Atomic Prescription Ski Goggles

Atomic Prescription Ski Goggles

Aiming to "make every skier a better skier", Atomic are proud to supply both professional ski athletes and leisure skiers with eyewear which can be worn straight out of the box thanks to a wealth of features designed to enhance fit and comfort. Spherical and cylindrical lenses of the highest quality, paired with photochromic and multilayered mirror technologies, and a system making lens switching quick and simple mean you will be fully prepared for whatever is thrown at you this winter. Wherever you want to ski, Atomic equipment can take you!


Based in Austria, Atomic have been manufacturing ski equipment for over 60 years, supplying past and present pro stars, both male and female, in practically every skiing discipline including racing, freestyle, nordic combined and biathlon.


Prescription lenses are fitted into a convenient clip-in ski goggle insert which sits securely within the canopy, removing the need to wear eyeglasses underneath your goggles. Choose from a range of prescription lens packages that cater to various demands.


Whether you're a racer in need of streamlined shape or a freeskier wanting to look your best, Atomic's spherical-lensed Revel and cylindrical-lensed Savor will be able to tick your boxes. These goggles pair up seamlessly with our range of Atomic helmets!

If you see well, you can ski well. That's why a good pair of goggles is so important. Atomic have paid special attention to every little detail in their ski goggles.

Atomic Goggles - Prescription Technology

Atomic Prescription Goggles

Salice Universal Prescription Insert

The Revent L, Revent Q, Revent S, Savor and Count 360 ski goggles by Atomic are supplied with a prescription insert produced by Salice. Note that this insert is not an Atomic product.

The fit of the insert in these goggles has been tested and confirmed by RxSport. The insert simply clips into the goggle canopy to deliver secure corrective vision when on the move!

Salice Prescription Insert

Atomic Goggles - Summary

Atomic Goggles

Atomic goggles tech

Atomic Goggles Summary

Clean styles and ultimate performance

From the flagship model, the Count 360, the design of choice of Atomic's esteemed team of pro skiers, to the best-selling Savor M equipped with a Photochromic lens, Atomic's goggles are the product of choice for the best in the business.

Atomic pride themselves on delivery world class tech to the masses. None more so than with their Revent range; featuring a variety of styles and understated features, they perform above and beyond what you would normally expect from a pair of traditional ski goggles.

Atomic offer some of the most advanced goggles around but their helmets keep the heads of some of skiing's biggest names safe and sound. Check out the Count AMID for premium protection and integration.

Combine Atomic goggles and helmets for market-leading integration. With seamless compatibility and aligned ventilation channels; protection is combined with comfort, performance and style for a great look this winter with performance to match!

Atomic Helmets

Atomic Helmets

Pair up for ultimate integration

Atomic Goggles - Stereo HD Lens Technology

Stereo HD Lens Technology

Atomic Stereo HD Lenses

Premium Lens Technology

For incredible snow visibility

High-definition contrast lens technology built into every Stereo HD lens creates incredible snow visibility in all light conditions. These lenses are perfect to help pick out undulations and defects on the surface for a more confident approach to skiing.

Stereo HD lenses use a precise blend of coloured crystals in the lens to divide white light into its six spectral colours. By enhancing essential wavelengths of light you gain a greater sense of depth on the snow, resulting in a superior optical experience.

Silver Stereo HD

Silver Stereo HD

10% VLT | Category 3 | Suited to bright light

Green Stereo HD

Green Stereo HD

20% VLT | Category 2 | Suited to medium light

Blue Stereo HD

Blue Stereo HD

29% VLT | Category 2 | Suited to mixed weather