Giro Contact Prescription Ski Goggles

Giro Contact Prescription Ski Goggles

  • Prescription capability provided Salice universal insert
  • Snapshot magnetic lens replacement system - safe, secure and instant lens interchange
  • Includes two spherical Zeiss VIVID lenses as standard - for bright and low light conditions
  • Moisture-wicking triple-layer face foam and anti-fog lens coating work in tandem to eliminate lens misting
  • Includes protective goggle and spare lens case

Our View: Giro have pulled out all the stops for their flagship model, the Contact. Using the Snapshot lens replacement system with rare earth magnets holding the spherical Zeiss lens securely in place, this goggle is complemented by triple layer face foam for the most comfortable fit possible. This goggle will pair up seamlessly with Giro's range of equally exceptional helmets.

"The breakthrough design of the EXV Contact goggle makes it easy to adapt instantly to changing weather and light conditions. Snapshot Magnetic Lens Interchange System sets a new standard in fast, accurate and secure lens interchange by utilising a shutter button-release and locking mechanism. Self-locating magnets guide and hold the lens securely into place in its semi-frameless design. The Contact offers an outstanding field of view and includes two premium optical LENSES BY ZEISS." - Giro

  • Large size adult EXV semi-frameless design
  • Spherical lens by Zeiss
  • VIVID lenses by Zeiss
  • EXV - Expansion View Technology
  • Snapshot - Magnetic Interchange Lens System
  • Includes full-sun flash/all-conditions lens & low-light flash lens
  • Triple-layer face foam with micro-fleece facing
  • Anti-Fog coating
  • Seamless compatibility with all Giro helmets
  • Ergonomic protective goggle and spare lens case

Giro Goggles Technology - VIVID


VIVID Lenses

Developed in conjunction with Zeiss

VIVID is a patented lens technology - developed by Giro in partnership with Zeiss Optics. Designed to improve your visual experience out on the snow by boosting contrast in blue light.

Developed over decades of research, VIVID Lenses enhance contrast and definition to reduce eyestrain improve reaction time and boost your confidence through delivering precise vision.

Giro Goggles Technology - Snapshot

Snapshot Lens Interchange System

Giro's new Snapshot System utilizes self-locating rare earth magnets and a secure locking mechanism for fast, on-the-fly (or on the chairlift) virtually effortless lens interchange. Upon contact with the frame, the lens simply snaps into place and then locks down securely. When the clouds roll in simply depress the shutter button, release the lens and insert the lens of your choice.

Giro Goggles Technology - EXV

EXV - Expansion View Technology

Developed and perfected at the DOME, Giro's R&D center in Santa Cruz, California, the groundbreaking Expansion View Technology (EXV) is a new frame design that creates an unparalleled field of view. Giro began with a helmet-compatible goggle design and then eliminated and tapered material from the frame and engineered frameless zones to optimize a massive spherical lens and yield maximum peripheral vision in their goggles.

Giro Goggles Technology

Giro Goggles Technology - Spherical lens by Zeiss

Spherical lens by Zeiss

Spherical in shape, this lens mimics the form of the human eye to provide superior optics while creating increased air volume inside the goggle to help prevent fogging. The manufacturing, testing, and quality control of all Giro spherical lenses is provided by ZEISS, the global leader in optical technology and photography.

Giro Goggles Technology - Triple-Layer Face Foam

Triple-Layer Face Foam

Triple Face Foam is a three part system that provides a plush contact layer against your face, a super soft middle layer that allows maximum contour and compliments the goggle ventilation, and a durable back layer connected to the goggle frame. The microfleece inner layer offers ultimate comfort for long days out on the mountain.

Giro Goggles Technology - Anti-Fog Coating

Anti-Fog Coating

Every Giro goggle lens features our anti-fog coating to keep your vision crisp and clear in all conditions. Added to a superior ventilation system, the days of fogging are over so you can focus on what matters when out on the slopes this winter.

Giro Goggles Technology - Seamless Compatibility

Seamless Compatibility

For optimal performance of both helmets and goggles; Giro products are designed to work together as a single integrated unit. Ensuring a seamless interface between helmet and goggles offers exceptional fit and dependable, worry-free function.

INCLUDES: Bonus Lens
INCLUDES: Bonus Lens
INCLUDES: Bonus Lens