Oakley Crosslink MNP Prescription Glasses

Oakley Crosslink MNP Prescription Glasses

  • Choose between Genuine Oakley and Essilor Prescription Lenses
  • TruBridge™ technology - four interchangeable nosepads for a customised fit
  • New and improved adjustable, interchangeable wire core temples
  • Unobtainium® nosepads and earsocks for no slip grip
  • Constructed of lightweight, durable O Matter™ material which is 25% lighter and 2x stronger than acetate

Our view: The Oakley Crosslink Prescription Glasses take you anywhere with originality and style, and have all the performance you need. This edition of the Crosslink comes with four interchangeable O Matter™ nosepieces to suit as many face shapes as possible.

"Along with four sizes of TruBridge™ Technology nosepads for the comfort of a personal fit, Crosslink® MNP is a true crossover design with interchangeable temples that now has a deeper lens shape for a sporty lifestyle look so you can go from work to play without missing a beat." - Oakley

  • TruBridge™ Technology - a frame fitting system that optimizes for a true fit
  • Adjustable wire core temples
  • Three-Point Fit holds lenses in precise optical alignment
  • Unobtainium® earsocks for no slip grip
  • Constructed of lightweight, durable O Matter™ material
  • Base curve: 4 Base
  • Includes black microbag
  • Includes protective Crosslink case
  • Includes four interchangeable nosepads, compatible with all TruBridge™ models

Oakley Prescription Glasses - TruBridge Technology

With Oakley's revolutionary new frame fitting system, a perfect fit is easy, so you can choose whatever style you want and not worry about how it will feel. TruBridge™ Technology adapts the frame to the width and depth of your nose bridge, so you never have to pass up a style you love.

Oakley TruBridge™ Technology uses interchangeable nosepads to adapt the fit perfectly, so the frame performs best for you.

Oakley Fit And Comfort - Earpads

Maximum Pad Contact

Oakley Fit And Comfort - Fidlock Buckle

No Cheek Contact

Oakley Fit And Comfort - BOA Fit Sytem

Centred Line Of Sight

With four nosepad sizes to customise the fit, the frame is optimised for multiple nose bridge shapes.

Oakley TruBridge - Size 1: High Bridge

Size 1: High Bridge

Smallest pad area for those with a high bridge and more surface area.

Oakley TruBridge - Size 4: Shallow Bridge

Oakley TruBridge - Size 2: Medium Bridge

Size 2: Medium Bridge

Average pad area - the most common size for medium nose bridges.

Oakley TruBridge - Size 4: Shallow Bridge

Oakley TruBridge - Size 3: Narrow Bridge

Size 3: Narrow Bridge

Larger pad area provides additional support for narrower nose bridges.

Oakley TruBridge - Size 4: Shallow Bridge

Oakley TruBridge - Size 4: Shallow Bridge

Size 4: Shallow Bridge

Largest pad area intended for wearers with a shallow nose bridge.

Oakley TruBridge - Size 4: Shallow Bridge

Oakley Lens Technology

You wear them for style. You wear them for necessity. But if your prescription lenses are made for indoors, wearing them in the sun will leave you squinting. Why not have the best sun lenses custom made to your prescription? We use the official Oakley prescription programme so you get Oakley Prescription Glasses, glazed at Oakley's lab, using genuine Oakley prescription lenses.

Oakley Lens Technology - Oakley True Digital

Oakley True Digital™

Oakley True Digital™ lenses maximize performance by utilizing Oakley Dual-Peripheral Technology™ to deliver the best possible optics. In the far periphery, blurring and distortion are minimized, providing better motion detection. In the mid periphery, binocular vision is balanced, providing better recognition of larger images.

Oakley Lens Technology - Oakley Stealth

Oakley Stealth™

An anti-reflective coating engineered exclusively for the critical needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts. Optimizes the wide, crisp visual field of Oakley True Digital lenses by reducing back surface reflections and glare. Repels dust, dirt and oil with an invisible shield of oleophobic and anti-static protection that helps your lenses stay clean.

Oakley Lens Technology - Authentic Prescription Lenses

Authentic Prescription Lenses

Oakley can custom-build eyewear with prescription lenses exactly to the your requirements. Take advantage of the quality and innovation of a specialty lab created for Oakley dealers. Genuine Oakley prescription lenses come complete with the Oakley logo engraved into the left lens.

Oakley Lens Technology - Plutonite Lens Material

Iridium® Lens Coating

Oakley Iridium® is a premium lens coating available in a spectrum of colors designed to balance light transmission and reduce glare, meaning you can enjoy a precision optical experience that won't tire the eyes, even in bright weather.

Oakley Lens Technology - High Definition Optics

Oakley High Definition Optics®

High Definition Optics® (HDO®) is the bedrock of Oakley’s superior clarity and reliability. Oakley’s HDO makes distortion disappear. In fact, not only does HDO meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) clarity testing requirements, it exceeds them.

Oakley Lens Technology - UV Protection

UV Protection

Oakley Plutonite® filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm. The lens material itself blocks UV, so you don’t have to rely on a thin surface coating that can wear away or become scratched. Oakley optical technologies allow for lens curvature that improves protection at the top and sides of your eyes.

Everyday Prescription Lens Technology

Essilor is a world leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses. With a reputation for high quality materials and coatings these lenses are a popular choice among opticians for use in the most technical of frames on the market today.

Transitions® Adaptive Lenses

Essilor Transitions lenses are clear indoors and at night. Once outdoors, they adapt spontaneously to varying light conditions so you can enjoy the convenience of the ideal everyday pair of glasses for indoors and outdoor use. Options available are Signature Transitions VII and XTRActive Transitions.

Transitions® Drivewear®

Daytime light and weather conditions constantly change while driving and so do Transitions Drivewear sun lenses. Their NuPolar® polarisation removes glare off the road and car bonnet. Transitions photochromic technology adjusts the colour and tint of the lenses as light conditions change, providing ideal color and clarity for driving.

Everyday Lens Technology - Crizal Forte UV

Crizal Forte® UV

Crizal Forte is the most advanced anti-reflective lens on the market. Crizal Forte offers unrivalled performances against the 5 enemies of vision: Glare reduction, smudge resistance, scratch resistance, dust repellence, water repellence.

Everyday Lens Technology - Optifog


Looking for a solution for foggy eyeglasses? Discover Optifog, the first anti-fog lens developed by Essilor. Optifog provides immediate, efficient and durable fog-free vision, whatever your prescription

Dimensions for the Crosslink MNP in Size 53 are as follows:

Lens Width
Lens Height

Dimensions for the Crosslink MNP in Size 55 are as follows:

Lens Width
Lens Height