Oakley MTB Goggle Replacement Lenses

Oakley MTB Goggle Replacement Lenses

We stock a range of replacement lenses for Oakley MTB Goggles. Select some of the most popular tints from models including the Airbrake MTB and O Frame 2.0 Pro MTB.

Oakley MTB Lenses
Oakley Prizm Lens Technology
Oakley Prizm Goggles

See what you've been missing.

Oakley Prizm lenses fine tune individual colors, enhancing detail for an optimized experience.

With ordinary MTB goggle lenses, the world looks dull and flat, but Prizm lens technology helps you pick out undulations in the trails.

It’s a breakthrough that comes from decades of research in optics for professional athletes, and it helps you get the most out of your riding when the going gets tough.

Oakley Prizm lens technology has turned eyewear into vital equipment for sports. It all comes down to enhancing detail in the most precise ways to optimize your visual experience, and the result is game-changing performance.