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Oakley Prescription Lenses

Oakley Prescription Lenses

Increase the versatility of your Oakley Prescription Sunglasses. Prescription lenses for the Half Jacket, Flak Jacket, Jawbone and Split Jacket are easily interchangeable meaning you can match your tint to your conditions instantly. A really good solution to the variety of conditions you come up against.

We are proud to be one of the leading retailers of Oakley prescription sunglasses. Made to order at Oakley's lab, Oakley True Digital prescription lenses optimise your vision with innovations made to answer the uncompromising demands of world-leading sports professionals. We're passionate about the quality of Oakley optics, as such we only ever use genuine Oakley prescription lenses on every Oakley Rx order.


Oakley have been pushing boundaries since they first landed on the eyewear scene in 1984. Oakley True Digital technology was designed and perfected to meet the needs of sport professionals, and the result is sunglasses fit for practically any purpose.


Proprietary Plutonite material provides protection from impact and harmful UV making them ideal for prolonged active use outdoors. Lens tints featuring Prizm, HD Polarized and Transitions technologies can fine tune and optimise your vision for any sport.


Refresh the look of your Oakley frame with a brand new pair of prescription lenses. Choose from a wide range of tints and mirrors to get your frame looking good as new, and maybe go for a completely new look!

Oakley are an industry leader in corrective vision for sports performance eyewear. Using Oakley True Digital (OTD) technology, your prescription, the lens shape and frame shape of your sunglasses are considered to optimise vision across more of the lens than conventionally-made alternatives. The result is eyewear that helps you see clearer to perform better than ever.

Oakley Prescription Sunglasses - Oakley True Digital Technology

Sharp central vision is crucial for all athletes. Many sports also demand sharp peripheral vision to sense objects, opponents and motion. While central vision is used for highly detailed tasks, like target shooting and golf, peripheral vision is crucial to the split-second decision making in sports like tennis and cricket.

Typical wrapped sunglasses can blur and distort an athlete's peripheral vision, clouding judgment and hampering performance. Using Dual-Peripheral Technology Oakley offer free-form prescription lenses that are uniquely digitised for high-wrap frames. This technology considers the patient's prescription, lens base curve and frame shape to optimise the lens' prescription from the optical centre to the edge.

Oakley Sunglasses - Dual Peripheral Technology

Far-Periphery (Motion Detection)

The far-periphery is used for image and motion-detection. Image and motion detection can be improved if blur, unwanted astigmatism and power error are minimised. Oakley True Digital lenses are specifically designed to reduce power error and unwanted astigmatism in the far-periphery.

Mid-Periphery (Large Objects)

The mid-periphery is used to form large objects. For the two eyes to provide binocular vision across the lens, sharp vision without a prism imbalance is preferred. Oakley True Digital lenses are specifically designed to reduce prism imbalance in the mid-periphery.

Central (Fine Detail)

The central component is used for viewing objects in sharp detail. Conventional lenses may only provide a narrow field of sharp vision, leading to compromised performance. Oakley True Digital lenses widen the central component to provide crisp, clear and detailed vision.

Oakley Prescription Sunglasses - Customise Your Eyewear

Whether you're looking to kit out your regular sunglasses with prescription lenses or need to get hold of some replacements, enjoy the wealth of choice on offer from the Oakley range. With a host of lens options available including Iridium mirrors, HD Polarized lenses, photochromic lenses using industry-leading Transitions® technology, and the latest sport-specific Prizm lens tints, you’ll be able to choose the perfect prescription lenses for you.

Oakley Sunglasses - Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic Lenses

Make the most of your prescription sunglasses at all day long with light-adjusting lenses. Available in Brown and Grey tints, Transitions® photochromic lenses can be used from night or indoors to bright sunlight.

Oakley Sunglasses - HD Polarized Lenses

HD Polarized

Ideal for use around water, Oakley’s proprietary polarised lens technology blocks 99% of reflected glare, greatly enhancing clarity in the most harsh environments and improving viewing comfort for day-long wear.

Oakley Sunglasses - Iridium Mirrored Lenses

Iridium Mirrors

Available in colours spanning the spectrum, Oakley’s premium Iridium lens coating is designed to balance light transmission and dampen glare. Viewing comfort and the look of your sunglasses is enhanced!

Oakley Prescription Sunglasses - Oakley Stealth Anti-Reflection

Dirty and scratch-prone lenses are an inevitable part of sport. Athletes and sport enthusiasts alike demand a high level of protection and ease of cleaning to help them focus on their performance. Oakley Stealth is the first anti-reflective lens treatment engineered exclusively to meet the critical needs of athletes and sport enthusiasts. This technology comes as standard on a wide range of Oakley prescription options including Clear, Prizm, Polarised and Photochromic lenses.

Oakley Sunglasses - Reduce Back-Surface Reflection

Reduce Back-Surface Reflection

Reflections from the back surface of the lens can reflect glare and UV radiation into the exposed eye. Oakley Stealth optimises the wide, crisp visual field of Oakley True Digital lenses and further protects the eyes.

Oakley Sunglasses - Hydro- and Oleophobic

Repel Dust, Dirt And Oils

With an invisible shield of oleophobic and anti-static protection, Oakley Stealth is able to provide clear, streak and smear-free vision even in the most adverse conditions. Irritants such as dust and pollen are also repelled.

Oakley Sunglasses - Industry-Leading Durability

Depend On Industry-Leading Durability

In order to meet the exacting demands of professional athletes and sport enthusiasts, Oakley has strived for the highest standards. In real-life simulation testing, Oakley Stealth scored 4.84 out of a possible 5.

Confused which lens you need?

Building on years of sports and optical experience, our experts have broken down Oakley's lenses. Mixing our expertise with your feedback, we have picked our favourites for every condition.


Bright LightThe key is to look for Iridium (mirror) coated lenses, which cut through brightness, reduce glare and minimise eye fatigue. Grey base tints will provide true colour perception and comfortable vision meaning your eyes won't tire.

Jade IridiumJade Iridium

Black IridiumBlack Iridium

Fire IridiumFire Iridium

Changeable / Intermediate

Changeable / Intermediate LightConsider going for one of the new Prizm tints, contrast-tuned specifically for certain environments, and excellent all-rounders. Brown Transitions performs well in all light conditions and provides a contrast boost for duller weather.

Prizm GolfPrizm Golf

Brown TransitionsBrown Transitions

Prizm RoadPrizm Road

Low Light

Low LightOn those really grim days persimmon gives your vision a vital contrast boost. When heading out for a night ride clear is the way to go for maximised light. The photochromic Grey Transitions covers all the bases!


Grey TransitionsGrey Transitions


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