Rudy Project Spinhawk Prescription Sunglasses

Rudy Project Spinhawk Prescription Sunglasses

  • Price includes directly glazed lenses custom made to your prescription
  • Light, durable acetate frame gives a comfortable fit
  • Full-rim structure makes this frame tough
  • Glare beating mirrored and polarised lenses available
  • Microfibre bag for cleaning and protection included

Our View: The Rudy Project Spinhawk offers you a pair of lifestyle sunglasses with a sporty, technical edge. This model has been seen on the likes of Cal Crutchlow, the elite Moto GP rider.

"Spinhawk sunglasses are worn by winners and all those who dare to be innovative." - Rudy Project

Rudy Project Frame Technology



The extreme lightness of this product is the result of a combination of advanced design technology and revolutionary, exclusive materials.

Rudy Project Lens Technology

Directly glazed lenses for your Rudy Project prescription sunglasses are manufactured by the renowned Shamir laboratory, one of the world's leading producers of high-quality single vision and progressive lenses. With the help of Shamir's cutting-edge technology Rudy Project are able to offer prescription sport sunglasses with an eclectic range of tints making them fit for a breadth of activities.

Hyper-Precise Polarisation

This technology simulates real-world images by reverse engineering the lens design, enabling the lenses to provide an improved viewing experience for all wearers regardless of prescription or frame choice.

Hyper-Precise Polarisation

The near viewing zone is positioned within the lens corridor, reducing the need to tilt the head or move near objects to find the right viewing distance and angle and enhancing comfort and posture.

Hyper-Precise Polarisation

IntelliCorridor allows Shamir's designers to control the power profile of each lens, giving variable emphasis at every point. This means lens design can better address the specific needs of sports and fashion.

Hyper-Precise Polarisation

Provides additional design compensation, with four times greater design stability for any frame tilt variations, a unique combination of prescription and design compensation ensures viewing comfort for any frame shape.

Single Vision Lens Technology - Shamir Attitude III® SV

Based on the successful Shamir Smart Attitude®, designed for wraparound frames only, Shamir have designed a new single vision lens with an expanded base curve range which is able to support an endless variety of sports frames.

Shamir Attitude III SV ensures extreme viewing comfort for any frame, flat or wraparound, and for any activity. The unique new lens is completely adaptable to the individual, letting the wearer express who they are to the fullest.

  • Optimal design for any frame size, shape and fit
  • Greater optical design stability for any frame - large or small, wraparound or flat
  • Unique lens design for large frames with expanded peripheral vision

Progressive Lens Technology - Shamir Attitude III® Sport

Shamir understand that sport and leisure require different sunwear lenses. They also understand that different people require different frames to express their attitude and personal style. Shamir Attitude III® has optimised varifocal technology for the demands faced by sportspeople and allowing this technology to be implemented in a massive range of frames - large or small, flat or wraparound.

  • The perfect sunwear choice for dynamic sports and an active lifestyle
  • A new design with Shamir's widest far vision zone, providing stable vision below the fitting point
  • Enlarged intermediate vision zone for better view of the immediate area during sports activities
  • Designed with Eye-Point Technology III®

With Attitude III Sport vision zones are precisely suited for sports and active lifestyles:

  • Far Vision: Wide and distortion-free vision zone, with a moderate increase of power below the fitting point, providing clear and stable vision above and below the horizon. Perfect for dynamic sports in which rapid and sharp movements would otherwise cause distorted vision and affect performance.
  • Intermediate Vision: Corridor designed to ensure optimal vision of the Safety Zone - a 1-5m area in front of the athlete, critical for sports, which must be monitored continually in order to plan the next mover and identify obstacles along the way.
  • Near Vision: Dynamic location of near vision zone for a clear and comfortable view of a watch, GPS and other sports gadgets.
  • Peripheral Vision: Expanded peripheral vision, specifically designed for large frames.


  • Microfibre bag included

Dimensions for the Rudy Project Spinhawk are as follows:

Lens Width
Lens Height