley’s masterpieces.

The Quarter Jacket has proven popular with kids and adults alike for us here, especially in prescription! We find it a great alternative to the often larger and bulkier frames of the Flak 2.0. So if you’ve got a slightly smaller face then this might be the frame for you!

Ideal for sports and also a good looking casual frame, the Quarter Jacket provides the ultimate in versatility. A great option for your young guns on their quest for sporting excellence or just as a great quality pair of glasses for every day use!

Back to our model, the Quarter Jacket was one of the first Eureka moments we had with Freddie trying frames on! We thought it was going to be the only frame that actually fit and now Oakley bring out more, the world is his oyster!

Enjoying the early summer sun in your Oakley’s? Send us in your pics, we love seeing where in the world our sunnies go!




May Madness – Alternative Activities for the May Bank Holiday

It has been a long 5 months since the turn of the year so we are certainly due a long weekend. RxSport are here to guide you through the weird and wacky events that may be taking place near you this Bank Holiday.

So, let’s dive straight into it with one of our favourites!

Cheese Rolling – Cooper’s Hill, Gloucestershire

At 12pm on the Spring Bank Holiday on a very steep hill just outside of Cheltenham, a wheel of cheese is thrown and people chase after it…. Crazy right! I mean, who in the right mind would do this… (I actually did it, it’s steep!).

Anyway, Cheese Rolling is one of those age old events that draws crowds in their thousands! And for good reason, there’s something quite exhilarating about watching people chase some dairy down a steep gradient!

Potentially the most common question you come across in relation to Cheese Rolling is; How Steep is the hill

No images can do the hill justice, it is menacing! It drops to a 45 degree gradient at points and is littered with bumps and holes. Hardly designed for running down!

This doesn’t stop cheese enthusiasts from taking part every year and since 2011 the event has been solely run and organised by individuals who are obsessed with the tradition. It was cancelled in 2010 after concerns about insurance and health and safety, funny that! But since then it has got bigger and better, with an estimated crowd of around 4000 people trekking through the South West countryside to reach the summit of this famous descent.

The winner of each race is presented with the 3.5 KG Double Gloucester cheese that they have successfully chased to the bottom of the hill, where a local rugby team are on hand to get some off-season practice in on those big hits!

We can’t talk about this event and not mention Cheese Rolling royalty Chris Anderson. Chris has got his hands on 17 cheeses in his 12 year stint on the hill, with more to come for sure!

Injuries are part and parcel of Cheese Rolling but the odd broken collarbone and sprained ankle isn’t quite as bad as you would expect upon seeing what happens!

There’s not much else you can say about this, it is a great day out and well worth a watch! If you can’t make it this year, maybe this video will have to suffice!

Phew, enough of that for now I think. Back on Terra Firma and welcome to the Horseboarding UK National Championships, yes, it’s a thing!

This bank holiday weekend Horseboarding returns to Burghley Park however this year our very own Fil won’t be taking part, his time in the hotseat has come to an end!

What is Horseboarding, I hear you ask? Well it’s a combination between Skateboarding, mountain boarding, horse riding and water skiing… Basically, you strap yourself to a mountain board and get dragged along behind a horse, sounds fun!

This crazy sport was devised by stuntman Daniel Fowler-Prime and has quickly developed into an adrenaline junkie’s paradise! It was only back in 2006 that after messing about on a farm that the event took off and now there is a 9 round National Championship, not bad!

Burghley Park plays host to the event this weekend during the Living Heritage Game and Country Show, something for everyone this weekend, from shooting to falconry it is sure to be a great day out! – Burghley Park Events

Seriously though, how fun does this look?!

Tough acts to follow, but I raise your Cheese Rolling and Horseboarding and invite you to witness the Tetbury Woolsack Race.

A lot like Ronseal, this event does exactly what it says on the tin. Grown adults run up a hill carrying a sack of wool.

The event started back in the 17th century in a town that is well known for it’s production of wool and to this day the tradition continues.

25kg woolsacks are lugged up a 1 in 4 gradient 240 yard long course between two pubs, doesn’t sound like the best way to spend a Bank Holiday Monday in my eyes. (Apart from the bit about the pub, we like that).

The race is the focal point of a day long celebration and street fair to raise money for the local area. For 30 years now it has been held as an official event with entries into the Guinness World Records and providing families with a fantastic day out.

The event is open to anyone for a mere £5 and don’t worry, the lovely people at the British Wool Foundation supply you with a sack!

If you’re in the local area and fancy giving it a go then check out the website for more information! – Tetbury Woolsack Race 

What next? British Lawn Mower Racing of course!

Welcome to Grass Roots motor sport at it’s finest, see what I did there?

A lot like many of these events, alcohol has been involved at some point in the development of it. After a few pints down in a pub in Sussex, someone must have thought that this was a good idea and how correct they were! The sport began back in 1973 and since then has become a professionally run event with 32 rounds and a World Championship! Maybe this will be the next thing Oakley will sponsor?

