RxSport Focus Week – Smith Bike Helmets

Smith Logo

Smith integrate the unique Koroyd ventilated shell into their leading helmet designs. Groundbreaking MIPS technology comes as standard on all models and colours, giving an added dimension of protection from dangerous rotational forces in oblique impact.

Road Cycling Helmets

When it comes to your helmet this means assured comfort giving a precise fit right out of the box and cutting edge protection using the latest technologies to keep you safer than ever. Smith offer a complete range of road cycling helmets. Whether you live for the punishing precision of the time trial or just love to get out on the road for fun, Smith make a helmet just for you.

The flagship Overtake model was crafted in the windtunnel to create one of the slickest lids on the market. Its counterpart Network and Portal designs were penned using the same design architecture for killer style built into an affordable package.

Smith Portal MIPS

SMITH PORTAL MIPS ROAD BIKE HELMET - BLACKSmith’s Portal road cycling helmet nails the essentials with an adjustable fitting system, extensive ventilation and MIPS protection as standard. For premium performance protection without breaking the bank, look no further than the Portal.

Smith Portal MIPS – £99.99

Smith Network MIPS

SMITH NETWORK MIPS ROAD BIKE HELMET - MATTE WHITEFresh in more ways than one, the Smith Network’s clean styling is right on trend. Thanks to the fully ventilated impact protection of the Aerocore shell, the Network allows for a massive degree of airflow right through the helmet. This model weighs in at just 270 grams, while still housing leading-edge technology such as MIPS and Smith’s own VaporFit adjustable fitting system.

Smith Network MIPS – £139.99

 Smith Overtake MIPS

SMITH OVERTAKE MIPS ROAD BIKE HELMET - MATTE WHITESuper-functional all-rounder helmets are now a common fixture. Within this bracket Smith has pinned its colours to the incredible Overtake helmet. Integrating proprietary technologies such as Aerocore with best-in-class protection options including MIPS, all while weighing in at an astounding 250 grams, the Overtake leaves all challengers in the dust.

Smith Overtake MIPS – £199.99

 Smith Podium TT MIPS

SMITH PODIUM TT MIPS ROAD BIKE HELMET - MATTE WHITE / CHROMAPOP EVERYDAY RED MIRROR + CLEARSmith’s Podium TT helmet has been drawing envious eyes since its release, with a tailless aerodynamic shape optimised to provide drag-reducing airflow. VaporFit technology gives fully customised fitting with the simple turn of a rotary dial. See more detail on the road with a magnetically-integrated visor using Smith’s patented ChromaPop technology, with an additional clear lens for low light conditions.

Smith Podium TT MIPS – £269.99

Mountain Biking Helmets (MTB)

Smith have dedicated their 50 years of experience to letting you make the most of every moment in the outdoors. They were relatively late to the two-wheel head protection game, but have wasted absolutely no time in designing and manufacturing some of the most sought-after lids of present day. The Forefront set new standards for design, comfort and protection in mountain bike helmets, and its successor the Forefront 2 takes further strides in the same ambitious direction.

The Forefront 2 leads the way as a sleek, modern design sporting low profile while also maintaining deep coverage. Its younger siblings, the Session and Venture, utilise the same design language to create a consistent look attuned across the range.

Smith Venture MIPS

SMITH VENTURE MIPS MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMET - MATTE CHARCOALWhen all you want is to get on the bike and hit the trail, the Venture is your go-to. This helmet packs a hefty punch for its weight bracket, delivering the essentials in a modern, streamlined package. The Venture is fitted with MIPS technology as standard, and extends the shell’s coverage to the rear, meaning you can ride with the assurance of premium protection fit for the challenge of the mountain.

Smith Venture MIPS – £99.99

Smith Session MIPS

SMITH SESSION MIPS MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMET - MATTE ACID BURSTThe Session is all about striking a balance. Protection, performance and comfort were all carefully considered when penning this design. The result was a lightweight build with huge ventilation ports in the upper shell to keep you cool on the most gruelling trails – made possible through the use of a reinforced skeletal structure. For added protection MIPS can be found as standard on all colours of the Session.

