Oakley Prescription Goggles

Authenticity is earned, and Oakley's heritage of snow goggle innovation goes back 30 years. Ever since Jim Jannard first produced the first Oakley goggle in 1980, decades of engineering have focused on a single, unwavering goal: to provide snow athletes with the absolute highest level of optical clarity and protection. Snowsports' elite wear Oakley because they want a piece of a tried, tested and time-honoured success story. Oakley goggles are a winning fusion of iconoclastic style, cutting-edge technology and superior build quality.


To read a list of Oakley's affiliated athletes would be like leafing through a Who's Who of winter sports. To name a few, Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn, Jake Blauvelt, Gretchen Bleiler and Tanner Hall can all be seen sporting this exceptional eyewear.


Oakley set their standards higher than other manufactuers. This means that technical features you may only find in the flagship models of other brands are found throughout the Oakley range, creating a quality offering from top to bottom.


Oakley have massively diversified their offering in recent years, with rimmed and rimless shapes now available in varying configurations. From understated to eye catching, their are straps and liveries for every taste and preference.

Snowsports' elite wear Oakley because they want a piece of a tried, tested and time-honoured success story. Oakley goggles are a winning fusion of iconoclastic style, cutting-edge technology and superior build quality. Here you can find a summary of the things that make Oakley great. If you thought the best tech came at the expense of comfort, reconsider. Oakley's ski goggles range are thoughtfully constructed using the finest materials to give you the best of both worlds.

Prescription Technology

Salice Universal Prescription Insert

The A Frame 2.0, Airbrake, Flight Deck and O2 XL models are fitted with the universal prescription insert, produced by Salice in Italy. Note that this insert is not an Oakley product.

The fit of the insert in this goggle has been tested and confirmed by RxSport.

Salice Prescription Insert

Oakley Frame Technology

O Matter™ Chassis

O Matter Chassis

Devoloped using 3D CAD/CAM engineering, these frames ensure a true anatomical fit. Durable yet lightweight frame materials are designed to maintain flexibility in extreme cold.

Triple-Layer Polar Fleece Foam

Triple-Layer Polar Fleece Foam

Oakley performance goggles provide a continuous seal to lock out wind and the elements while wicking moisture away from the skin. A fleece finish on the outer layer optimises comfort.

Helmet Compatibility

Helmet Compatible

Oakley snow goggles are designed to work in perfect harmony with a massive assortment of the most popular snow helmets, with no compromise in fit, performance or comfort.

Switchlock™ Technology

Switchlock Technology

A switch mechanism releases the mounted lens to be replaced by a new one in a matter of seconds. An innovative mounting system holds the lens securely in place without any bending.

Oakley Lens Technology

Anti-Fog Coating

F3 Anti-Fog Coating

Oakley uses special coatings preventing fogging from reducing performance and safety. Goggles with Plutonite® lenses are optimized with Oakley F3™ anti-fog coating. Goggles with Lexan® lenses take advantage of Oakley F2™, an anti-fog coating developed specifically for cylindrical lens geometry.

Impact Protection

Impact Protection

Oakley's performance goggles meet and exceed the impact-resistance standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for high-mass and high-velocity impacts.

High Definition Optics®

High Definition Optics

Gives your eyes a truer, distortion-free picture of the world at all angles of view. HDO® lenses also provide 100% UV filtering and impact protection worthy of sports pros.

Performance Lens Tints

Performance Lens Tints

Oakley offers a comprehensive array of performance lenses designed to precisely tune, contrast and balance light transmission in any light condition.

Oakley Prizm Technology

Prizm is a bioengineered lens technology, sport-tuned to enhance constrast and visibility in snowy environments. Using Plutonite lens material as a base, these lenses work comfortably over a much wider range of light conditions than traditional snow lenses, meaning you aren't left needing to switch out your lens when conditions change.

Oakley Prizm Comparison

The human eye is sensitive to detail in certain colours, but this detail is lost in flat and low contrast white snow. Prizm lenses split white light into individual colours. Then, just like an equaliser boosts treble or bass to enhance sound, Prizm lenses boost sensitive colours while filtering out the rest. The result is vision with crisp detail that isn't washed out by the flat light in snow.