The event this weekend takes place at the Selwood Vintage Rally near Trowbridge, Somerset. Seriously, what is it with all of these events being down in the South West, it must be like there is nothing else to do but mess around in a field!

Lawn mower racing is a haven for amateur mechanics, providing people with a way in to motorsport when F1 seems a bit too far away! After building your racing mower, it has to go through some strict Scrutineering processes before being able to race, the BLMRA are all for fairness!

Check out their calendar to find out when a race might be held near you! – British Lawn Mower Racing Association

I think that is about enough May Madness for this year! If you happen to find yourself at one of these crazy events then share your images with us on Social Media!





Press Release – Adidas Zonyk Picking Up The Prizes!

The adidas Zonyk has not only flown off our shelves but it has hit the ground running and established itself in the Sunglasses hall of fame! (If there was such a thing).

The accolades were picked up by adidas during the Red Dot awards 2017 and we’ve got our hands on a press release all about it!

“The votes are in and the Zonyk pro, Zonyk Aero Pro and Progressor Split by adidas Sport eyewear have taken the win in some of the most prestigious design competitions in the world.

Not long after their introduction to the market, an international jury of experts has appraised three models of the adidas Sport eyewear lineup as some of the most outstanding product designs of the year. As winners of the Red Dot in the Red Dot Design Award 2017, the Zonyk pro in Solar Red with red mirror lenses, the Movistar Team edition of the Zonyk Aero Pro in white shiny with Vario Blue Mirror filters as well as the Progressor Split in energy black with black mirror lenses have been awarded for their design distinction and innovation.

The Red Dot Design Award dates back to 1954 and is one of the best-respected design competitions in the world. The sought-after award, the “Red Dot”, is the revered international seal of highest design quality. adidas Sport eyewear’s award-winning products will be displayed in the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, part of the Red Dot Design Yearbook and shown on the online design platform Red Dot 21. In total, the competition received more than 5,500 entries from 54 countries this year.

Furthermore, the brand new Progressor Split with its highly minimalist and stylish frameless design – tipping the scales at less than 80 grams and therefore making it one of the lightest goggles in the world – is also winner of the ISPO Award 2017 in the ski segment. Its clean lines and an extensive list of highlights, like the newly developed climacool® ventilation system with integrated rib structure or very small pack size, cater to ski mountaineers looking to gain an edge in any given situation.

The Zonyk Pro has been engineered and designed to amplify performance, as well as appearance, bridging the gap between functionality and style. With its sweeping contours and large field of vision it is excelling at high speed while featuring a brand new Lens Lock-SystemTM and a lightweight yet durable SPX® frame with integrated climacool® ventilation system that offers a new level of adaptability and clarity with combined Vario + LST filters.

With road cycling athletes as a specific target group in mind and building on the foundation of the Zonyk pro, the Zonyk Aero Pro with its reduced half-rim design offers enhanced lower and peripheral vision which improves safety in traffic, heightens focus on the road and helps keeping track of other riders in the peloton.”

We certainly agree, the Zonyk range is one of our favourite models of the year and we are sure they will prove a huge hit during the road cycling season!

Our Winter 18 ski gear comes in around October, so keep an eye out for Adidas’ groundbreaking new goggles then!

Read more about the Red Dot awards and what it’s all about here – Red Dot Design Awards.

Do you agree with the experts? Show us how you’re getting on with your adidas gear by sharing on our social media!




RxSport’s Prescription Jargon Buster

With summer just around the corner, we understand how difficult it can be to pick your perfect pair of prescription sunglasses!

What style? What size? What colour? What lens? What brand? So many questions! But panic not, RxSport’s prescription guru’s are on hand to guide you through the maze of terms and common mistakes when it comes to all things sunglasses!

Your Prescription, what does it mean?

What better place to start… with all the numbers +’s and -‘s, not to mention some questionable handwriting from optometrists it is one of the most difficult things to get your head around! Especially when you’re new to the world of optical correction, it can be somewhat overwhelming! So, what do all the terms mean?

You’ll often see us here and you may have noticed the odd use of Rx… This is what we in the industry shorten ‘prescription’ to (for some reason). It does mean we don’t have to bother writing that big word all the time! So get down with the lingo and start using Rx!

So, the important stuff! Prescriptions are often written like this….

The first thing you would notice is that it is written the wrong way round, so the right eye is on the left and the left eye is on the right… Optician’s wouldn’t want to make it easy now would they!

When reading out your prescription, start with the SPH or Sphere. The spherical measurement is the measurement of the lens power. Basically it covers whether you are short or long sighted.

  • If you are shortsighted; the numbers in your sphere measurement box will be preceded by a minus (-) sign.
  • If you are longsighted; the numbers in the sphere measurement will begin with a plus (+) sign. Sometimes nothing at all, usually this indicates a positive number!

