RxSport will talk you through every element of your ideal eyewear for use whilst out fishing.

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Full-frame Wraparound

Full-frame Wraparound

Ideal for open-water fishing. By following the contour of your head, a full wrap will provide the ultimate protection from direct sun rays and reflected light from the surface of the water. The full frame also maximises protection from wind and spray. It is worth considering a frame with thick temples to maximise protection.

Semi-rimless Wraparound

Semi-rimless Wraparound

Suitable for shallow water/river fishing. The open lens design will help when tracking fish in shallow water, and when baiting a hook.

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Directly glazed lenses are the preferred choice, as they stop water getting trapped between lens and insert. For those with high prescription, brands like Bolle and Serengeti are ideal options.
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Lens Simulator

Below you can take a look at the effect of different lens colours for fishing.

Drag the slider to view more of the image with your chosen lens colour.

Naked Eye
Selected Lens
POLARISED GREY - Neutral tint, simple shading effect, so ideal for bright days in open water.
POLARISED BROWN - Again, ideal for bright days, but with a degree of contrast enhancement. As such, it is better for shallow water fishing.
POLARISED AMBER - More of a specialist shallow water choice, the amber lens will enhance contrast and improve depth perception in overcast conditions. The polarised filter will cut through the surface reflections glare that still exist on even the dullest days.

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