Smith Session MIPS – £139.99

Smith Forefront 2 MIPS

SMITH FOREFRONT 2 MIPS MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMET - MATTE BLACKSmith’s original Forefront took the world by storm, drawing in heaps of awards for its innovative design and supreme function. Its successor, the Forefront 2, is an evolution of that excellent design. The Aerocore shell has been extended to the rear of the helmet for even more extensive impact protection. If you ride with sunglasses they can be stored simply when on the move using channels in the front and rear of the shell.

Sweet Dissenter MIPS – £174.99

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London Marathon & Running Sunglasses

London Marathon Logo

The London Marathon is hitting the streets of London this weekend. It’s a 26.2 mile race, starting south of the Thames near Greenwich, passing by the Cutty Sark and Surrey Quays before it crosses over the Thames at Tower Bridge. From here it continues through central London before finishing outside Buckingham Palace.

The 2018 London Marathon is set to be the hottest on record with temperatures possibly reaching 24’c, surpassing 2007 that topped out at 22.2’c.

Why Should Runners Wear Sunglasses?

Runners often take precautions when running in the sun, be that wearing a cap, covering exposed skin with sunscreen and ensuring they stay hydrated. But many still neglect their eyes. Wearing sunglasses when running does far more than just protect your eyes from harmful rays. Wearing sunglasses can play a big part in your overall posture and therefore comfort when running. If you squint when running you’re tensing muscles in your face and neck unnecessarily, therefore putting strain on your muscles and altering your posture.

Being relaxed when running can also make breathing much easier, therefore helping to improve performance and reduce fatigue.

Top Sunglasses For Runners

Nike Vaporwing Sunglasses

The sum of nearly two years of collaborative effort between Nike and Zeiss Optics is the incredible Vaporwing – the ultimate in running eyewear. New technological ground was broken to create the unique sweeping lens on this model which minimises wind resistance while keeping the eyes fully protected from the elements.

Nike Vaporwing – Starting at – £219.99

Julbo Aero Sunglasses

The deep shield lens guarantees a wide clear field of vision and the suspended lens construction provides outstanding ventilation even in the most intense situations. The Air Link temples provide a secure and comfortable fit while remaining as light as possible.

Julbo Aero Sunglasses – Starting at – £62.99

Oakley EVZero Stride Sunglasses

The EVZero is the lightest frame in the Oakley range. The frame front was removed to not only optimise weight but maximise the peripheral views offered by the design. The Stride lens shape offers this iconic frame but in a size that is more suited to smaller faces.

Oakley EVZERO Stride – Starting at – £103.99 

Tifosi Mira Sunglasses

The Tifosi Mira is the curvier sister of the Tifosi Just. Making it yet another exceptional multi-purpose sports model. The slightly more curved lens gives it a much more refined look to the just, whilst maintaining the style and comfort. Performance is withheld due to the vented, polycarbonate lenses. A super lightweight frame means it won’t prove hassle on even the longest runs.

Tifosi Mira Sunglasses – Starting at – £39.99

Dirty Dog Sport Ecco Sunglasses

Perfect for a small to medium fit, the durable Dirty Dog Sport Ecco sunglasses combine a 100% memory frame and special vents for added performance to allow you to be the best at your game!

Dirty Dog Sport Ecco – Starting at – £39.99

Oakley Flak Draft Sunglasses

The Flak’s are forever changing and progressing. The Draft offers a quick release trigger to allow you to change lenses with ease. Performance is the name of the game with the Flak Draft, designed to give you the best of the best with Prizm lenses and Polarised options available for ultimate quality in sports optics.

