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Ray-Ban RB3562 Prescription Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB3562 Prescription Sunglasses

  • Price includes authentic Ray-Ban lenses made to your prescription
  • Polycarbonate lenses with durable hard coating and anti-reflection treatment as standard
  • Pilot-style frame with rounded lenses and retro double bridge frame front
  • Based on the design of the iconic Ray-Ban Cockpit
  • Suits a medium to large adult fit; includes case and microfibre cleaning cloth

Our View: Ray-Ban's RB3562 is based on the unmistakable and timeless Cockpit model, with a softer and more rounded lens shape compared to the Aviator to suit a wider range of face shapes. Now available with official Ray-Ban prescription lenses, including Chromance options for outstanding optical clarity.

Designed for the dynamic, fast-paced lifestyles of urban men, this lightweight metal sun shape features a fine double bridge and unmistakable pilot shape, evoking the iconic spirit of high-flying adventure and essential style that defined Ray-Ban as the world’s leading eyewear brand.

Bolle Sunglasses Technology

Frame Materials

Stainless Steel: Each of these premium metal frames undergoes 70 manufacturing processes and several coatings and treatments to maximise durability and corrosion resistance.

Traditional Pin Hinges: Stainless steel pin hinges give a sturdy, corrosion-resistant finish.

Shape and Fit

Base Curve 6: This flatter shape gives a fashionable, edgy look to the sunglasses with the lenses sitting further away from the eyes.

Silicone Nose Pads: Grippy material gently cradles the bridge of the nose for a secure fit.


This model includes a pop-secured leather-style case and microfibre cleaning cloth.

B-Max Technology

B-Clear Lenses

Oleophobic/Hydrophobic Treatment

Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses - Lens Technology

Prescription Lens Technology

Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses - Digital Surfacing Technology

Ray-Ban have pulled out all the stops for their official prescription programme. Leading-edge technology and materials create prescription lenses fit for the world's most famous eyewear designs, for every customer.

Digital Surfacing Technology (DST) is a state-of-the-art process going beyond the limits of traditional optical technology. The lenses are optimised to provide perfect vision across the entire lens surface.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Traditional Lenses

Traditional Lenses

Conventional lenses provide good vision when looking through the centre of the lens, but performance reduces as we look away from the optical centre. This deterioration in clarity is caused due to oblique aberration, which happens whenever we gaze laterally.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Ray-Ban DST Lenses

Ray-Ban DST Lenses

DST technology modifies the surface of the lens so all incoming light beams are focused on the fovea. The process is carried out across the whole surface of the lens ensuring optimum vision in all directions, not only at the centre but also at the edges of the lens.

The geometry of digital lenses is calculated according to the specific parameters of both wearer and frame, meaning every set of lenses is truly bespoke to your needs. For varifocal lenses, lens geometry exploits the best of fully optimised free-form technology to maximise near, intermediate and distant fields of vision.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Traditional Progressive Lenses

Traditional Progressive Lenses

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Ray-Ban Progressive Lenses

Ray-Ban Progressive Lenses

Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses - Lens Features

Prescription Lens Features

Ray-Ban's high quality anti-reflective treatments afford customers unique visual comfort and maximum ease of use. Ray-Ban's full offering of prescription sun lenses feature an anti-reflective treatment on the back surface of the lens.

Polycarbonate Lenses - 1.59

All Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses are fitted with premium polycarbonate lenses.

As a mark of authenticity, all Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses feature the Ray-Ban logo printed in the upper right corner of the right lens, and the "RB" logo etched into the left side of the left lens.

Polycarbonate boasts one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all lens materials, meaning you can enjoy a thinner lens which won't spoil the look of your frame or compromise fitting by adding excess weight to the frame. It is impact resistant and resistant to extreme temperatures, making these lenses excellently suited to use outdoors.

Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses - Polycarbonate Lenses

Setting new standards for quality, all of Ray-Ban's genuine prescription lenses are hard-coated on both sides to maximise durability.

Ray-Ban Prescription Lens Hard Coating - Impact and Shock Resistance

Impact and Shock Resistance

Ray-Ban Prescription Lens Hard Coating - Lens Durability

Lens Durability

Ray-Ban Prescription Lens Hard Coating - Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion Resistance

Ray-Ban Prescription Lens Hard Coating - Resistance to Saline Environments

Resistance to Saline Environments

Ray-Ban's high quality anti-reflective treatments afford customers unique visual comfort and maximum ease of use. Ray-Ban's full offering of prescription sun lenses feature an anti-reflective treatment on the back surface of the lens.

Ray-Ban Prescription Lens Hard Coating - Glare Reduction

Glare Reduction

Ray-Ban Prescription Lens Hard Coating - Clearer Vision

Clearer Vision

Ray-Ban Prescription Lens Hard Coating - Water Repellent

Water Repellent

Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses - Ray-Ban Chromance Prescription Lenses

Ray-Ban Chromance Prescription Lenses

Now Available In Prescription

Revolutionising the way you see the world, Ray-Ban's new Chromance lenses utilise the latest in colour science and lens technology to provide the clearest, most vivid views avaialble.

Chromance lenses are polarised as standard, meaning reflected glare is blocked to keep the most intense light away and delivering viewing comfort unlike conventional lenses.

Ray-Ban Chromance Comparison

Ray-Ban Chromance - Brighter Colour


All Chromance lenses enhance color intensity and recognition.

Ray-Ban Chromance - Enhanced Contrast


Sharpening your visual field, Chromance lenses optimize vision.

Ray-Ban Chromance - Better Clarity


Visual actuity is improved to help you see more clearly, especially in bright sunlight.

Dimensions for the Ray-Ban RB3562 Chromance are as follows:

Lens Width
Lens Height