Bolle Prescription Goggles

Bolle Prescription Goggles

Since 1960 Bolle have imagined, designed, tested and produced goggles to help you get out there no matter what the conditions may be. A stylish, understated brand, Bolle have kept true to their European roots. Enviable build quality has been allied with intuitive tech features. Highlights of the Bolle range include their Phantom light-adaptive lenses, pioneering photochromic lens technology for ski goggles, Equalizer ventilation which allows lenses to breathe and impressively wide fields of view. Worn by Olympic gold medalists from Anna Veith to Pierre Vaultier to Seth Wescott, you can't argue with Bolle's snow pedigree!


Founded in Oyonnax, France in 1888, Bolle were pioneers of nylon moulding methods. This led to their first ski goggles being marketed in 1960, with Bolle becoming renowned as one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium eyewear.


New for 2018/19 is the Phantom light adaptive lens. Made from high-clarity NXT lens material, these lenses adjust their tint based on natural light to create a single lens for all conditions. Perfect for the hostile mountain environment when the weather can shift gears in a flash!


Bolle are known for their iconic, tried-and-trusted shapes and liveries. If you're after something large, small, spherical or cylindrical you will find it in this eclectic range. With a massive range of eyecatching colourways, Bolle offer something for everyone!

This season's range of ski goggles from Bolle has been designed to make your experience on the snow as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Bolle Goggles - Prescription Technology

Bolle Prescription Goggles

Sport Optical System (S.O.S.) Prescription Adapter

The Bolle SOS prescription adapter easily snaps into place to provide the corrective vision required while maintaining a wide field of view.

This insert is compatible with all adult goggles in Bolle's range, including Duchess, Emperor, Nevada, Scarlett, Schuss, Supreme and Virtuose models.

Bolle Goggles - Prescription Technology - SOS

Bolle Frame Technology

Flow-Tech® Venting

Bolle Goggles - Flow-Tech Venting

Engineered venting system in each frame promotes directional airflow across the inside surface of the lens, reducing the potential for moisture build up and maintaining your pristine vision.

Wide Field Of View

Bolle Goggles - Wide Field of View

The wide field of vision ensures maximum peripheral vision; a necessity in the slalom gates or for admiring the landscape from the summit.

Triple Layer Face Foam

Bolle Goggles - Triple Layer Face Foam

The only material that touches your face is an ultra-soft layer of polar fleece which includes two layers of foam to ensure a firm and comfortable fit.

Double Layer Face Foam

Bolle Goggles - Double Layer Face Foam

A medium density foam backs up a soft micro-fleece face layer.

Siliconised Strap

Bolle Goggles - Siliconised Strap

The siliconised strap helps provide total support for the goggle on the helmet.

Forestay™ System

Bolle Goggles - Forestay System

Outrigger system designed for goggles to sit snugly on your face, while allowing the strap to interact independently with the latest helmet designs for an integrated fit.

Bolle Lens Technology

Equalizer® Vent

Bolle Goggles - Equalizer Vent

Technical waterproof/breathable technology delivers a fog-free view by allowing dual direction airflow to maintain ideal air pressure and precision optics between the sealed double lens.

Double Lens

Bolle Goggles - Double Lens

Creation of a dual-pane thermal barrier between the cold dry outside air and the moisture generated by intense activity prevents distracting condensation forming on the inner lens surface.

P80+ Anti-Fog

Bolle Goggles - P80+ Anti-Fog

Embedded premium anti-fog layer in the inner lens disperses water molecules across the surface of the lens, restricting moisture build up that can impede your crystal clear view of the terrain ahead.

Carbo-Glas® Coating

Bolle Goggles - Carbo-Glas Coatingm

Outer lenses are sheathed in a protective armour to prevent scratches, keeping your lenses and outlook as clear as a bluebird sky.

We've tested our range of Bolle goggles for compatibility with a range of after-market prescription ski goggle inserts.

Check whether your goggles are comaptible with a prescription insert in the table below. Scroll down to shop for these goggles supplied with the prescription insert as a complete package.

Nova II

Looking to buy a prescription insert for your pair of discontinued Bolle goggles? Check out our Bolle ski goggle insert page to see if your model is compatible.