Oakley Prescription Glasses

Oakley Prescription Glasses

“Oakley Rx frames give you all-day comfort for life beyond sports. Our breakthroughs in precision fit offer a personalized feel leveraging the premium materials and technologies from our innovations in sports performance. Style that speaks to your unique personality, Oakley Rx frames are made with craftsmanship, innovation and unrivalled design.” - Oakley

  • Available with official Oakley lenses, glazed at the Oakley lab.
  • A wide range of everyday lenses produced by Essilor are also available. Complete with Anti-Reflection, Anti-Fog and Transitions options.

We are proud to be an official Premium Dealer of Oakley prescription lenses. Oakley’s quality is well renowned for sunglasses and now the quality that you get with sunglasses is available in everyday frames. All parts of the frame have been fine tuned to provide the ultimate in comfort, durability and most importantly, style.


Oakley has been a stalwart in the eyewear world for over three decades which has lead on the path to perfection. Jim Jannard created the iconic Eyeshades and progressed from there. In the 21st century the range offers a frame to suit any activity.


A distinctive feature of Oakley glasses is the cutting-edge nature of design and style. Revolutionary materials and lens technology gives you that step up on your everyday look. All Oakley ophthalmic glasses sport the Ellipse with pride, showing their class and quality.


Style is something that is never compromised with Oakley. The importance of looking good in your everyday frames is vital so hours of research and development is put in to ensure you look good, whatever the occasion.

All Oakley frames are available with either Essilor or Oakley lenses. Providing versatility and choices to suit anyone. With a variety of frames to select, from the hugely popular Crosslink series to the rimless Gauge 3.1, there is a frame and lens combination to meet any demands.

Oakley Opthalmic - Essilor Lenses

Essilor is a world leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses. With a reputation for high quality materials and coatings these lenses are a popular choice among opticians for use in the most technical of frames.

Essilor lenses are the perfect complement to Oakley frames. A wide variety of lenses and lens coatings are available with Essilor; from high quality Varifocal lenses to Transitions lenses and everything in between.

Essilor Lens Tech

Lenses are the most important part of a pair of glasses. Essilor ensure that only the best lenses leave their lab with added levels of protection to keep your lenses performing at their best and keeping your vision on point.

Essilor Prescription Lenses - Smudge Repellancy

Smudge Repellancy

Lenses are smoothed during production to keep smudges at bay

Essilor Prescription Lenses - Dust Repellancy

Dust Repellancy

Anti-static dust-repellant coating keeps lenses clear and reduces scratching risk

Essilor Prescription Lenses - Water Repellancy

Water Repellancy

Hydrophilic molecules fill tiny gaps in the lens to repel water

Essilor Prescription Lenses - Scratch Resistance

Scratch Resistance

Microscopic layers which increase in hardness are fused into the lens

Oakley Opthalmic - Oakley Lenses

Created in the Oakley lab, Oakley prescription lenses are superb. It is now easier than ever to get your Oakley frames glazed with official Oakley prescription lenses, using all the tech and quality that Oakley is famed for with their prescription sunglasses.

Oakley Lens Tech

Oakley lenses maximize performance by utilizing Dual-Peripheral Technology™; delivering the best possible optics. Distortion is eradicated thanks to Oakley’s HD Optics and Oakley Stealth AR coatings.

Oakley’s official glazing lab offers a good range prescription lenses. From clear lenses to contrast enhancing transitions lenses; all of which are engraved with the Oakley Ellipse to show their authenticity.

Oakley have designed their prescription programme with help from the world’s top athletes. From when athletes need their vision to perform on game day to down days where quality is key, Oakley have it covered.

Oakley’s varifocal lenses have been precision engineered for premium performance. Developed from Oakley’s sport lenses, everyday varifocal lenses combine all the benefits of sport lenses for exceptional optical clarity.

Oakley Rx Programme

Built with the best. Oakley glasses withstand the test of time by utilising premium materials to create their frames. From the ultra-strong Carbon Fibre elements in models such as the Carbon Plate and Tincup Carbon to Oakley’s legendary O Matter frame material used in the prized Crosslink range to give you the very best in comfort, protection and performance.

Oakley Metal Frames

Oakley Metal Frames

Minumum weight and maximum strength is the name of the game with metal frames

The development of using rare materials to create frames has progressed Oakley's quality. From Carbon Fibre utilised for extreme strength to the Oakley Hallmark of a durable and timeless Titanium frame.

Metal frames set the benchmark for everyday glasses; the ability to mould it into super thin and stylish shapes makes it the preferred option for many for both smart and casual ventures.

O-Matter boasts great impact resistance, perfect for use out on the sports field to long days wandering the streets; unequivocally proving itself as a wholly versatile material.

Acetate has been a popular frame material over the years but now O-Matter possesses a quality that few other frame materials can get close to. Being twice as strong as Acetate but at a fraction of the weight.

Oakley O-matter Frames

Oakley O-Matter Frames

Durable, flexible and lightweight. O Matter ticks every box for a performance frame material

Oakley Prescription Glasses - TruBridge Technology

Perhaps Oakley’s greatest addition to their world renowned opthalmic range is the Trubridge technology. The use of interchangeable nosepads gives you the opportunity to adapt the fit of the frames to perfectly fit your face, whatever shape it may be! Get your frame to perform at it’s best and fit more comfortably with the Trubridge technology. Trubridge is available on models such as; Crosslink, Chamfer, Gauge 7.1 and Marshal.

Oakley TruBridge - Pad Contact

Maximum Pad Contact

Oakley TruBridge - Cheek Contact

No Cheek Contact

Oakley TruBridge - Centred Line Of Sight

Centred Line Of Sight

With four nosepad sizes to customise the fit, the frame is optimised for multiple nose bridge shapes.

Oakley TruBridge - Size 1: High Bridge

Size 1: High Bridge

Smallest pad area for those with a high bridge and more surface area.

Oakley TruBridge - Size 4: Shallow Bridge

Oakley TruBridge - Size 2: Medium Bridge

Size 2: Medium Bridge

Average pad area - the most common size for medium nose bridges.

Oakley TruBridge - Size 4: Shallow Bridge

Oakley TruBridge - Size 3: Narrow Bridge

Size 3: Narrow Bridge

Larger pad area provides additional support for narrower nose bridges.

Oakley TruBridge - Size 4: Shallow Bridge

Oakley TruBridge - Size 4: Shallow Bridge

Size 4: Shallow Bridge

Largest pad area intended for wearers with a shallow nose bridge.

Oakley TruBridge - Size 4: Shallow Bridge