Everything prescription in the sphere and cylindrical measurements (don’t worry, we will get to that soon) go up in dioptres. The unit of measurement for the refractive power of the lens. Dioptres are measured in 0.25 steps, so if you have a Spherical measurement of +1.34 then it is wrong so give us a call!

As promised; Cylindrical (CYL) measurements! You’ll often hear us on the phones mention whether you have a CYL, this indicates the amount of lens power for astigmatism. It isn’t something that always comes on a prescription, so if it is blank it means nothing needs correcting!

Cylinder basically means the distorted curvature of the eye. The easiest way to explain this is that if the lens of your eye isn’t a perfectly curved shape, then you will have an astigmatism. Much like a mis-shapen football flying through the air, the distorted curvature of the eve can cause blurred vision so the Cyl measurements correct this by shaping the lens.

Again CYL measurements can be in either + or – figures! However, it is very rare to have a prescription that is a minus sphere and a plus cylinder or vice versa, so give us a call and let us talk you through it!

Your CYL always has a sidekick, that sidekick being the Axis. The axis measures on what angle does the astigmatism sit, so is going to be a number between 0 and 180. Again, if there is no axis but the is a cyl on your prescription then give us a call!

Finally, Near/Add values. If you’re just after single vision lenses (distance) then turn a blind eye to this part of your prescription! This relates to the corrective power for your reading prescription; the additional power needed on varifocals to allow you to read and see distance too! Near/Add values are always plus figures, and should be the same for both eyes! So usually they are written like this +2.25.

This leads us nicely on to Varifocals, what are they and why might you need them?

As we get older, the muscles in the eye get weaker and this can make it harder to focus on things that are close up. This weakening of the muscles also means that the eye struggles to focus quickly between near and distance objects. A great way to deal with these issues is to wear varifocal lenses.

So, when might you need Varifocals?

  • Cycling – GPS systems are now considered essential kit for many cyclists. Varifocals will allow you to see where you are going, as well as the road ahead.
  • Golf – No need to trust your playing partner to fill in your card, varifocals allow you to keep track of your score as well as tracking the ball down the fairway.
  • Skiing – Varifocals can stop you hitting a black run when you meant to meander down on a blue. No need for a second set of reading glasses to check the piste map.
  • Driving – Whether it is glancing at the Sat-Nav or checking your speed, the ability to see both near and far is crucial for safe driving.

If you need some more advice, check out out web page for Varifocal help! – RxSport’s Varifocal Guide

Next up we have PD or Pupillary Distance…

Always one to get you scratching your head. It all sounds a bit much but it is simply the distance between the centres of your pupils. An accurate PD can be the difference between a pair of prescription sunnies working and being blurry.

In essence, us having an accurate PD helps find the ‘sweet spot’ in the lenses!

How can you measure it?

There’s a few options of how to get your pupillary distance to us. First and foremost, brave the trip into town and ask your optician… Easier said than done however, some opticians are very hesitant at sharing a measurement that is on your own face..! Yeah, it baffles us too!

Another option and possibly the most popular choice among our customers is to send us a lovely mug shot with our Handy Ruler under your nose! An example of a perfect image for us to use is below! (Thanks to Freddie for ‘volunteering’)

We can also measure your PD from an existing pair of glasses. It allows us to find where the sweet spot has been set up on those and match it on your new glasses. Come on, you definitely have an old pair lying around at home that we can measure it from!


That’s the prescription stuff taken care of! Lets move on to the glasses themselves!

Lenses are often the big one, what lenses do you go for and why? The age old question… Let’s talk lens tints.

Effectively you have two different options with lens tints. Contrast and Neutral.

  • Contrast enhancing lenses will darken certain colours more than others, and as a result they can make particular objects or features stand out.

Contrast enhancing lenses are great for Golf & Cycling, especially in changeable conditions as it will really help to bring out colours and make things stand out more. Examples of contrast enhancing lenses are ones with base tints of Green, Brown, Rose, Yellow & Persimmon.


  • Neutral lenses provide shade from the brightness of the sun, simply by darkening the environment.


Neutral lenses are a great option for Skiing in bright glacial conditions and also for all round everyday use. They help to dull things down and provide soothing day-long use! Being neutral lenses, the base tints are Grey on these lenses!


Pretty much every lens now will be offered in a range of tints, meaning making your decision is a difficult task. The thing to look out for is whether they are contrast enhancing or neutral lenses. However we are fully aware that you have to look good and lenses have to match your gear! So the mirrored coatings to lenses not only provide  great protection against bright light and dazzling conditions but also make the lenses look awesome!

Polarised lenses

Ahh the big question, why go for a polarised lens?

