Electric Prescription Goggles

Fresh and inspired for this season by what Electric has always been. Their passion for modernizing iconic ideas and producing them in the highest possible standards of quality. Their passion for riding, sliding, driving up the mountain, and adventuring with friends has led them to combine elements of the past with innovations never before seen from Electric. Whether it's the lightest goggle made of space age materials and modern construction techniques, a goggle strap inspired by punk rock album covers, or a custom lens program, they approach each fresh idea with care. Welcome to the freshest Electric yet.


Electric were founded in California at the turn of the century. By building upon what has stood the test of time, Electric reengineers classics, making quality products made to enhance active lifestyles - offering Style that performs.


The magnet, lever and gimmick-free Press Seal lens replacement technology is like no other system on the market. Electric utilise every lens technology to ensure a pristine optical experience including anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.


The Electric range is a fusion of retro design cues and cutting edge technology. The EG3 and EGX are masterpieces of frameless design. Electric offer colourings in everything from understated black or white, to eye catching collaborative styles.

By building upon what has stood the test of time, Electric reengineers classics.

Electric Goggles - lens tech

Injected sph lens

Mold-Injected Spherical Lens

Curved both horizontally and vertically, the mold injected spherical lens combines optimal peripheral visibility with the most optically correct lens shape available in the industry.

These mold-injected lenses seek to minimise distortion, and their dual layer construction works to reduce the risk of fog-causing condensation forming on the inner lens surface.

Traditional lens construction allows for a lightweight, low profile lens requiring no injection molding. Cylindrical lenses provide deep peripheral vision.

Curved horizontally while remaining flat vertically, the thermo-formed cylindrical lens offers classic design elements with enhanced fit and comfort characteristics.

goggle design

Thermo-Formed Cylindrical Lens

Pressure Valve

Inner lens pressure valve

A directional valve helps to relieve pressure at varying altitudes ensuring proper visual performance.

Anti Reflection Coating

Anti reflection coating

Electric’s anti reflection coatings dramatically reduce the reflecting light resulting in improved comfort for your eyes.

Anti Fog

Anti-Fog Coating

A hydrophobic anti-fog coating is applied to the lens. This absorbs moisture before fog can form on your inner lens.

Hard Coating

Hard Coating

Applied to the outer lens to create a proper seal against the elements and a barrier against scratching.

Electric Goggles - frame tech

A simplistic approach to goggle design puts function first. Proprietary construction techniques and quality materials complement design strategy for maximum performance

Each of Electric's frames have been engineered for maximum airflow to keep hot air moving up and out slowly while keeping your eyes from watering and your lens fog-free.

goggle design

Goggle Design

press seal

Press Seal Technology

Electric's patent pending press seal technology is like no other lens interface system on the market. It's simple components make it lever and gimmick free for super fast lens changing

The lens rim and frame channel design allow for a 360 degree seal, keeping out snow and ice. Built form the ground up by Electric, you won't find a more robust goggle to meet your needs.

Triple layer foam

Triple Layer Face Foam

Triple-layered face foam for increased comfort, and a tight seal. The foam helps to wick away moisture and is lined with hypoallergenic polar fleece.

Silicone strap

Silicone Lined Strap

Whether you wear a helmet or not, Electric Premium goggles feature a silicone lined strap. Silicone provides added grip, keeping your goggles in place.

TPU frame

Thermoplastic Urethane Frame

Thermoplastic Urethane provides maximum comfort as it retains maximum flex in extremely low temperatures. It is abrasion resistant and has a high tensile strength.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomically Designed

Designed to provide ultimate fit and comfort. Frame and nose bridge slits allow for maximum frame flexibility for an unrivaled fit.

Prescription Technology

Salice Universal Prescription Insert

This Electric model is fitted with the universal prescription insert, produced by Salice in Italy. Note that this insert is not a Electric product.

The fit of the insert in this goggle has been tested and confirmed by RxSport.

Salice Prescription Insert