RxSport will talk you through every element of your ideal prescription goggles for swimming.

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Off-The-Shelg Swimming Goggles

Sphere Only

For general improvement to your vision around the pool. These goggles are designed to only correct your spherical (SPH) powers. They are available with different powers in each eye, or the same power in both eyes. The most cost-effective product with quick delivery.

Custom Made Swimming Goggles

Full Prescription

Made to order, like a set of regular glasses. These goggles correct your entire prescription. As such, they are ideal for those with complex prescriptions and high astigmatism (CYL powers beyond +/-1.50).


Recommended Products

Swimming Goggles

Aqua Sphere Eagle

A favourite with elite swimmers and triathletes.

Aqua Sphere Eagle Swimming Goggles

FROM: £49.99

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Leader Velocity

Easily adjustable thanks to the ratchet strap adjustment.

Leader Velocity Swimming Goggles

FROM: £34.99

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Gator Competition

Designed with the serious swimmer in mind.

Gator Competition Swimming Goggles

FROM: £34.99

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