Easy, Polarised lenses eradicate glare, which is caused by reflected light rays. This is particularly useful around water or whilst driving. A lot of the time people struggle when subjected to bright light and glare is what makes us squint. Wearing a pair of glasses with a good polarised filter cuts this out and lets us enjoy the views without the brightness affection your vision.

How does it work? A polarised filter in a lens is laminated with microscopic vertical stripes, a bit like a venetian blind on it’s side! These vertically aligned stripes cut out the light that is reflecting off flat surfaces and entering the eye as horizontal light waves.

Check out our funky Lens Tint Simulator to see for yourself why polarised lenses are so useful! RxSport’s Sunglasses Guide & Lens Simulator

One of the best exponents of Polarised lenses are Maui Jim. Born on the beaches of Hawaii and brought to our shores to provide unparalleled optical clarity in both prescription and non-prescription form!

Photochromic lenses

Sit back and watch the magic happen. Now, let us explain! A common cause of confusion with this tech is due to what they are called.

As you would expect this is a technology that can come with a variety of names. Transitions, photochromic, photochromatic, Modulator, Fototec, Reactolite… It all gets a bit too much!

To clarify it, think Hoover and Vacuum. Hoover is the brand and Vacuum is the technology. With photochromic lenses it is much the same idea. Photochromic is the technology and Transitions is the brand!

Photochromic lenses work by molecules embedded in the lenses of the sunglasses getting agitated when subjected to ultraviolet (UV) light, causing them to darken. A common misconception of Photochromic lenses is that they change when in the sun, they do, but the propitiatory purpose is to change in the presence of UV light.

UV rays do penetrate clouds so photochromic lenses may actually darken on overcast days as well as sunny days.

Photochromic lenses typically will not darken inside a vehicle because the windshield glass blocks most UV rays. Recent advancements in technology allow some photochromic lenses to activate with both UV and visible light, providing some darkening behind the windshield. Examples of these are Transitions Drivewear and Transitions XTRActive Grey.

For more info about photochromic lenses, check out this blog dedicated to them! – Photochromic Lenses – Why and what should you look for?

Our pick for some great photochromic lenses would be Rudy Project and their unbreakable ImpactX 2 Photochromic lenses!


We hope this has clarified some things for you! However, if you have any questions then we are just a phone call away!

Our friendly and helpful team will help you out and guide you through the process!

RxSport Staff and Their Easter Adventures

Dust yourself off from the Bank Holiday blues and Easter Egg over indulgence and find out what kept the faces behind your screens entertained during the bank holiday weekend!

We were as guilty as anyone in making the most of the abundance of chocolate available over Easter! But with the good (ish) weather we were treated to, some of the staff peeled themselves off the sofa and went on some adventures! Check out what they got up to…

So, in no particular order, lets start with Vicki!

Our dispatch aficionado went on a little jaunt down to the South West, a bit of a trek from HQ here in the East Midlands! But some would say it was totally worth the 4 hour journey for views like this…

What better way to spend a long weekend than going to the beach, Easter Egg hunts and the occasional tipple of some locally brewed cider with the family!

The North Somerset coast probably didn’t know what hit it when Vicki rocked up but we’ve not heard anything to suggest otherwise that it seems to still be in one piece!

Days out to Dunster Castle and the odd game of Mini-Golf kept Vicki busy over the weekend, an action packed flying visit for her! Even the wind in Minehead couldn’t keep her quiet out on the mini golf course and she even got to stretch her legs on the golden sands.






Johnny made the most of the weather and got out on his bike; product testing if you will!

A mere hour and 15 minutes up the road from magical Rutland stands Sherwood Pines, a brave place to visit on a Bank Holiday weekend given its proximity to Centre Parcs…! But that didn’t put him off getting out on a bike for the first time this year!

Stabilisers and plenty of food were the must have items for the day, although amidst all the excitement, he decided not to pack his shoes so a 13km ride through the trails in a fairly decrepit pair of Vans was the order of the day!


Johnny took a pair of Oakley EVZero Path glasses with him to Sherwood to check out the Prizm Lenses. His verdict? Bloomin Awesome! Although when you see someone riding trails in some £140 sunglasses and a pair of Vans. All the gear (apart from shoes) and no idea comes to mind!


Well worth the trip up the A1 and a top day out was had! So much so that he got back on his bike after work one night this week and took to the trails in our local Wakerley Woods. Two rides in a week? It must be nearly summer!



Head honchos James & Claudia ‘Trumped’ the lot of us and ventured across the pond to the US; California to be exact!

James & Claudia’s adventure took them to Lake Tahoe and the April showers awaited them! April showers of snow of course!

With Tahoe sporting record snowfall the conditions were perfect for a family ski trip; even the kids learnt a trick or two! With Dexter and Kiki enjoying a blast around Ski School, James & Claudia had a bit of an explore and came up with some cracking pictures like this…

Doesn’t look too shabby eh?

