Bolle Prescription Sunglasses

  • Impressive lightweight lenses for frame equilibrium
  • Comfort and ideal fit
  • Perfect precision & Impact resistant
  • 2-3 weeks for delivery

Crafted for athletes in search of the finest competitive edge, Bolle's prescription sunglasses are made for success by providing the best in comfort, protection and versatility. With an array of lens options on offer, Bolle can prepare you for any challenge.

Bolle Prescription Sunglasses Programme

b-thin Active Design Rx

Bolle Prescription Sunglasses Technology - b-thinBolle's prescription programme was conceived with sport in mind. b-thin Active Design provides optimum precision, comfort and frame balance to help the wearer maximise their performance potential.

  • Precision: Top of the range optical clarity and quality
  • Protection: Solar (glare reduction and harmful UV blocking) and aerodynamic (8 base lens curvature)
  • Safety: Impact resistant prescription sunglasses
  • Comfort: Lightweight construction promotes balance and improves fit

As it is not restricted by technical manufacturing limitations, b-thin Active Design offers the widest range of prescriptions for 8 base frames.

What is b-thin Active Design?

Using computer software designed to perform the most advanced calculations, Bolle are able to create customised lenses using the best in lightweight materials.

Leading-edge technology

Traditional prescription sunglasses lenses in wrap around frames are available to approximately 85% of those who wear glasses. Today, Bolle b-thin Active design extends this to 99% with a prescription range of +6.00 to -8.00.

How does it work?

Bolle Prescription Sunglasses Technology - Lens Cut DiagramEvery prescription is re-assessed to compensate for optical distortions related to the curve of a frame. b-thin Active design lenses have a central optical zone and a transition zone up to the rim of the lens. Every product is customised to the frame, to the prescription and to the wearer's shape. An axial compensation algorithm for a prescription takes the size of the frame and the wearer's anatomy into account.

The results are outstanding:

  • Lenses are up to 72% thinner and 45% lighter – impressive lightweight lenses for ideal frame equilibrium
  • Comfort and ideal fit
  • Perfect precision
  • Impact resistant

What do Bolle prescription sunglasses provide?

  • The latest superior quality Bolle frame and lens technology
  • 8 base prescription lenses which provide full protection and wide coverage, perfect sunglasses for sports use
  • Exclusive lenses complete with the Bolle logo to ensure authenticity
  • Polarised, photochromic, flash mirror and polarised flash mirror prescription lens options available