Bolle Scarlett Prescription Ski Goggles

Bolle Scarlett Prescription Ski Goggles

  • Prescription Price includes clip-on goggle insert made to your prescription
  • Frame Comfortable ventilated TPU frame with double layer face foam
  • Lenses Anti-fog and anti-scratch treated cylindrical polycarbonate lens
  • Fit Feminine design suiting a small to medium adult fit
  • Accessories Includes microfibre goggle bag

Our View

Created in collaboration with alpine skiing star Anna Fenninger, the Scarlett is a women's specific model. The cylindrical shape offers great peripheral vision while the vented lenses with anti-fog coating helps to keep the views crystal clear!

"Featuring a custom design by Austrian alpine skier Anna Fenninger, the Scarlett is Bolle's newest goggle for women. Not only is it stylish with a a range of mirrored lenses, but incredibly comfortable with its double layer face foam and Flow-Tech® venting system. Plus, with advanced Modulator™ photochromic lens technology (optional), you will have the best view on the peaks." - Bolle

  • Flow-Tech® venting
  • Double layer face foam
  • Siliconised strap
  • Double lens
  • P80+ anti-fog
  • Carbo-Glas® anti-scratch

Bolle Goggles Technology

Goggles Technology

Dual Lens

Dual Lens

A dual pane lens creates a thermal barrier between the cold outside air and the warm air within the goggle, therefore reducing the risk of moisture building up on the inside of the lens.

Flow-Tech venting

Flow-Tech® venting

An engineered venting system that creates a directional airflow across the inside surface of the lens, this reduces the potential for moisture build up and maintains optimum vision.

Siliconised Strap

Siliconised Strap

Bolle's siliconised strap helps to hold your goggles firmly in place whether worn with a helmet or without. Be confident on the slopes knowing that your goggles are staying put and shielding you from the elements.

Double Layer Face Foam

Double Layer Face Foam

Double layer fleece foam contours to your face and seals out the elements. With a fleece finish on the outer layer to help wick away moisture and maintain maximum comfort.

P80+ anti-fog

P80+ anti-fog

A premium anti-fog layer that is embedded into the inner lens of the goggle. This premium layer helps to disperse water molecules that may build up and impede your vision.

Carbo-Glas Coating

Carbo-Glas® Coating

A high-tech protective coating is applied to the outer lens of the goggle creating a shield to significantly reduce scratching. This keeps your lenses and outlook clear for ultimate vision.

Bolle Modulator 2.0 Technology

Modulator 2.0 Lens Technology

Bolle's Modulator 2.0 lenses boast the leading photochromic technology on the market. Now available in more styles and colours than ever before, it's easier than ever to take advantage.

Cutting-edge NXT lens material has allowed for light-adjusting lenses which adjust to changing light faster and in more extreme temperatures than ever before, making them ideal for all weather conditions.

B-Flex Technology

Clear, Light & Strong

NXT is one of the most lightweight and impact resistant lens materials available. Featuring this technology, Modulator 2.0 lenses guarantee the best possible combination of visual acuity, comfort and protection.

Flow-Tech venting

Instant Adaptation to Changing Light

The Modulator 2.0 lens performs in all conditions, including the most extreme. The lens tint changes instantly with the light, optimising visibility and protection throughout the day, whatever the weather.

Wide Field of View

Stability and Reactivity

With new Low Temperature Sensitivity (LTS) technology, the Modulator 2.0 lens delivers improved activation, darkening and lightening faster in response to natural light, regardless of temperature.

Prescription Technology

Sport Optical System (S.O.S.)

The Bolle SOS prescription adapter easily snaps into place to provide the corrective vision required while maintaining a wide field of view.

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