However with great snow comes great issues, as they found out. The dumping caused their hire car to be caught in a snow drift, getting them a bit too acquainted with the Mount Rose Fire Department! What’s a holiday without some sort of drama anyway..!

Claudia took it one step further, or 10,000 steps further in fact! She took part in the Santa Cruz 10k which has somewhat divided opinion in the office as to whether that is a suitable holiday activity!

Their two week trip to the Golden State was a success, both returning with a healthy tan. It turns out it was a bit sunnier in California than Peterborough over the last couple of weeks! Although after looking after the kids for two weeks in America including your customary trip to Disneyland, James has come back in desperate need for another break!

Zoe almost made it all the way to the States, but ended up on the Isle of Man instead! 

A scenic drive took our glazing whizz to the little island in the Irish Sea. Given her passion for Superbikes, you would have expected a trip to watch the TT, however this time it was a visit to the in-laws that took her to those parts!

Lots of scenic walks and trips to the beach awaited Zoe on the Isle of Man and from the pictures she has sent us, you can see why it’s something of a close to home holiday destination!

Historic ruins were a bit of a port of call for Zoe in her trip too! A day out to Peel castle was in order, you can’t go away somewhere and not take in the sights of historic Viking Battlefields!


It’s common knowledge that the Irish Sea in April can’t quite compete with the crystal waters of the Caribbean, but that didn’t stop Zoe from having a bit of a paddle and as she said ‘It was cold, but if you see the sea, you have to paddle!’ Wise words there!


So there we have it, we hope you enjoyed our little round up of what we’ve been up to! Follow us on our social media pages to see some more #RxSportAdventures





RxSport Customer Review – adidas Zonyk

Recently we ran a competition for one of you to win a pair of adidas Zonyk Pro sunglasses, signed by Alex Dowsett!

The competition entailed writing a review of your Zonyk’s, the best entry won the competition and would be featured on our blog. So without further adieu, here’s our winner!

Anthony Greenwood wrote this, sometimes tongue in cheek, review of the Zonyk’s with the Purple Vario Lens.. We hope you like it!

“The Adidas Zonyk Varios have arrived. Inside the box is the case, inside the case is the bag, inside the bag are the glasses. All good so far!

I took the glasses out and inspected them. They are very well made, feel sturdy and look the part. Putting them on for the first time felt pretty good, looked in the mirror, as you do. I was immediately surprised at the size of the lenses, they are big, but big in a good way…

I took them off, put them on, off, on, off and on, shook my head all about, they stayed on thanks to the sticky rubber on the nose and arms keeping them pretty firm. They are still feeling good.

Confident in my purchase. I then sat down and read the included brochure. Hey, I discovered the adjustment options. I then started to play….

The arms have three positions, which alter the angle of the lens on your face. The nose bridge can be adjusted in two positions to fit a broad or narrow nose. The sweat bar comes on and off. With all this adjustment I could dial them into an incredible fit and maximum comfort. Loving this!

Two times out so far. First in overcast cloud, the lens cast a warm tone over pretty flat shadows. Very pleasing but nothing ground breaking. The second ride was a bright, blue sky day. I thought this would be the test. Firstly and predictably they cast a pleasingly subtle hue, but I wanted to experience the Vario working. I took my ride down a road I new would have intermittent shade from overhead trees. I rode under the trees and waited and it really didn’t take long, I noticed a small change in the lens. It was subtle but it was noticeable. Great, they worked! Now I was riding into shadow and back into the sun and the lens reacted, balancing the tonal quality. Really impressed!


During both rides, the fit and the stability of the glasses stayed true. The lens on the large pair I ordered are wide, giving a very wide field of vision. The nose piece, which gets talked about a lot, was noticeable in the short term, but quickly forgotten about.

Overall I’m really impressed. A great fit is capable by wide amounts of adjustability. The lens of the Purple Vario gives a pleasing colour and shadow definition. The Vario just works!!!! I’m happy!”

It looks like we have a happy customer there! Thank you for your entry Anthony, we hope you enjoy your new pair! Also thank you to all those who took part.

On the subject of Zonyk’s… recently arrived are replacement lenses for the adidas Zonyk and Zonyk Pro!

Anthony has the Adidas Zonyk Pro sunglasses – Coal / LST Bright Vario Purple Mirror


Check us out on social media for our latest updates and competitions!





Stop Horsing Around! RxSport’s Equestrian Guide

With the eventing season well underway it’s time to get up to scratch with what can keep you protected when your horse is giving you the run about!

Safety first!

With safety currently being at the forefront of all equestrian sports; we thought we’d let you know a little more about the range of glasses and sunglasses on offer to help protect your eyes and keep you looking sharp!

All lenses offered in RxSport sunglasses, Prescription and Non-Prescription alike, are made out of either Polycarbonate or Trivex. Two ultra-tough materials that are both shatterproof and impact resistant, as well as being 100% UVA and UVB protective.