Oakley Flak Draft – Starting at – Dissenter MIPS – £107.99

Bolle Bolt

Bolle Bolt Sunglasses

The Bolle Bolt performs excellently as a multipurpose, multi-sport model, containing all the features which make for top performance eyewear. Industry-leading B-Clear lenses provide unbeatable impact resistance at an incredibly light weight. Thermogrip components integrated into the B88 Nylon frame keep the fit secure through any rough and tumble.

Bolle Bolt Sunglasses – Starting at – £69.99

Nike Run X2

Nike Run X2 Sunglasses

True to its name, the Nike Run X2 is excellently suited for running. With a lightweight nylon frame with adjustable temples, the Run X2 offers prolonged comfort when covering long distances.

Nike Run X2 Sunglasses – Starting at – £139.99

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Why RxSport is the Optical Sports Eyewear Partner of the Tour of Cambridgeshire Gran Fondo + Chrono

ToC LogoThe Tour of Cambridgeshire cycling festival on the 1st to 3rd June this year is unique in the UK. It has huge production values and works hard to deliver the best rider experience possible, in fact it aims to make everyone feel like a pro for the weekend. The impact of Tour of Cambridgeshire extends well beyond the first weekend in June. Over that last few years since its introduction it has extended its impact to Aalborg in Denmark, Perth Australia and Albi in France. These are the locations that have hosted the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships of which Tour of Cambridgeshire is one of a handful of qualifying events around the world and the only qualifying event in the UK. The time trial event at the Tour of Cambridgeshire festival is the biggest of its kind in the world, with over 850 riders on its start sheet each year. It was the Tour of Cambridgeshire Chrono which provided the platform for a batch of world championship medals in Albi in 2017. This is why RxSport has partnered with the Tour of Cambridgeshire, we share high customer experience values and see ourselves as being unique in our market.

Whilst the Tour of Cambridgeshire is a Gran Fondo, the only authentic Italian style Gran Fondo in the UK, it has a softer side. In addition to there being a Race at the front of the Fondo there is a sportive setting off afterwards. The sportive has equally high production and rider experience values and differentiates its self from other Sportives in the UK.
The Tour of Cambridgeshire Sportive is completely unique in the UK, whereby it’s not just one of the flattest routes you’ll find in the UK but it’s also part of the UCI global series, Gran Fondo World Series.
ToC RidersThe Sportive route at the Tour of Cambridgeshire is 79.4 miles in distance, is held on fully closed roads and has a total climb of just 587 meters in total. The route takes in scenery around the Fens, which enables you to see for miles while enjoying a day in the saddle. Not sure if you’ll manage the full route distance? You’ve got the option of the Medio route which is 56 miles.

‘We pride ourselves in saying we’re in our fourth year of Tour of Cambridgeshire and after listening to all feedback from riders taking part in previous events, we can safely say this year is going to be the best yet!’ says Jess Lockhart of Golazo Cycling the organisers.

UCI Logo

The Tour of Cambridgeshire is the UK’s qualifier for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships; this series allows all riders, from those who just missed out on making it to a professional level, who have been competing for years for their club and those who are ex-pro’s, to those who are less competitive, love to get out on their bike or have just bought their first ever road bike, the chance to qualify and ride for their country at the World Championships for amateurs. There’s no other event in the UK that has this qualifier status.

Another difference is that the ToC Sportive is split into average speed start pens. This is a self-selecting option for all riders taking part, enabling riders with a similar ability to ride with one another. This allows those individuals with lots of experience or ride a lot faster to be segregated from those who may not be quite so confident or just starting out in the road cycling world.

The Sportive maximum field is 10,000, with it selling out every year. Our maximum number is significantly smaller than many other events to ensure the highest level of experience for you as a rider. ‘We believe that increasing numbers can deter from the top quality we aspire to and can really reduce that ‘special’ feel overall’ assets Lockhart.

