POC Retina Big Prescription Ski Goggles

POC Retina Big Prescription Ski Goggles

  • Salice universal prescription insert provided
  • Super-sized frame with huge field of view, designed to improve reaction speeds
  • Double lens construction creates insulating layer to protect against lens fogging
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog lens treatments for maximised optical clarity
  • Polyurethane frame conforms to face shape with triple-layer face foam for added comfort

Our View: True to its name, the POC Retina Big is the larger variant of the Retina goggles. By POC standards, big means huge! This design is geared towards letting you take in as much of your surrounding environment as possible, a great tool to help your eyes keep up with your body when moving at pace - perfect for speed demons!

POC’s super-sized Retina Big has a huge field of view to increase reaction speeds. The double lens is made of optical grade PC/CP and has the best anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment available to promote vision and resistance. The PU frame conforms to different face shapes and maintains its flexibility even in cold temperatures, and the triple layer face foam and fleece ensures a comfortable fit. - POC

  • Ripel - Hydrophobic and oleophobic lens treatment
  • Cylindrical shape for a deep field of view
  • Seamless fit
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog treated
  • Triple-layer face foam
  • Silicone grip on the inside of the strap
  • Cellulose propionate (CP) inner lens
  • Optical grade polycarbonate (PC) outer lens
  • Ventilation slots

  • POC Goggles Technology - Goggle Features

    POC Goggles Technology

    POC Goggles Technology - Frame Ventilation

    Frame Ventilation

    Frame vents generate airflow, reducing fogging. Vents work in tandem with goggle vents on POC helmets for optimised function.

    POC Goggles Technology - Triple Layer Foam

    Triple Layer Foam

    Three layers of face foam cushion the fit, create a perfect seal between face and goggles and wicks moisture from the face to reduce fogging.

    POC Goggles Technology - Polyurethane Frame

    Polyurethane Frame

    Soft-coated and flexible polyurethane frame for a comfortable fit and to spread the energy in case of an impact.

    POC Goggles Technology - Dual Layer Lens

    Dual Layer Lens

    A combination of a cellulose propionate (CP) inner lens and polycarbonate (PC) outer lens delivers superior clarity and impact resistance.

    POC Goggles Technology - Silicone Grip

    Silicone Grip

    Silicone grip on the inside of the strap keeps the goggles in situ without slipping across the helmet surface and compromising fit.

    POC Goggles Technology - Seamless Fit

    Seamless Fit

    All POC goggles are designed to fit seamlessly with POC helmets, optimising ventilation and delivering a better look.

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