Sweet Dissenter MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet

Sweet Dissenter MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Construction In-mold polycarbonate shell construction with EPS liner
  • Features MIPS provides protection from rotational brain injury in oblique impacts
  • Certification CE EN 1078, CPSC 1203
  • Venting Digital Optimised Venting with 13 fixed STACC Vents
  • Fit Occigrip turn-dial adjustable fitting system
  • Weight 330 grams (M/L size)

Our View

The Dissenter rides hot on the heels of its bigger brothers in the Bushwhacker series. This model has stripped down functionality and comes in at a lower weight, but still packs a spicy punch. Beneath the Dissenter's low-profile in-mold shell you'll find MIPS as standard, a fully adjustable fitting system and aerodynamic ventilation channels.

Sweet's View

The Dissenter is a bang for the buck helmet, benefiting massively from research and development on our high-end helmets. A single-piece polycarbonate shell, in-mould technology and Sweet Protection´s proven geometry combine to provide all-mountain coverage in a low weight, low profile package. This version is equipped with MIPS for extra brain protection.

Sweet Dissenter MIPS Bike Helmet


  • In-Mold Construction
  • Mono Shell Technology
  • Integrated MIPS technology
  • EPS Liner
  • Superficial Temporal Artery Cooling Channel
  • DOV: Digital Optimised Venting
  • Molded Comfort Pads
  • Adjustable Visor
  • Shatter-Resistant Visor
  • Certification: CE EN 1078, CPSC 1203
  • Weight: 360 grams (M/L size)
  • MIPS Technology

    MIPS Technology

    MIPS: Multi-Directional Impact Protection System

    The MIPS Brain Protection System is a helmet integrated, low friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head.

    Injury statistics show that when you fall and hit your head, it’s most common to fall at an angle, compared to a linear fall. Falling at an angle creates rotational motion and science has shown that our brains are very sensitive to rotational forces. MIPS allows the head to move inside the helmet which can reduce the harmful rotational motion otherwise transferred to the brain.

    Fitting dimensions for the Sweet Dissenter MIPS are as follows:

    56cm - 59cm
    59cm - 61cm
    Sizes: M/L