The Tour of Cambridgeshire is a Festival dedicated to all types of cycling, whether it be road cycling, classic, gravel, folding or even family cycling. ‘Our aim is to bring everyone together and celebrate our love and passion. We welcome every rider who’s taking part in the Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival with open arms, as well as ensure you have the best experience ever, whether you’re completely new to it or you’ve been taking part in events for years’ Jess Lockhart confirms.

Find out more about how to get involved in the Tour of Cambridgeshire Sportive this summer time at www.tourofcambridgeshire.com.

RxSport Focus Week – Sweet Bike Helmets

Sweet Protection helmets represent the pinnacle of all-mountain protection. The selection may be limited but you can rest assured that the quality of the product is second to none. This means adjustable fitting systems, MIPS, lightweight construction, shatter resistant visors and full ventilation all coming as standard. And that’s not all! Browse the product range to learn more about why Sweet are helping to lead the way in mountain bike helmet design.

Mountain Biking Helmets (MTB)

Sweet are serious about protecting you from any impact, no matter the angle. This has meant integrating MIPS technology into every model. MIPS is designed to reduce violent forces exerted on the brain in certain impacts.

Conventional helmets offer minimal protection from rotational impact, which can cause the most injury to the brain. MIPS uses a low-friction membrance to dissipate this energy to enhance protection in oblique impacts.

Sweet Dissenter MIPS

Sweet Dissenter Helmet


The Dissenter rides hot on the heels of its bigger brothers in the Bushwhacker series. This model has stripped down functionality and comes in at a lower weight, but still packs a spicy punch. Beneath the Dissenter’s low-profile in-mold shell you’ll find MIPS as standard, a fully adjustable fitting system and aerodynamic ventilation channels.

Sweet Dissenter MIPS – £116.99

Sweet Bushwhacker II MIPS

Sweet Bushwhacker II



Designed as the ultimate go-to for enduro and trail riders, the Sweet Bushwhacker II is a formidable part of any serious mountain biker’s armoury. Brimming with tech including MIPS, an adjustable fit system and patent-pending ventilation methods, this lid will keep you safe cool and comfortable during even the toughest trails.

Sweet Bushwhacker II MIPS – £165.99

Sweet Bushwhacker II Carbon MIPS

Sweet Bushwhacker II Carbon

The Bushwhacker II Carbon MIPS takes the excellent build of the original Bushwhacker II and ratchets up strength with integrated carbon fibre shell elements. With an up to 15% improvement in protective capability, this model is suited to ambitious enduro riders taking on the most challenging trails.
Sweet Bushwhacker II Carbon MIPS – £209.99


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RxSport Focus Week – Giro Bike Helmets

Giro have led the way in head protection for decades, and their helmets are a common fixture in professional road cycling events year after year. Never one to shy away from pushing the envelope of technological advancement, Giro were one of the first brands to integrate MIPS technology into the majority of their designs, giving riders the added assurance of head protection from all angles.

We’re welcoming Giro cycle helmets back to RxSport in a small but fine-tuned range that offers something to riders of all abilities and levels of involvement, from enthusiasts to complete purists!

All of the helmets in our Giro range utilise Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology. Learn more about MIPS from Giro here.

Road Cycling Helmets

Giro have led the way in head protection for decades, and their helmets are a common fixture in professional road cycling events year after year.

Our selection of Giro’s road cycling helmets are all based on the architecture of the leading Synthe model, meaning you can ride with Giro’s sleek, trademark style no matter which option you end up going for!

