POC Coron Air SPIN Mountain Bike Helmet

POC Coron Air SPIN Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Construction Fully wrapped unibody shell construction with high performance PC shell
  • Features Helmet integrated with patent pending SPIN (Shearing Pad Inside) pads
  • Certification EN 1078, CPSC 12.03, ASTM F1952
  • Venting 18 unique ventilation channels for maximum airflow
  • Fit Simple and effective buckle fastening system with removable padding
  • Weight 1170g (medium size)

Our View

Designed to offer premium protection for a range of MTB disciplines; from crushing downhill trails to riding enduro, the Coron Air SPIN is a must have. POC's legendary status as one of the world's leading manufacturers of helmets and safety products is shown in the plethora of premium features found in the stylish lid.

POC's View

The Coron Air SPIN has been designed to deliver performance protection all day long. Taking POC’s whole-helmet approach to design and construction to deliver superior levels of comfort, fit and performance, the Coron Air SPIN features optimized ventilation channels to ensure airflow is maximized at both low and high speeds, making it ideal for all-day use, especially during transfers between Enduro stages.

POC Coron Air SPIN Helmet


  • Multi-impact EPP liner
  • Fibreglass shell construction
  • SPIN technology
  • Break Away visor
  • Emergency removable cheek pads
  • Ear chambers for improved hearing
  • Seamless fit with POC MTB goggles
  • Innovative air flow and vent design
  • Optimized protection and easy breathing Chin Bar
  • Buckle fastening system
  • Certification: EN 1078, CPSC 12.03, ASTM F1952
  • Weight: 1170 grams (medium size)
  • Safety Technology


    A silicone gel-like membrane inside the pad forms the basis of the SPIN (Shearing Pad INside) technology. It is just one of POC's technologies that forms a whole-helmet approach that is always taken when creating head protection.

    Breakaway Peak

    Breakaway peak designed to break off in the case of an impact to protect the risk of injury to the rider’s neck.

    Emergency Cheekpads

    Emergency removable cheek pads for added security in the case of a head or neck injury so the helmet can be safely removed without further damage and injury.

    Fit & Comfort Technology

    POC Unique Ventilation

    Superior passive ventilation channels across the lid offer maximum airflow whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the helmet.

    Seamless Compatability

    Designed alongside POC's Ora MTB goggle to ensure a precise and seamless fit for added comfort and ventilation performance.


    Designed with an advanced fibreglass shell and an EPP liner to allow for all-day comfort in the saddle whether riding Downhill or Enduro.

    Fitting dimensions for the POC Coron Air SPIN are as follows:

    55cm - 58cm
    59cm - 62cm
    Sizes: M-L
    Sizes: M-L , XL-XXL
    Sizes: M-L , XL-XXL