Anon Deringer Prescription Ski Goggles

Anon Deringer Prescription Ski Goggles

  • Prescription Price includes clip-on goggle insert made to your prescription
  • Frame OTG-ready frame with full-perimeter venting and dual-layer face foam
  • Lenses Cylindrical injected lens with PERCEIVE technology and easy-clean coating
  • Fit Feminine design featuring adjustable, silicone-lined strap
  • Accessories Includes bonus low-light lens, MFI compatibility and microfibre goggle bag

Our View

A classic style cylindrical goggle especially for ladies which is lightweight and comfortable with dual layer face foam. Anon Deringer goggles are completed by MFI facemask compatibility to help seal out the elements and contrast-boosting PERCEIVE lenses for ultimate clarity and views on the mountains.

Anon's View

Women's-specific design is built to fit a slightly smaller face. The low-profile style meets a wide field of view, plus terrain-defining, high-contrast PERCEIVE lens technology.

Anon Deringer Ski Goggles


  • Available with PERCEIVE lenses
  • MFI (Magnetic Facemask Integration) integrated*
  • Integral Clarity anti-fog technology
  • Full perimeter venting
  • Dual-layer face foam
  • Cylindrical injected lens
  • Suits a medium ladies fit
  • Includes bonus low-light lens
  • Includes microfibre goggle bag
  • *Included on select colourways
  • Frame Technology

    MFI Facemask Integrated

    MFI technology (Magnetic Face Mask Integration) uses magnetic connection to quickly seal your face mask to your goggles. (Select Colourways)

    Full Perimeter Venting

    Venting around the frame allows maximum airflow for a clear, fog-free lens in all conditions.

    Dual-layer Face Foam

    Dual-layer face foam features one layer of foam and a layer of moisture-wicking fleece for a snug seal and comfortable fit.


    Lens Technology

    Perceive Lens Technology

    Specifically engineered lens technology is designed for sharp on snow contrast and enhanced terrain definition in all conditions.

    Injected Cylindrical Lens

    Cylindrical injected lenses help to reduce peripheral distortion and offers wall-to-wall vision.

    Integral Clarity Anti-fog

    Exceeding basic anti-fog treatment standards, delivering crystal clear vision that lasts for an extended period of time.

    Hydrophobic & Oleophobic Coatings

    Providing unmatched smudge, scratch, and moisture resistance on the outer lens surface for clear optics and easy cleaning.

    Prescription Insert Technology

    What is the Prescription Insert?

    The key feature in prescription ski goggles is the use of prescription inserts, which is a separate frame which fits into the framework of the goggles. Anon don't have their own branded inserts so utilise the versatility of a universal insert.

    What are the benefits?

    The insert doesn't change the functionality of the goggle frame itself, meaning you can still take full advantage of any lens interchange system your goggle uses. The insert is easily mounted and removed from the frame, making it easy to clean.

    What are the prescription options?

    Your insert can be glazed with a range of lens materials including anti-fog and bi-focal.

    Prescription Goggle Insert
    INCLUDES: Bonus Lens + Facemask
    INCLUDES: Bonus Lens + Facemask
    INCLUDES: Bonus Lens