Why not glass? We hear you ask… Well, if you had a bit of a tumble, an impact resistant plastic lens is going to offer you a lot more protection against damage than glass. You don’t want a lens shattering around your eyes!

It is important to find a pair that fit properly. Galloping around a cross country course is hard enough, let alone having to worry that your glasses are slipping down your nose. Look out for glasses with attributes such as adjustable nose pads, gaskets, rubber temples, and even adjustable temples.

Need some help with this? Our innovative Home Trial service for Prescription Eyewear may help aid your decision! – RxSport Home Trial

Key terms & Jargon Buster

  • Hydrophilic Rubber – Hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pads increase grip in response to increased moisture. keeping grip while you perspire.
  • Unobtanium – Oakley’s answer to Hydrophilic Rubber. Grip that will increase when subjected to moisture, providing all day comfort and security.
  • Foam Gaskets – When out and about in the mud, you may need a bit more protection against the elements. Foam Gaskets usually sit on the inside of the frame and provide a seal around the frame for added protection.

Lens tints

Many of you may have seen the likes of Andrew Nicholson and Caroline Powell out competing in their specs and wondered why they have tinted lenses.

Well, lenses with a rose/amber tint to them helps to increase contrast, which can benefit the rider by defining undulations in the ground and enhancing colours. Somewhat helpful additions when riding in and out of changeable conditions!

Brown lenses also boost contrast, but tend to be slightly darker for better protection in brighter sunlight.

Grey lenses offer you a dark lens to help block out light and have a neutral base tint. Usually the most popular choice for someone looking for a lens that can provide all day soothing relief from the sun.

Yellow lenses reduce blue light that can blur definition, without compromising optics in low light environments. Ideal for extreme low light conditions, like a classic British Summer’s day..!

Clear lenses are great for your prescription needs if you don’t require any tints. They still offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and can also help to shield your eyes from wind and debris.

Need a hoof in the right direction? The RxSport team have suggested some frames that will offer great protection and versatility for horse riding!

Rudy Project Rydon

The super thin temples will fit comfortably under your helmet and are also adjustable for a customised fit. A vast range of lenses can be swapped in and out to suit whatever conditions life throws at you.

Versatility is the name of the game for the Rydon, with interchangeable lenses and the option for prescription in both directly glazed and insert form.

A firm favourite with us here at RxSport!


Bolle Tempest

Style and functionality in abundance. The Bolle Tempest again has a range of lens options and some great frame colour choices. Perhaps it’s greatest party piece is the option of some quality Photochromic lenses (or Modulator as Bolle like to call them) which will adapt to changeable conditions automatically, so you can focus on the more important things!

Smith Approach Max

Wrapped frame and rubber lines temples for a secure fit, it also comes with a 3-lens package so you can wear them whatever the weather.

You may be thinking by now, ‘Why are they all the same shape?!’ Well, the Halfrim style of glasses helps to boost your peripheral vision, allowing vision to remain un-obstructed!

Oakley Crosslink MNP

This Oakley ophthalmic frame is available in clear and transitions lenses and is great for a customised fit. With four interchangeable nose pads and mouldable wire core temples with Unobtainium® components for non-slip grip.

The ultimate in ‘hybrid’ ophthalmic frames; one that can be worn for a chilled evening in front of the TV to a hack through the forest, they will stand up to anything your active lifestyle can throw at them!

If you prefer something a little bit more secure, a protective goggle may be the way to go! Available in prescription and a variety of lens tints.

Rex Specs Maxx Prescription Goggles

A close-fitting frame held in place by a thin strap that will fit comfortably under your hat.

Not quite as stylish as some of the sunglasses, but the added bonus of unbeatable impact protection. Available in either Polycarbonate or Trivex, these goggles meet the ASTM F803 Standard for Sports Protective Eyewear.

From Badminton to Burghley, get out there in your sunglasses this summer. Whether you are after some prescription glasses for an event or some stylish sunnies for spectating; check out our range so you can be hot to trot this summer!





Ray-Ban 2017 Releases!

We have good news! Ray-Ban have released some brand new models and lens options for the Summer 17 season… Want to know more, you’re in the right place!

Ray-Ban have long been known for pushing the boundaries of style, and pulling it off.

The mix of contemporary ideas and features coupled with iconic trends make you stand out from the crowd, and these latest models are no different!

If you’ve been to a festival over summer you must have noticed that there are nearly as many pairs of Ray-Ban’s as there are tents, and for good reason! The frames are lightweight, sturdy and most of all, ultra stylish.

Ray-Ban have put a slightly different spin on things this year. They have introduced the Ja-Jo. A stylish and timeless design which features a lightweight metal frame and colour matching rubber temples. This is certainly one for the fashion conscious festival go’er and if you’re at Worthy Farm this summer, I’m sure you will see one or two pairs around!

