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POC Ventral Air SPIN Road Bike Helmet

POC Ventral Air SPIN Road Bike Helmet

  • Road cycling helmet with ultra-light construction, designed to optimise aerodynamic flow
  • Excellent choice for challenging climbs and longer rides in hot weather
  • SPIN pads within the helmet shear to provide added protection in oblique impacts
  • Fully adjustable fitting system allows for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Certification: CE EN1078; Weight: 230g

Our View: A further refinement of POC's groundbreaking Ventral design, the Ventral Air SPIN bike helmet optimises airflow at both high and low speeds, reducing drag while maximising cooling for effective, comfortable protection for road cyclists on challenging climbs or rides in hot weather. SPIN (Shearing Pads INside) technology within the absorbs rotational energy to provide an additional aspect of impact protection.

"Winner of the coveted Design and Innovation Award 2019, the Ventral Air SPIN works to enhance a riders aerodynamic profile and minimize drag. Specific airflow zones enhance ventilation and cooling, while the aerodynamically optimized trailing edge reduces turbulence." - POC

  • High performance EPS liner
  • Outer polycarbonate shell
  • Unibody shell construction
  • Ventilated design
  • Innovative internal airflow design
  • SPIN impact protection system
  • Size adjustment system
  • Ergonomic precision strap design
  • Straps moulded into liner
  • Integrated eye garage
  • Certification: EN 1078
  • Weight: 230 grams (medium size)
  • Includes microfibre helmet bag
  • Includes removable helmet padding

POC Helmet Technology - SPIN

SPIN Technology

Unique to POC's leading helmets, SPIN (Shearing Pads Inside) is an advanced technology designed to provide an additional aspect of protection to the brain in the event of rotational impact.

SPIN pads sit directly against the user’s head and can shear in any direction, allowing the helmet to move relative to the head which can reduce the force transmitted to the brain during an oblique impact.

POC SPIN Technology - Introduction

POC Helmet Technology - SPIN Before Impact

Before Impact

When the helmet is worn a SPIN helmet will feel like any other helmet. In the event of a direct impact the SPIN pads will function as any other impact-absorbent liner, and compress to absorb impact energy.

POC Helmet Technology - SPIN After Impact

After Impact

In the event of oblique impact the SPIN pads will work to dissipate rotational energy by shearing and allowing the head a degree of movement relative to the helmet, reducing the risk of brain rotation.

POC Helmet Technology - Ventral Features

Aerodynamic Design

Fundamental to the Ventral’s aerodynamic performance is the unique design and the precise size and angles of its frontal air intakes which capture and lead air through the helmet, instead of around it.

By channeling the air through internal channels, the Ventral reduces drag. Air flowing over and around the helmet is managed by an optimized trailing edge, which reduces turbulence and maintains a linear airflow.

POC Ventral Technology - Aerodynamic Design

POC Helmet Technology - Other Features

Other Helmet Features

POC Helmet Technology - SPIN Before Impact

Fully-Wrapped Unibody Shell

For a premium finish that improves the structural integrity of the design, this helmet uses a one-piece, fully-wrapped polycarbonate shell.

POC Helmet Technology - SPIN After Impact

Lightweight Strap Webbing

In order to trim away all excess weight, the strap is formed of a single, secure webbing providing a secure fit without adding unnecessary weight.

POC Helmet Technology - SPIN After Impact

Size Adjustment System

For the most comfortable and secure fit possible, POC utilise an adjustable system providing one of the highest degrees of adjustability on the market.

POC Helmet Technology - SPIN Before Impact

Helmet Ventilation

POC's unique ventilation design maximises airflow through the helmet and minimises drag, all without compromising on protection.

POC Helmet Technology - SPIN After Impact

Moulded Strap Anchors

Straps are securely moulded into the helmet shell to enhance strength and improve the overall look of the helmet design.

POC Helmet Technology - SPIN After Impact

Eye Garage

This helmet is designed to accommodate a pair of sunglasses within the frontal vents when not being worn on the face, for convenient and secure storage.

Fitting dimensions for the POC Ventral Air SPIN are as follows:

54cm - 59cm
Sizes: M
Sizes: M , L