Dragon Prescription Goggles

Dragon Prescription Goggles

Since the start Dragon set out to be the leading eyewear and accessories brand in the active youth lifestyle market by supporting the best athletes with the best product, while remaining connected to core retailers and consumers. That mission still holds true today and is the driving force behind the company’s success and heritage. Dragon are now renowned as a pioneer of new concepts and technologies, which put the snowboarder first, rather than treating them as second class citizens. As ever, Dragon ski goggles are rider designed, tested and approved.


Founded in 1993 in a California garage, Dragon set out to be the leading eyewear brand for surf, snowboard and dirt bike communities. By working with the best athletes they set to developing the best products while keeping true to their roots.


We've the fit of our entire Dragon range with several universal ski goggle inserts. The products you see on this page are all compatible! Choose from our prescription lens packages to customise your lenses for corrective vision that is designed to work for you.


If you're into oversized design then Dragon is for you. Whether it's low-profile cylindrical or expansive spherical lenses, Dragon have designed frames for every niche. Collaborations with the likes of Danny Davis have led to some killer liveries!

Rider designed and community inspired, Dragon Alliance are renowned for their premium quality goggles. Here is a guide to what makes Dragon goggles work.

Dragon Goggles - Prescription Technology

Dragon Prescription Goggles

Salice Universal Prescription Insert

The NFX, NFX2, X1s, X2s and PXV models are fitted with the universal prescription insert, produced by Salice in Italy. Note that this insert is not an Dragon product.

The fit of the insert in this goggle has been tested and confirmed by RxSport. The insert simply clips into the goggle canopy to deliver secure corrective vision when on the move!

Salice Prescription Insert

Dragon Goggles - Lumalens Lens Technology

Lumalens is an advanced colour-optimised lens technology offering ultra high-definition optics across the entire spectrum of light conditions, helping you to see more, react faster and perform better than ever on the mountain.

Engineered to improve visibility in all environments, Lumalens delivers enhanced optical clarity, colour vividness, depth perception, and visual comfort for optimal performance. Now available in an expanded range of colours, tailor made for practically any light condition.

Dragon Goggles - Lumalens Technology - Demonstration


Lumalens - Clarity

Premium lenses provide superior, distortion-free vision at all angles.

Colour Optimisation

Lumalens - Colour Optimisation

Contrast is fine-tuned to bring out fine detail and accentuate relief in snowy terrain.

Precise Depth Perception

Lumalens - Precise Depth Perception

Better gauge distance on the snow and reduce reaction times when on the move.

Reduce Eye Fatigue

Lumalens - Reduce Eye Fatigue

Harsh reflected light is dampened to boost eye comfort for all-day wear.

Dragon Goggles - Transitions Lenses

Your days on the mountain will play out at the mercy of the weather. Tired of fumbling for that low-light lens when the clouds close in, or left squinting when the sun comes creeping out from behind the clouds? Dragon now introduce the solution!

Newly available in contrast-boosting Light Rose, Lumalens Photochromic lens tint technology automatically adjusts its darkness in response to changing light conditions, enhancing vision and protection for optimal performance.

Combating the nuisance of lens fog is an absolute must, so Dragon employs its proprietary Super Anti-Fog technology to keep your goggles fog-free so you can maximize enjoyment, and ensure premium performance no matter the conditions.

Coming as standard on every single Dragon lens across the range, this new anti-fog formula is 200% stronger than the previous, reducing surface tension to great effect to stop water droplets from accumulating on the lens surface.

Dragon Goggles - Super Anti Fog Coating

We've tested our range of Dragon goggles for compatibility with a range of after-market prescription ski goggle inserts.

Check whether your goggles are comaptible with a prescription insert in the table below. Scroll down to shop for these goggles supplied with the prescription insert as a complete package.

Not suitable
Not suitable

Looking to buy a prescription insert for your pair of discontinued Dragon goggles? Check out our universal Inland and Salice goggle inserts to see if your model is compatible.