RxSport will talk you through every element of your ideal eyewear for climbing.

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Full-frame Wraparound

Full-frame Wraparound

By following the contour of your head, a full wrap will provide the ultimate protection from the sun, no matter what altitude you reach. By surrounding the lens, you will also afford the maximum protection to the lens with the inevitable knocks and slips.

Tech Features

Frame & Lenses


Directly glazed and inserts are equally popular for climbers. The direct glaze option is the cleanest, most straight forward approach.

The insert approach allows greater flexibility to switch the outer lenses to match the conditions (also available on some direct glaze products). The insert also opens up some of the most extreme wraps and technical 'goggle-like' products.

Varifocals are an option on most of the products we offer, and are ideal for those who need to read maps, and focus on ropes and carabiners up close.
Climbing Sunglasses Tech Features

Lens Simulator

Below you can take a look at the effect of different lens colours for climbing.

Drag the slider to view more of the image with your chosen lens colour.

Naked Eye
Selected Lens
GREY - Neutral lens tint, ideal for very bright days.
BROWN - A lens for bright conditions, but with added contrast enhancement. As such, we would recommend it over grey. The contrast enhancement improves versatility, so you will be able to use this in partial cloud cover too.
VERMILLION - A rose lens is a good all-rounder, for changeable conditions. The vermilion hue enhances contrast and improves depth perception. Another recommended lens for most conditions, including snow.
ORANGE - A low light lens, with some added flexibility for slightly brighter conditions. The brightening effect will help to enhance contrast on overcast days.
YELLOW - A true low light lens, yellow is a more extreme version of orange. The brightening effect under dark skies and around snow is popular, but yellow struggles with any brightness.

Recommended Products

Climbing Sunglasses

adidas Tycane Pro Outdoor

High-wrap frame with detachable foam surround.

Julbo Explorer 2.0

Available with Cat 4 lenses, perfect for mountaineering.

Bolle Cobalt

Stylish design with removable side shields.

Julbo Vermont Classic

Traditional-style glacier glasses.

Wiley X Gravity

Detachable foam gasket to protect from the elements.

Julbo Camino

Lightweight and comfortable yet durable design.

Oakley Field Jacket

Large lenses give excellent eye coverage.

Rudy Project Sintryx

Available with bonus low-light lenses.

Smith Attack Max

Adapt to changing light with Pivlock technology.

Julbo Cham

Metal-framed mountaineering sunglasses.

Nike Traverse

Tough full-rim frame design.

Smith Rebound

Contrast-boosting ChromaPop lenses accentuate terrain.

Tifosi Amok

Ample lens ventilation reduces fogging risk.

Wiley X Compass

Halfrim design with foam gasket surround.

Tifosi Crit

Halfrim design with wide lens coverage.