Smith Mainline MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet

Smith Mainline MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Construction Lightweight in-mold shell with complete Koroyd ventilated impact absorber
  • Features MIPS provides protection from rotational brain injury in oblique impacts
  • Certification CE EN 1078, CPSC & ASTM F1952 downhill certified
  • Venting 21 ventilation channels and AirEvac ventilation
  • Fit Includes three washable cheek pad kits for a finely tuned fit
  • Weight 770 grams (medium size)

Our View

The Mainline features the Smith technology we've come to know and love and introduces it to the downhill and enduro market. Manufactured for speed and airflow, the Mainline features complete Koroyd coverage for energy absorption and added ventilation.

Smith's View

Made for going big, going fast, or both, the Smith Mainline is our pinnacle, downhill certified enduro bike helmet. Safety innovations like Koroyd™ and MIPS® provide energy-absorbing impact protection so you have the confidence to get aggressive on the trail.

Smith Mainline MIPS Bike Helmet


  • Lightweight Aerocore In-Mold Construction
  • Ventilated Protection Featuring Koroyd
  • Downhill certified
  • MIPS System available as standard
  • 21 Optimised Vents
  • Hybrid X-Static anti-bacterial performance pads
  • AirEvac Ventilation
  • Adjustable Visor
  • Camera/Light mount-ready (sold separately)
  • Ultimate Goggle Integration
  • Certification: CPSC, CE EN 1078 & ASTM F1952
  • Weight: 770 grams (medium size)
  • Aerocore Technology

    The design philosophy behind Aerocore circulation is to increase airflow and improve temperature regulation, resulting in fog-free vision and improved impact resistance. These goals were achieved through the use of Koroyd, a material that absorbs more energy upon impact when compared to international standards, while enhancing airflow. Aerocore construction allows for more vents to be placed throughout the helmet with no compromise on protection or comfort.

    Smith Aerocore Technology - Engineered Absorption

    Engineered Absorption

    Koroyd's precise and unique thermal welding process leads to a structure with both extremely efficient energy absorption properties. Upon impact, the cores crush in a controlled manner, decelerating the energy from the impact and reducing the final trauma levels.

    Essilor Lens Technology - Engineered Protection

    Engineered Protection

    Thousands of co-polymer extruded tubes thermally welded to create a consistent and fully engineered core. Each Koroyd section is engineered to precise durometer, size, and thickness specifications to provide the greatest impact resistance and consistent presentation.

    Essilor Lens Technology - Full Breathability

    Full Breathability

    Koroyd is fully breathable with no compromise on impact performance. The open cell structure allows cool air in while exhausting hot air. This construction integrates with internal channels to create the full Aerocore construction to provide ventilated protection.

    Helmet Technology

    Smith Cycle Helmet Technology - MIPS


    Angled impact creates rotational forces. A helmet integrating MIPS creates a sliding layer between the helmet and the head. This allows the helmet's shell to slide relative to the head when hitting the ground.

    This reduces the rotational forces exterted on the head, reducing the potential to damage your brain. This diagram shows the potential for MIPS to reduce violent forces on the brain in certain impacts.

    Other Helmet Features

    Hybrid X-Static Anti-Bacterial Performance Padding

    The helmet padding boasts excellent moisture-wicking properties to draw sweat away from the head, improving heat exchange and comfort. Interwoven with anti-bacterial silver fibres, the lining is also odour-resistant.

    D-ring Chin Strap

    The d-ring chin strap keeps the helmet snug and secure. Used on top end Enduro and Downhill helmets, the D-Ring fastener is among the safest methods of securing a helmet strap.

    Integrated Camera and Light Mounts

    Suited for adhesive or mechanical attachment. Mount options available for Light in Motion lights and GoPro cameras to let you ride in low light or record every second of your rides. Mount kit sold separately.

    AirEvac Ventilation

    Ventilation channels are placed throughout the helmet shell, positioned to maximise airflow through the helmet when on the move, allowing cool air in and exhausting warm air out to boost comfort during exertion.

    Ultimate Goggle Integration

    Eyewear and helmets need to integrate first and foremost when worn together. For long climbs or post-ride chats, Smith have ensure that their range of MTB goggles fit seamlessly with this helmet to ensure maximum ventilation.

    Adjustable Visor

    This adjustable visor offers 15 degrees of up/down adjustability, full ventilation and reduced weight to avoid helmet "bounce" that can occur with large visors. Blocks sunlight to the eyes and allows for easy goggle use.

    Fitting dimensions for the Smith Mainline MIPS are as follows:

    55cm - 59cm
    59cm - 62cm
    Sizes: M , L
    Sizes: M , L
    Sizes: L
    Sizes: M , L