Salomon Prescription Goggles

Salomon Prescription Goggles

For nearly seven decades Salomon have existed at the apex of performance mountain wear. With a commitment to innovative design and passion for mountain sports, Salomon have created a vast range of revolutionary new concepts in bindings, boots, skis and apparel for both alpine and nordic skiing and brought innovative solutions to footwear, apparel and equipment for snowboarding, adventure racing, mountaineering, hiking and trail running. This range of Salomon goggles is the embodiment of a lasting passion, providing quality eyewear fit to be worn by professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Salomon was born in 1947 in the heart of the French Alps and the birthplace of modern alpinism. Driven by passion for skiing and design innovation, Francois Salomon and his son George designed and perfected many of the first modern ski bindings.


We've tested the fit of Salomon goggles with a series of clip-in prescription inserts. These inserts deliver corrective vision by being securely housed within the goggle canopy, without the hassle of trying to cram your eyeglass temples in under your goggles!


Whether you prefer the low-profile look of cylindrical lenses or the unbeatable optics of spherical models, Salomon have you covered. If you have a keen eye for coordination then these goggles will pair up perfectly with our range of Salomon snow helmets.

Salomon was born in the French Alps in 1947. Their passion for mountain sport progression, product development, quality and craftsmanship drives them to create progressive gear.

Salomon Goggles - Prescription Technology

Salomon Prescription Goggles

Salice Universal Prescription Insert

The Aksium, Four Seven, iVY, Sense, S-Max, X-Max, XT-One and X-View ski goggles by Salomon are supplied with a prescription insert produced by Salice. Note that this insert is not a Salomon product.

The fit of the insert in this goggle has been tested and confirmed by RxSport. The insert simply clips into the goggle canopy to deliver secure corrective vision when on the move!

Salice Prescription Insert

Salomon Goggle Technology

Salomon's proprietary Sigma lens technology is designed to increase visibility in a wider range of light conditions, enhancing the eye's natural ability to identify irregularities in terrain, meaning you can take to the snow with greater confidence.

By blocking specific wavelengths of light, Sigma lenses filter out unnecessary visual information to give the clearest possible picture of the snow. Sigma lens technology is available on select colours of the Four Seven, iVY, S-Max and XT-One.

Salomon Goggles - Salomon Sigma Lens Technology

Sigma Lens

Brighten Your Day

Salomon Goggles - Premium Materials

Premium Materials

Salomon have given attention to the finest details in their goggles. From the lenses, to the frames and straps, everything combines to create a product you can depend on.

Salomon Goggles - Frame Technology

Frame Technology

The priority when developing these goggles in two key areas: maximising peripheral vision and creating the most comfortable fit possible. The most dedicated skiers will find their match here!

Salomon Goggles - Multi-Layer Face Foam

Layered Face Foam

Selected models come equipped with a plush, multi-layer face foam. Using a moisture-wicking fleece liner, moisture is kept out of the canopy to reduce the risk of lens fogging.

Salomon Goggles - Custom ID Fit Technology

Custom ID Fit

Form-fitting comfort, unbeatable performance

Shaped like a face-print, engineered like a human face. Custom ID fit is an articulated frame and foam structure that automatically moulds to individual face shapes, for enhanced comfort and performance.

An articulated frame precisely matches individual facial features, creating a perfect seal around the face to keep cold air outside of the canopy, reducing the risk of lens fogging. A fit so good it can be forgotten when worn!

Salomon have given full consideration to complete head protection on the snow. These goggles will fit seamlessly with Salomon's extensive range of helmets, featuring a raft of impressive tech features.

If you're looking for a companion lid to go with your new Salomon goggles then look no further! Features such as the revolutionary EPS 4D are changing the way helmets keep us safe. Check out the range!

Salomon Goggles - Helmet Compatibility

Partner Up

with a Salomon helmet

We've tested our range of Salomon goggles for compatibility with a range of after-market prescription ski goggle inserts.

Check whether your goggles are comaptible with a prescription insert in the table below. Scroll down to shop for these goggles supplied with the prescription insert as a complete package.

Four Seven
Lo Fi
Not suitable
XT One
X View

Looking to buy a prescription insert for your pair of discontinued Salomon goggles? Check out our universal Inland and Salice goggle inserts to see if your model is compatible.