Zeal Lookout Prescription Ski Goggles

Zeal Lookout Prescription Ski Goggles

  • Prescription Price includes clip-on goggle insert made to your prescription
  • Frame Rimless design with Observation Deck Technology and Rail Lock System
  • Accessories Includes microfibre goggle bag and bonus low-light lens
  • Lenses Cylindrical polycarbonate lens with anti-fog and hardcoat treatments
  • Fit Suits a medium adult fit, featuring adjustable strap

Our View

Uniting Zeal's top of the range technology, Lookout features the revolutionary Rail Lock System quick lens change with their award-winning Observation Deck Technology to increase your vertical field of view by 20%. Lookout is all you'll need on the mountain.

Zeal Optics' View

Zeal Optics has united its patented Rail Lock System (//RLs) and award-winning Observation Deck Technology (ODT) in the revolutionary Lookout goggle to elevate your vision and experience on the mountain.


  • Includes Salice universal insert
  • Cylindrical polycarbonate lens
  • Everclear Anti-Fog
  • Permashield Hardcoat
  • RLS (Rail Lock System) technology
  • Rimless frame design
  • Observation Deck technology
  • Upper and lower frame venting
  • Triple layer face foam
  • Helmet compatible
  • Medium fit, medium coverage
  • Dual goggle strap adjustment
  • No Slip Grip goggle strap
  • Includes bonus low-light lens
  • Includes microfibre goggle bag
  • Rail Lock System Technology

    Zeal Optics Rail Lock System
    Zeal Optics RLS

    Rail Lock System (RLS)

    Designed for simple and secure lens swaps, RLS is Zeal's patent-pending frame technology that utilizes rails to guide, slide and lock your lens in place. Every Zeal goggle using RLS includes a a bonus low-light Persimmon Sky Blue lens as standard.

    Observation Deck Technology

    Zeal Optics Observation Deck
    Zeal Optics ODT

    Observation Deck

    Taking a page from the physics behind structures like air traffic control towers, Observation Deck Technology is the first goggle system that replicates the eagle’s view of the mountains, to help you see every inch of the line below you.

    Automatic+ Lens Technology

    Zeal Automatic+ Lens
    Zeal Auto+ Lens

    Automatic+ Lens

    Automatic+ has all the features of Zeal's Optimum and lenses and photochromic technology, so your lens will automatically adjust color in changing light conditions delivering an unsurpassed optical experience for all-day performance in a single lens.

    Lens Technology

    Zeal Optics Lens Technology - Everclear Anti-Fog

    Everclear Anti-Fog

    Everclear Anti-Fog is a hydrophilic infusion which can’t be wiped off. Resists fogging for more than 220 seconds, double the industry standard.

    Zeal Optics Lens Technology - Colour Filtration

    Colour Filtration

    Short wave blue light distorts color and by filtering it out, you are able to see pure, vivid colors with greater clarity and detail. Applied to all lenses.

    Zeal Optics Lens Technology - Permashield Hardcoat

    Permashield Hardcoat

    Bonded to the polycarbonate lens to resist scratches on the surface of the lens. UV cured for greater adhesion and prolonged protection.

    Zeal Optics Lens Technology - Hydro/Oleo


    Prevents moisture, oil and fingerprints from adhering to the lens. Applied via vacuum deposition rather than immersion, eliminating lens distortion.

    Zeal Optics Lens Technology - Cylindrical Lens

    Cylindrical Lens

    Flatter and has a lower profile than a spherical lens. The lens curves horizontally while remaining flat vertically allowing for a closer fit.

    Zeal Optics Lens Technology - UV Protection

    UV Protection

    All Zeal Optics lenses block 100% of UVA/B/C rays for increased protection. Polarized Automatic+ lenses also block 95% of HEV light.

    Frame Technology

    Zeal Optics Frame Technology - Venting


    Upper and lower venting and wicking fabrics regulate interior airflow and ensure fogging is kept at bay.

    Zeal Optics Frame Technology - Triple Layer Face Foam

    Triple Layer Face Foam

    Plush triple layer face foam offers a perfect fit for all day comfort and protection from the elements.

    Zeal Optics Frame Technology - No Slip Grip

    No Slip Grip

    A triple beaded silicon coating on every strap ensures that your goggle will stay exactly where you place it.

    Zeal Optics Frame Technology - Dual Strap System

    Dual Strap System

    Zeal's dual strap system helps you find your perfect fit every time for optimal fitting comfort.

    Prescription Insert Technology

    What is the Prescription Insert?

    The key feature in prescription ski goggles is the use of prescription inserts, which is a separate frame which fits into the framework of the goggles. Zeal don't have their own branded inserts so utilise the versatility of a universal insert.

    What are the benefits?

    The insert doesn't change the functionality of the goggle frame itself, meaning you can still take full advantage of any lens interchange system your goggle uses. The insert is easily mounted and removed from the frame, making it easy to clean.

    What are the prescription options?

    Your insert can be glazed with a range of lens materials including anti-fog and bi-focal.

    Prescription Goggle Insert

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