Giro Foray HelmetGiro Foray MIPS

Drafting off the bold style of Giro’s flagship Synthe helmet, the Foray is a feature-packed design for road cycling enthusiasts. Its lightweight construction features ample ventilation to keep you cool on even the most challenging rides.
Giro Foray MIPS – £69.99

Giro Cinder Helmet

Giro Cinder MIPS

Based on the unmistakable aesthetic of Giro’s flagship Synthe helmet, the Cinder provides all the features an avid road rider wants in a lightweight package. No fewer than 26 aerodynamically optimised ventilation channels maintain airflow through the helmet while causing minimal drag.
Giro Cinder MIPS – £109.99

Giro Synthe HelmetGiro Synthe MIPS

Giro pulled out all the stops in their development of the Synthe – the ultimate all-rounder road cycling helmet design. Whether racing on flat terrain or climbing the Synthe excels in every capacity with the strength, light weight and comfort to outperform more specialised helmets by competitors.
Giro Synthe MIPS – £210.99

Mountain Biking Helmets (MTB)

Riders are taking to ever-challenging trails, pushing the limits of their equipment to new boundaries, and they demand more.

We stock two of Giro’s dirt helmets – the Chronicle and Montaro – each optimised for lightweight protection that brings you up and back down the mountain in comfort (and style!). Both designs offer the now-ubiquitous MIPS protection as standard, meaning you can ride with the further assurance of multi-directional impact protection.

Both the Montaro and Chronicle designs sport low-profile but deep coverage shapes, exhibiting a modern and streamlined style. POV Plus visors give the perfect finishing touch, and are fully adjustable too!

Giro Chronicle Helmet

Giro Chronicle MIPS

Giro designed the Chronicle to handle the swift meanders of the descents and toil of the climbs with ease. This is made possible thanks to an ultra-light, well ventilated design that still manages to provide excellent coverage, and even contains MIPS technology for the added assurance of added protection in oblique impacts.
Giro Chronicle MIPS – £85.99

Giro Montaro Helmet

Giro Montaro MIPS

The Giro Montaro MIPS is designed to be a faithful companion no matter where the trail takes you. Brimming with tech features including a removable camera mount, adjustable visor and fully adjustable fitting system – the fact this design can weigh in at just 370 grams is nothing short of incredible!
Giro Montaro MIPS – £125.99

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The F1 season is back!

It’s that time of year again… The new cars have been revealed, new technologies and rules introduced and the anticipation of who’s going to come out on top is starting to brew.

Exciting things to look for in 2018

New season, new logo…

F1 Logo New and OldThe logo was launched at the end of 2017 and has been dividing fans ever since. The new F1 logo has been met with an unsure reaction. The previous iconic design has been replaced by a new sleeker, tighter structure, that Liberty Media claim is to represent ‘the start of a new era’. We’re still unsure, but feel it will grow on us as the season progresses. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Introducing Halo…

F1 Halo

It’s a device mounted above the cockpit designed to protect the driver’s head from impact. Clearly, something was needed but there is no denying the halo is a function of safety rather than a triumph of aesthetics. Or that it is almost-universally disliked by the fans. One big issue many are raising is in regards to visibility, not for the driver, but for the fans. How easy will it be for them to spot their drivers helmet and therefore tell them apart at speed from their team mate? Maybe the Halo’s could carry a livery similar to the drivers helmet?

Three drivers on the cusp of hitting 100 podiums

It’s innevitable that Sebastian Vettel will hit his 100th (needing only 1 more) podium in 2018, but the question is… will Fernando Alonso (only needs 3 more) or Kimi Raikkonen (needs 9 more) hit this milestone too? Only time will tell… They could all join the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher.

Fans will be watching Alonso’s Renault-powered car closely to see if it packs the power needed to be competing at the top end of the grid. With 21 races this season, the milestone is certainly achievable for all 3 drivers.

Alonso hitting 300 race starts

2018 should be the year that Fernando Alonso hits 300 race starts, making him only the fourth driver to do so. Could he join Rubens Barrichello, Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button.

Will the newly Renault-powered car provide Alonso with everything he needs this season? Alonso has already admitted that during winter testing he felt the car was not ready to compete with Ferrari or Mercedes, but that it could well be in a few races time… We wait and watch with anticipation.

Could Hamilton or Vettel making it five championship titles?

