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Oakley Crowbar Ski Goggles - Jet Black / Fire Iridium

Oakley Crowbar Ski Goggles - Jet Black / Fire Iridium

SKU: 02-853

RRP: £120.00


    • Increased lens sizing for greater visual range
    • O Matter strap clips, so you can wear it with or without a helmet
    • Oakley F3 Anti-fog treated
    • Plutonite lens material provides 100% protection against UV and harmful blue light
    • Designed for medium to large faces

    Our View: A genuinely top-quality pair of ski and snowboard goggles, the Oakley Crowbar goggles are fast becoming an Oakley institution. Optimised for medium size faces, the Oakley Crowbar takes goggle technology to the highest elevation of performance!

    Oakley Ski Goggles Plutonite® Lens Tints

    Plutonite® Lens Material: Lightweight Plutonite® lens material offers superior comfort, clarity and protection against impact and ultraviolet radiation. Maintaining the proven safety characteristics of Oakley eyewear, the impact-resistant material blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light. Plutonite® is the only lens material able to achieve the performance standards required by the digital design and production technologies utilised by the company.

    Bright Sun / Bluebird Lenses

    Fire Iridium Specifications  
    Oakley Fire Iridium Medium to bright light. Improves visual acuity. Features an Iridium® coating to further tune contrast and reduce glare. Light Transmission:
    Protection Index:
    Neutral / Contrast:
    Medium to bright light

    The problem with goggle straps is that they put all the pressure in one place. The Oakley Crowbar goggles are engineered with outriggers that spread the pressure around. You'll have an evenly balanced fit with the comfort of triple-layer fleece foam that wicks away sweat during all-out sessions. The Crowbar goggles have O Matter strap clips, so you can wear it with or without a helmet. This performer is made for medium to large faces.


    • Streamlined frame design for expanded peripheral vision
    • Rigid O Matter® strap outriggers optimize fit, with or without a helmet
    • Matte textured inner frame surface for glare reduction
    • Injection-molded Plutonite® lens material provides 100% protection against UVA / UVB / UVC & harmful blue light up to 400nm
    • Fog elimination through dual-vented lens with F3 Anti-Fog coating.


    • O-Flow Arch™ allows for easy breathing and unrestricted airflow
    • Flexible O Matter® chassis conforms to your face comfortably, even in extreme cold

    Oakley Goggles Lens Technology

    Lenses on Oakley goggles are designed to be dependable in all conditions by providing physical protection from impact, visual protection from damaging light, clarity with precise optics and an eclectic selection of lens tints designed to suit all conditions. Top that all off with a range of anti-fogging measures and you're left with a premium winter sports experience.

    High Definition Optics

    Oakley Goggles Technology - High Definition Optics

    HDO gives your eyes a truer picture of the world, virtually free of distortion and honed with the precision of patented technologies that mantain razor-sharp clarity at all angles of view.

    Impact Protection

    Oakley Goggles Technology - Impact Protection

    Visual impact isn't just about looks. Oakley's goggles lenses meet and exceed ANSI impact-resistance standards in both high-speed and high-mass tests, ensuring no breakage when this equipment is pushed to its limits.

    Performance Lens Tints

    Oakley Goggles Technology - Performance Lens Tints

    These lens tints are engineered to offer the best blend of light filtering, colour balance and visual contrast. Visibility on the mountain can vary wildly. Oakley offers a comprehensive choice of performance lenses designed to tune, contrast and balance light transmission. Iridium-coated and polarised lenses add further levels of performance.


    Oakley Goggles Technology - Anti-Fog

    Oakley uses special coatings to prevent lens fog from compromising performance. Plutonite lenses are optimised with Oakley F3 anti-fog coating, allowing the inner lens to absorb a minimum of 2ml of moisture. Lexan lenses use Oakley F2 anti-fog coating, developed specifically for cylindrical lens geometry.

    Oakley Goggles Frame Technology

    Frames are what keep the goggle together. Inherently functional, Oakley have taken their design to the next level with innovations which improve fit, comfort and versatility.

    O-Flow Arch

    Oakley Goggles Technology - O-Flow Arch

    Patented technology with a discreet rigid structure molded into the chassis, spanning the nasal area. Enhanced structural support eliminates hot spots and opens up breathability through the nose. A soft and pliable chassis material around the whole faceplate conforms for great comfort and fit. The O-Flow arch can be found on all Oakley goggles models.

    Helmet Compatability

    Oakley Goggles Technology - Helmet Compatability

    These goggles are designed to work in harmony with a range of helmets. Strap attachment points are specially engineered outrigger mounts, evenly distributing pressure across the whole goggle chassis. Triple silicone beads on the inner strap hold it in place securely. Full 360° venting ensures optimum airflow to reduce fog buildup.


    Oakley Goggles Technology - Fit & Comfort

    Oakley goggles are developed with computer-aided design to ensure a true anatomical fit. Durable yet lightweight frame materials are designed to keep flexibility in extreme cold while retaining impact resistance. These goggles provide a continuous seal to lock out the elements while wicking moisture away from the skin.

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