Dragon Prescription Goggles

Since the start Dragon set out to be the leading eyewear and accessories brand in the active youth lifestyle market by supporting the best athletes with the best product, while remaining connected to core retailers and consumers. That mission still holds true today and is the driving force behind the company’s success and heritage. Dragon are now renowned as a pioneer of new concepts and technologies, which put the snowboarder first, rather than treating them as second class citizens. As ever, Dragon ski goggles are rider designed, tested and approved. In 2016 Dragon have taken their Advanced Projects initiative a step further, releasing the all new X1 and NFX2, the latter of which comes equipped with the Swiftlock lens interchange system to make adapting to changing light quicker and simpler than ever.


Founded in 1993 in a California garage, Dragon set out to be the leading eyewear brand for surf, snowboard and dirt bike communities. By working with the best athletes they set to developing the best products while keeping true to their roots.


Through their Advanced Projects initiative, Dragon launched the first frameless goggle in 2011. Since then they have become specialists in oversized goggles offering incredible peripheral views, with Transitions® lenses and Super Anti-Fog technology to back them up.


If you're into oversized design then Dragon is for you. Whether it's low-profile cylindrical or expansive spherical lenses, Dragon have designed frames for every niche. Collaborations with the likes of Danny Davis have led to some killer liveries!

Dragon Goggles Technical Information

Rider designed and community inspired, Dragon Alliance are renowned for their premium quality goggles. Here is a guide to what makes Dragon goggles work.

Dragon Prescription Technology

Prescription models are fitted with the universal prescription insert, produced by Salice in Italy. This insert uses a spring-loaded fitting technique. The fit of the insert in these goggles has been tested and confirmed by RxSport.


Advanced Projects X Range

The Advanced Projects X line focuses on technical innovation and smart design, and has completely redefined what a goggle can be. Here's a rundown of the models available from the APX range.

Advanced Projects X - APX

When the APX first came on the scene a few years back this goggle was regarded as the cutting edge in fully frameless snow eyewear. Fast forward to present day and the APX and its smaller sibling the APXS are now well established stalwarts of the Dragon range, a testament to the level of thought invested in this concept.

The video to the right gives you a taste of what the APX goggle is all about.

Adapt. Instantly. - X2

This game-changing frame pushes functional versatility to the next dimension.

The X2 combines the proven performance of Dragon's patented Frameless Lens Technology with Swift Lock, an easy on-and-off mechanism that makes swapping lenses faster and more secure than ever.

The X2 is Dragon's most advanced goggle yet; enabling riders to adapt instantly to all kinds of conditions.

Patented Frameless Technology - NFX

Based on Dragon's award winning Advanced Projects X goggle, the all-new NFX seamlessly blends the high-end technology found in their patented frameless design with the fresh look of a cylindrical lens.

Armed with the ease of quick lens interchangeability, the NFX helps you adapt to variable conditions rapidly and with minimal effort. Factor in the benefits of armoured venting, unrestricted peripheral vision and the comfort that can only be found in Dragon's hypoallergenic triple layer face foam and you have a recipe for uninhibited performance.

Frame Technical Information

Helmet Compatible

Dragon Goggles - Frame Technology - Helmet Compatible

Correct strap lengths and goggle proportions make Dragon goggles a go-to for helmet wearers.

Adjustable Hinge System

Dragon Goggles - Frame Technology - Adjustable Hinge System

Helps integration with helmets and head-wear by focusing strap leverage. Available on the Rogue model.

Adjustable 1.5 Inch Strap

Dragon Goggles - Frame Technology - Adjustable 1.5 Inch Strap

Keeps goggles in a secure and comfortable position.


Dragon Goggles - Frame Technology - Polyurethane

Flexible frame material that is durable at all tempeatures.

Multiple Fit Size

Dragon Goggles - Frame Technology - Multiple Fit Size

Youth, Small, Medium, and Large fitting goggle frames accommodate all faces.

Unidirectional Airflow System

Dragon Goggles - Frame Technology - Unidirectional Airflow System

Provides superior airflow to prevent fogging.

Dual Layer Face Foam

Dragon Goggles - Frame Technology - Dual Layer Face Foam

Soft form fitting foam that moulds to the wearers face shape with hypoallergenic micro fleece layer for comfort.

Tri-Foam Technology

Dragon Goggles - Frame Technology - Tri-Foam

Provides soft hypoallergenic moisture wicking contact with your face.

Polartech Microfleece

Dragon Goggles - Frame Technology - Polartech Microfleece

Superior comfort and breathability through multiple layer densities.

Lens Technical Information

100% UV Protection

Dragon Goggles - Lens Technology - 100% UV Protection

Blocks 100% of all harmful UV rays. Long-term exposure to UV rays can damage the eye's surface as well as its internal structures. Stay protected!

Dual Lexan Lens

Dragon Goggles - Lens Technology - Dual Lexan Lens

The Dual Lexan lens is flexible and creates a thermal boundary between your eyes and outside temperature.

Replaceable Lenses

Dragon Goggles - Lens Technology - Replaceable Lenses

Tune your goggle to variable weather conditions with replacement lenses designed to handle specific conditions and light transmissions.

Scratch Resistant

Dragon Goggles - Lens Technology - Scratch Resistant

Treated lenses to protect from scratching.

Optically Correct Lens System

Dragon Goggles - Lens Technology - Optically Correct Lens System

Offers superior clarity and performance by eliminating distortion through tapered geometries.

Super Anti-Fog Technology

Dragon Goggles - Lens Technology - Dragon Super Anti-fog

Utilizing technology used by NASA, Super Anti-Fog is the strongest anti-fog available, lasting twice as long as any other. By dipping the inner lens in a special formula surface tension is reduced, eliminating the ability for tiny water droplets to bond. Dragon's proprietary Super Anti-Fog formula is so effective it's applied to all Dragon snow goggles to ensure premium performance.

Transitions Lens Technology

New for 2015, the already groundbreaking APX is now available with Transitions adaptive lens technology. A lens that automatically changes tint in response to changing sunlight and weather conditions, eliminating the need to swap goggles while skiing or snowboarding.

No longer do you need to ponder over which lenses to wear, simply stare Mother Nature in the face and adapt instantly.