By Morio - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=63879369

Juan Manuel Fangio’s record of five world titles stood untouched for 45 years, that was until Michael Schumacher came along. Schumacher hit five world titles back in 2002 before raising the bar yet further in ‘03 and ‘04. Could 2018 be the year that another driver joins the duo in the exclusive ‘five titles or more club’? Both Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are only one title away and judging by Mercedes and Ferrari’s respective pre-season showing, both should be in the mix for world championship contention once again this year.

Could Mercedes win five years in a row

Mercedes have set the benchmark since F1 switched to V6 turbo hybrid engines in 2014, winning four consecutive drivers’ champions, and four constructors’ titles.. This is something three other teams have achieved previously, but if they can achieve a fifth, they join a club that currently has only one member… Ferrari.

Eyewear In F1

Oakley were one of the first brands to truly break into the F1 market and start appearing throughout the paddocks, Ray-Ban were hot to follow. Ray-Ban are one of Ferrari’s most prominent livery sponsors to this day. This being said, we stock a huge range of glasses that we feel would look perfectly at home on any race-day grid…


The 2018 Cycling Season Is Here!

As we begin to put away our skis and snowboards, we are now looking forward to more time out on the bike. 2018 is set to be another fantastic year for cyclists and cycling fans.

In this blog we’re taking a quick look at just some of the exciting events coming up over the next few months.

We have hardcore cyclists here and also a few fair weather riders so we cover every basis on that front. But no matter what type of cyclist they are, everyone has their favourite races. Here’s a selection of a few of our favourites that are coming up….

Paris Roubaix LogoParis Raubaix
Where: France
When: Sunday, April 7 2018

There’s few races that come close to Paris-Roubaix in the professional cycling calendar. There are plenty of long races in the calendar, and many that include the odd patch of cobblestones, but none compare in sheer difficulty or uniqueness to Paris-Roubaix.

Not only are there a lot of cobbles (54.5km for those who love stats), but they’re also on a whole different level to those we see at the likes of Tour of Flanders.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Dimension Data and EF Education First-Drapac!


Tour de Yorkshire LogoTour De Yorkshire
Where: Yorkshire
When: 3-6 May 2018

The fourth edition of the race sees it gain an extra day, rising from three to four stages. The Women’s TdY also gains a day, and will take place over two stages (May 3-4).

A race made up of 20 teams. Six WorldTour, seven Pro Continental teams, six Continental teams and the Great Britain National Team making up the 20 teams.

Tour of Britain LogoTour of Britain
Where: Across Britain
When: 2-9 September 2018

The Tour of Britain returns for 2018, starting on September 2 it hopes for big crowds as it sweeps across the UK.

They’re yet to announce the route and stage overview, but we’ll update this as soon as we here more.

Tour of Cambridgeshire
Where: Cambridgeshire
When: 2nd-3rd June 2018

RxSport – Official Eyewear Partner

The Tour of Cambridgeshire is one of the hottest events on the sporting calendar, especially in our local area. It’s combines the UK’s first true, fully closed road Gran Fondo and Chrono events, which are part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series. Should you finish the ride in the top 25% of your Age Group you could go on to represent your country in the UCI GF World Championships, which are being held in Varese, Italy in 2018.

As an official partner of the Tour of Cambridgeshire, RxSport are offering all registered riders a unique discount on their RxSport orders. Simply get in touch with us once you’re signed up to find out more, or visit www.TourofCambridgeshire.com

le Tour de Frane LogoTour de France
Where: France
When: 7-29 July 2018

Running from Saturday July 7th to Sunday July 29th 2018, the 105th Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,329 kilometres.

The route this year looks to be quite a special one!