The swinging 60’s have been re-born with this frame. Ray-Ban have incorporated this classic styling with their legendary optical quality. Lens options for the Ja-Jo are as authentic as it gets, throwing it back to some classic colours, with ‘sugary-hued’ choices of all the modern favourites; Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow, Dark Violet & Light Blue!

It’s not only sunglasses that Ray-Ban are rocking right now. The retro inspired Ja-Jo is also available in an optical frame, oversized and round, one to surely make you stand out from the crowd!

It’s not only brand new frames that Ray-Ban have been producing, they have also been remastering some of our old favourites!

Perhaps one of the most striking new additions to a Ray-Ban classic is the Clubround Wood. This modern and outlandish take on a time-honoured model is perhaps one of the boldest moves from a company that is well known for playing close to the edge!

Two of Ray-Ban’s most popular glasses; the Clubmaster and Round have moulded together to create the inspirational design of the Clubround wood. An icon in it’s own right!

Tones of Maple, Walnut or Cherry wood combine with classic Ray-Ban styling whilst not compromising on quality lenses with advanced Polarised filters to make this a truly fantastic pair of sunglasses.

We all know that a pair of sunglasses is nothing without a quality lens!

Lenses are something that can make or break a pair of sunglasses, so Ray-Ban have pushed the boat out once again, re-defining the style of lenses.

The Summer 17 collection has been boosted with a splash of colour, and it looks awesome! Frames like the Clubmaster have benefited from a Bronze Rim upgrade for a truly fresh look.

However, it is lenses where Ray-Ban have really excelled this year. Perhaps their signature is a quality gradient lens, and this year colour has been thrown in to the gradient. Gradient mineral lenses offer a fun ‘kaleidoscopic’ effect and are a real head turner!

The gradient mineral lenses give the lenses a rainbow pattern, a contemporary approach to a timeless classic. Style never looked so good this summer!


“Find your style this spring with Ray-Ban. From re-engineered classics to chic new models, celebrate iconic design your way. Fresh. Bold. Individual. Make your look iconic with Ray-Ban spirit.” – Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban & Ferrari

You’ve heard of Oakley’s partnership with Ferrari and some of you eagle eyed F1 fans may have even spotted the distinctive Ray-Ban logo printed on the side of the Prancing Horses over the past couple of seasons, but this year, they have teamed up to create sunglasses in an exclusive Ferrari collection!

Nothing has been released yet, but keep an eye out as it’s not long until the start of the F1 season so new styles lathered with Ferrari red will be just around the corner! – Ray-Ban Ferrari Collection

If you can’t wait for Ray-Ban to release their Ferrari range, check out Oakley’s collaboration with the world’s most powerful brand!


We here at RxSport are excited to see what the new season brings! Keep an eye out on our shelves, new products will be arriving non-stop this spring period!

Show us your SS17 style by sharing your pictures and adventures with us on social media.





Cycling Season 2017 Preview

With Spring just around the corner and our time in the mountains coming to an end, it is time to get back in to the swing of all things cycling!

This handy little guide will show you what’s going on, what’s new in the wide world of cycling and how to catch it!

Tour De France

We can’t write about the cycling season and not mention the Tour De France!

The Tour De France kicks off this year in Dusseldorf, on July 1st 2017, with Britain’s own Chris Froome looking to defend his coveted yellow jersey. It’s looking good for Froome, who has taken to the Tour De France over the last few years like a duck to water, winning 3 times. However, with his dominance comes a new challenge; the organisers are getting somewhat tired of Brits coming across the channel and blowing away the competition! So this year it is looking like it may not play quite as easily into his hands; with more mountain stages and less time trials, which could hinder the man from Kenya.

Some other favourites for the title this year are fellow big names in road cycling, with Colombian Nairo Quintana and Alberto Contador among the favourites to de-throne Froome.

With cycling becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, the 2017 Tour De France coverage on our TV’s is the most comprehensive yet, thanks to Eurosport and ITV. Even more incentive to get involved with cycling, or to dust off your old bike from the garage and get back out on the road!

If a trip to the Pyrenees for stage 12 isn’t viable for you this year, then a simple trip to the sofa will have to do! Check out when and how you can watch Le Tour on your TV on the Cycling Weekly site.

Peter Sagan

One of our favourite cyclists here at RxSport is Peter Sagan, so we thought we would keep you posted on when and where to keep an eye out for the Slovakian racer!

  • 18/3/17 – Milano – Sanremo
  • 2/4/17 – Tour Des Flandres
  • 9/4/17 – Paris – Roubaix
  • 1/7/17 – Tour De France

Sagan is currently ranked #1 in the UCI world rankings, so he is sure to be in there with a shot in the big races this year!

