Giro Prescription Goggles

Giro goggles make a return to RxSport for 2016 with a high quality, functional range which aims to provide unquestionable performance and cutting-edge style across their entire line. If you're after a companion to a Giro helmet then look no further than this range, their lids and goggles are perfect match! Giro's performance-engineered polycarbonate lenses filter out 100% of harmful UV. Made in collaboration with Zeiss, these lenses feature durable coatings that resist fogging and scratches.


Giro was founded in 1985 by Jim Gentes. Based in Santa Cruz, California, Giro's location at the intersection of surf and mountains has allowed for the pioneering of protective wear for all manner of action sports, not least skiing and snowboarding.


Expanded View Technology finds its way into more of the Giro range than ever in 2016, featuring on the Blok, Field and Onset, among others. If you find yourself in changeable conditions and need to adapt on the fly, consider the Contact for instant lens switching.


The Blok gives a cutting-edge look for shredders with a low-profile cylindrical lens. If you love unobstructed panoramic views then you will love the new Contact. Can't part with your prescription frames? The Index OTG was made for you.

Giro believe this season's goggle range is their best to date, and here you can find out why. With the introduction of EXV technology to boost field of view to entirely new limits, and an ongoing collaboration with Zeiss to push the envelope of optical clarity, you're in for a visual experience unlike any other.

Prescription Technology

Salice Universal Prescription Insert

The Blok, Charm, Contact, Field and Onset models are fitted with the universal prescription insert, produced by Salice in Italy. Note that this insert is not an Giro product.

The fit of the insert in this goggle has been tested and confirmed by RxSport.

Salice Prescription Insert

Giro Goggles Technology - EXV

EXV - Expansion View Technology

Developed and perfected at the DOME, Giro's R&D center in Santa Cruz, California, the groundbreaking Expansion View Technology (EXV) is a new frame design that creates an unparalleled field of view. Giro began with a helmet-compatible goggle design and then eliminated and tapered material from the frame and engineered frameless zones to optimize a massive spherical lens and yield maximum peripheral vision in their goggles.

Giro Goggles Technology

Cylindrical lens by Zeiss

Giro Goggles Technology - Cylindrical lens by Zeiss

With more than 150 years of experience, ZEISS is the authority in quality optics, and Giro continues to uphold the strictest standards in optical clarity through our partnership with ZEISS.

Triple-Layer Face Foam

Giro Goggles Technology - Triple-Layer Face Foam

Triple Face Foam is a three part system that provides a plush contact layer against your face, a super soft middle layer that allows maximum contour, and a durable back layer connected to the goggle frame.

Anti-Fog Coating

Giro Goggles Technology - Anti-Fog Coating

Every Giro goggle lens features our anti-fog coating to keep your vision crisp and clear in all conditions.

Seamless Compatibility

Giro Goggles Technology - Seamless Compatibility

For optimal performance of both helmets and goggles Giro products bare designed to work together as a single integrated unit. Ensuring a seamless interface between helmet and goggles offers exceptional fit and dependable, worry-free function.