The stages will include:

  • 8 flat stages
  • 5 hilly stages
  • 6 mountain stages and 3 altitude finishes (La Rosière, Alpe d’Huez, Saint-Lary-Soulan col de Portet)
  • 1 individual time-trial
  • 1 team time-trial
  • 2 much needed rest days


Cycling Sunglasses

RxSport are Europe’s leading sports eyewear specialists, therefore we have a huge selection of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses available to you. Whether you’re looking for cycling specific, or maybe something a little more lifestyle orientated, why not check out our site now www.RxSport.co.uk


Dirty Dog Sunglasses

Dirty Dog Sunglasses

Founded in 1988 in New Zealand, Dirty Dog is a brand with pedigree in the extreme sports market, making tried and tested products for use by mountain bikers, road cyclists, surfers, paragliders and yachters – to name but a few!

Dirty Dog frames come in a wide range of shapes from flatter fashion designs to wrapped shades perfect for sport. Glare-blocking polarised lenses are readily available on most models. Wetglass frames are perfect for all water-based sports.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest products available from Dirty Dog!


Brand New For 2018!
The Noise sports an angular rectangular shape for those not afraid to make a style statement! Polarised lenses as standard make this design a sure-fire hit for this summer. See the two brand new colourways for the Noise range here.


Dirty Dog have raised the bar again! Introducing the Dirty Dog Clank sunglasses; a ground breaking new shape, and all the latest Dirty Dog technologies allow everyone to attain sunglasses of the highest standard. See the full Clank range here.


The retro-inspired finish of the Dirty Dog Monza is a sure hit, offering throwback style with the comfort of cutting-edge technology to make a winning combination. See the full Monza range here.


Sporting timeless style thanks to a square lens shape and throwback keyhole bridge, the Dirty Dog Ranger was purpose-built for laid-back summer days! Polarised lenses come as standard for enhanced lens clarity and vision comfort. See the full Ranger range here.

Sport Ecco

Perfect for a small to medium fit, the durable Dirty Dog Sport Ecco sunglasses combine a 100% memory frame and special vents for added performance to allow you to be the best at your game! See the full Sport Ecco range here.

Sport Hub

The Dirty Dog Sport Hub offers complete UV protection as standard contained with in a lightweight wrap-around frame. Rubber nose pads and temple tips will provide extra grip. The Sport hub are designed to be superior in comfort and fit in high performance sporting conditions. See the full Sport Hub range here.


Get Dirty Dog In Prescription

Most of our Dirty Dog range is available with made-to-order prescription lenses, available in a wide range of lens tints including polarised and photochromic lenses.

Starting at £149.99 there are fewer brands that compete with Dirty Dog.

Find out more about Dirty Dog Prescription Sunglasses

Tour of Cambridgeshire – Official Eyewear Partner

RxSport – The Eyewear Partner For The Tour of Cambridgeshire 2018

RxSport, Europe’s leading sports eyewear specialists are thrilled to announce their partnership with Tour of Cambridgeshire.

Established in 2005, RxSport is an online retailer of the highest quality sports sunglasses, goggles and helmets found anywhere on the planet. We’ve handpicked the best offerings from the world’s leading brands, such as Oakley, adidas, Rudy Project, Bolle, POC, Tifosi and more, allowing us to

What is the Tour of Cambridgeshire?
It’s combines the UK’s first true, fully closed road Gran Fondo and Chrono events, which are part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series. Should you finish the ride in the top 25% of your Age Group you could go on to represent your country in the UCI GF World Championships, which are being held in Varese, Italy in 2018.

The event is held on fully closed roads and is the home of the first ever authentic continental style Gran Fondo mass participation race and ride on English shores. Whether you want to race or to be part of UK cycling history by having a leisurely ride on closed roads, you can participate and feel the experience of a pro rider.

“RxSport are very excited to be involved in the Tour of Cambridgeshire. It’s an event we’ve watched grow and are proud to be involved for 2018. Cycling is a huge part of our business and we are very passionate about helping cyclists see clearly and stay safe on the road.” says Gareth Ford, Digital Marketing Manager at RxSport.
Find out more about the Tour of Cambridgeshire – www.tourofcambridgeshire.com/

Oakley Helmets – Heading To The Peloton

Oakley has set the standard as the choice of champion athletes for decades. Drawing acclaim for its groundbreaking eyewear, and more recently its advanced line of snow helmets, attention has turned to the road with a selection of cycling helmets which set the standard for premium protection on two wheels.