He’s also pretty funny off the bike, right after a race he was filmed scoffing a packet of sweets! Check it out…

UK Mountain Biking

If being out in the woods and getting muddy is your preference then we’ve got you covered too!

Mountain biking, it’s like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it! If you’re happy to spend your day bombing down hills, avoiding roots and getting covered in dirt then look no further! Here’s some events happening around the UK for the MTB enthusiast.

  • The Snowdonia MTB Challenge

Yes, this is probably as hard as it sounds! The challenge takes you from the foot of the famous mountain over some varying terrain with some spectacular views of Snowdon itself. The trail follows strict National Park guidelines, but there’s plenty of rocky and muddy patches to keep you on your toes! The event takes place on the 26th March 2017. Head over to the British Cycling page for more info – The Snowdonia MTB Challenge

  • Trek Demo Weekend

If the previous event was all about endurance, this is all about testing new bikes! We know the feeling, every year brands bring out a new bike that is bigger and better than the one all polished and sitting pretty in your garage, however the price doesn’t quite agree with you!

The Trek Demo weekend in Glentress lets you have a run around on the newest bikes for the season and give you a taster of what it could be like if you were to part with a few £££’s! Check out the information for this event on the MoreDirt website –  Trek Demo Weekend

  • Pro Events

If you’re more into settling down in the forest with a Thermos flask and marvel at how the pro’s do it, or fancy catching a glimpse of some of the new bikes they are riding then here’s a list of some of the top events around the country this year!

Keep an eye out for current world champion and record breaker, Great Britain’s Rachel Atherton. Who is on course to win her third consecutive Downhill World Cup title! Rachel Atherton – Red Bull

2017 Cycling Sunnies

With every new cycling season, brands are competing to bring out the best new gear, and sunglasses are always hotly discussed between eager cyclists! Seeing as we deal with one or two pairs of sunnies over the year, why not show you what new glasses are hitting our shelves this year that can keep you protected out on the roads or trails.

adidas Zonyk Aero Pro

Another season, another game changer from adidas! The Zonyk Aero Pro takes all the quality of the Zonyk Pro and chops half the frame off. Lightweight and quality, the Aero Pro is perfect for both the long road races in the alps to the dirty trails of the British countryside.

Oakley Jawbreaker

Oakley, the pinnacle in sports eyewear. The Jawbreaker has been a favourite of novice to pro cyclists alike. Most notably down to it’s versatility. Lens changing at the flick of a switch and adjustable temple lengths makes it a must have bit of kit in the cyclist’s arsenal. Combine it with Oakley’s legendary Prizm lens tech and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Tifosi Crit

Tifosi is among one of the favourite brands for cycling glasses here at RxSport HQ. We are slightly stumped at what some of these glasses cannot do! All within affordable prices. The Tifosi Crit is a rival for the big boys, whilst being bank friendly. The Crit is a stylish frame with a tough TR-90 frame material and vented lenses, helping reduce the risk of fogging up. The temples and nosepad are totally adjustable, giving you a customised fit, it’s not always about looking good you know!

Are you making the most of the spring sunshine and getting out on your bike? Share your pictures with us on our Social Media pages.





Meet the RxSport Team – Zoe

Meet the RxSport Team gives you a chance to learn more about the faces behind your screens and monitors! This week we get to know our newest team member and resident dispensing optician, Zoe. The eyes and ears taking care of everything prescription!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and why?
Its cliché but it has to be invisibility! Most for sneaking into gigs and sporting events rather than the usual shenanigans!

What’s your favourite sport or pastime?
Spectating?! I used to play roller derby, but had a pretty nasty leg break that lead to my early retirement. I love going to watch basketball, who can beat watching the rugby or MotoGP with a pint on a Sunday?

If you were stuck on a island and you could have three things sent to you, what would they be?
My phone (providing I get 4G!), tea and biscuits.

If you were a box of cereal which would you be, and why?
It has to be Cheerios. They manage to cross the line between feeling like a healthy option, but still being a kids cereal.

Are you a skier or a snowboarder?
Neither, have to confess I’ve never done either, but I do love sledging at the Snow Dome. Ice skating would be my winter sport of choice.

How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?
3 Ray-Bans at the moment, 2 prescription and one without for the rare occasion I manage to put contact lenses in.  

What do you like most about working at RxSport?
Dealing with such a diverse and quality range of products is my dream job.

What’s your favourite brand at RxSport?
Has to be Rudy Project, masses of lens options and for those of us with prescriptions, the choice of an insert or directly glazed. Solution for everything!

Nicest place you have travelled to?
Rome, without a doubt. I went for my honeymoon a few years ago, and we just had the greatest time.

If you could invite any famous personality over for dinner, who would it be?
Shaq! A sporting legend, and I think he’s be a pretty hilarious dinner guest. Also, useful if I needed anything reaching from high places.

That’s all for meet the team, for now! If you want to find out more then why not pop in to the showroom to see us!