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Sweet Bike Helmets

Sweet Bike Helmets

Nested within the unassuming Norwegian commune of Trysil you'll find a collective of skiers, riders, cyclists and paddlers who have made it their passion to protect you. Trysil is found where civilisation meets the wilderness - the landscape is rugged and unforgiving, the winters are brutal and the summer days are long. There's no better place to set up camp and dedicate yourself to crafting protective wear fit for those truly passionate about enjoying the outdoors to its fullest potential. Just like Trysil, this selection of helmets is small, but the passion for protection integral to Sweet's heritage is exhibited perfectly.


Sweet was founded in 2000 by a group of action sport enthusiasts, collaborating with Terje Håkonsen to develop protective winter wear. In 2003 they made their first ISPO appearance and won the Brand New Award for best newcomer.


The centrepiece of the range is the Bushwhacker's Carbon edition, which integrates carbon fibre elements into its shell for unmatched strength. Sweet are serious about protection from all angles, so MIPS comes as standard on all helmets.


Low-profile and understated designs with an inimitable style let fellow riders know you're wearing the best. Those familiar with Sweet's ski helmets will notice the same iconic "S" pattern integrated into the top shell of the Bushwhacker designs.

Sweet Protection helmets represent the pinnacle of all-mountain protection. The selection may be limited but you can rest assured that the quality of the product is second to none. This means adjustable fitting systems, MIPS, lightweight construction, shatter resistant visors and full ventilation all coming as standard. And that's not all! Browse the product range to learn more about why Sweet are helping to lead the way in mountain bike helmet design.

Sweet Mountain Bike Helmets - Dissenter


Advanced technology, lightweight package

This is your entry into the Sweet MTB helmet line. Sweet's aim was to make their advanced technology available at a competitive price point. No compromises, simply premium protection in a lightweight package.

The result was the Dissenter. Using a lightweight in-mold single piece shell, you'll find features in this design that can only be found in premium designs penned by other manufacturers. What's not to love?

The Bushwhacker II kicks things up a gear with a cutting-edge, five-piece in-mold shell using various shell thicknesses to trim down weight where protection is less essential while buffing it up where it matters most.

In the Carbon edition additional elements of carbon fibre panelling have been added - these boost the protective capabilities of the design by up to 15%. This is the master of even the toughest trails!

Smith Mountain Bike Helmets - Bushwhacker


Next-generation, all-mountain protection

Smith Mountain Bike Helmets - MIPS


The multi-directional impact protection system

Sweet are serious about protecting you from any impact, no matter the angle. This has meant integrating MIPS technology into every model. MIPS is designed to reduce violent forces exerted on the brain in certain impacts.

Conventional helmets offer minimal protection from rotational impact, which can cause the most injury to the brain. MIPS uses a low-friction membrane to dissipate this energy to enhance protection in oblique impacts.

Sweet Bushwhacker II Carbon MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet
Sweet Bushwhacker II Carbon MIPS
Sweet Dissenter MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet
Sweet Dissenter MIPS