With Oakley first announcing their line-up of cycling helmets back at EuroBike 2017 we’ve been excited for them to arrive at RxSport. The range includes three models, each designed for a different discipline. Whether you’re a beginner, sportive rider, sprinter, climber or you’re all about aero… You’re covered with the Oakley ARO range.

You may have already spotted Team Dimension Data sporting the Oakley helmets in the Abu Dhabi Tour and that’s a sign of just some of the pro testing that these helmets went through. Team Dimension Data were heavily involved in the R&D of the entire Oakley ARO range alongside some big Olympic and Triathlete names. These include Olympic Gold medallist and two-time Ironman World Champion Jan Frodeno and Ironman 70.3 World Champion Holly Lawrence. These pro triathletes are currently racing in the Oakley ARO7 and training in Oakley’s ARO5.

Safety is a major part of the entire ARO make up with all helmets in the line-up being both Boa and MIPS equipped. Therefore you can be guaranteed all the quality, without unnecessary weight. Weights range from 295g to 410g.


The ARO7 is Oakley’s top of the line aero cycling helmet which is designed for events such as triathlons and road time trials.

The helmet comes with 2 lenses/ visors, a clear visor and one using Oakley’s Prizm Road technology. The lenses attach directly to the helmet using magnets which makes changing lenses a breeze. If Oakley’s Prizm skiing goggles and sports sunglasses are anything to go by, this visor will prove to be a game changer for TT riders and their vision.

Oakley uses the Boa FS1-1 dial retention system across all three ARO models. They have designed the Boa system to use an ultra thin lace which is said to reduce pressure on a rider’s temple. Although this might look a little thin, it’s strong.

The ARO7 includes MIPs technology to help reduce or eliminate brain damage should a cycling accident occur while using the helmet. Find out more about MIPS here.
The shape is far less extreme than other TT helmets we’ve seen before as Oakley haven’t gone with a traditional fin design, however with their extensive wind tunnel and pro rider testing you can rest assured it’s set to be a very aerodynamic and fast helmet. This helmet is currently available in either black or white.

View the full range of Oakley ARO7 Helmets available at RxSport



In terms of aero dynamics, Oakley’s ARO5 is a step down from the ARO7. The ARO5 may not be fitted with an inbuilt visor, but the helmet has been designed to fit seamlessly with your glasses. It even includes a dedicated docking system for your eyewear, allowing you to attach your sunglasses to the front of your helmet.

Oakley say it’s design and engineering teams have taken many factors into consideration when designing the ARO5. One of these being that many cyclists ride with their head down, rather than forward. This information helped shape the ARO5 helmet and ensure it’s as aero as possible in this position. The ARO5 is Oakley’s MIPS equipped, all-round, aero-optimised, everyday lid and shares the same Boa retention system that is used on the ARO7.

The helmet doesn’t include integrated optics, but its shape is said to work seamlessly with Oakley’s shades, with a “dedicated eyewear dock” that looks a little similar to POC’s Eye Garage.

The helmet is available in a range of different colours, so you should have no issues matching your kit, which as we all know, is crucial to performance!

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The ARO3 is Oakley’s least expensive, yet most ventilated helmet design. Perfect for both climbers, and the budget conscious.

Similar to the ARO5, the ARO3 increases the venting with larger cooling ports. Like the ARO5, the ARO3 comes with Oakley’s eyewear docking system, Boa FS1-1 dial retention system and MIPs.

The ARO3 shares many design aspects with the ARO5, but it optimises ventilation above everything else. It does lose some of the aero styling, but they say this helmet is focused towards the climbers, where ventilation is more important than aero dynamics.

The helmet shares the same retention system and glasses dock as the ARO5. Likewise, it is also available in a range of different colours.
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