Serengeti Bormio Prescription Sunglasses

Serengeti Bormio Prescription Sunglasses

  • Price includes authentic Serengeti lenses, custom-made to your prescription
  • Lenses made from ultra-light impact resistant Trivex, boasting clarity rivalling that of glass
  • Wrap-around shape maximises eye coverage for greater protection from the sun
  • Suits a medium adult fit
  • Serengeti hard case and cloth included

Our View: The Serengeti Bormio is an excellent active lifestyle design which will see you through practically any activity in style and comfort, thanks to its polarised photochromic lenses and lightweight wrap-around frame design. Make the most of this excellent frame with genuine Serengeti prescription lenses.

Frame that will accompany you with style and sophistication to your greatest sporting feats! Serengeti Photochromic lenses technology joins ultra sleek and light frame to make the most of your outdoor adventures. - Serengeti

Serengeti Model Specs

Frame Materials

Grilamid TR90: An injection-moulded thermoplastic boasting excellent flexibility, durability and shape memory for an unmatched fit.

Traditional Pin Hinge: Traditional pin hinges give a sturdy finish and acommodating fit.

Shape and Fit

Base Curve 8: This rounded shape gives a sportier look to the frame, and gives the eyes superior shielding from the sun and elements.

Bridge: Fixed saddle-style bridge with integrated Megol components for a secure fit.


This model includes a hard case and cleaning cloth.

Serengeti Prescription Lens Technology

VARIO Drive Thin Design

Built using NXT Technology and Trivex material, VARIO Drive lenses provide unrivaled visual acuity in customised prescription lenses. They are up to 72% thinner and 45% lighter than traditional prescription lenses and are available in clear, photochromic or polarised photochromic lens tints. Trivex lens material allows for an extensive prescription range from +6.00 to -8.00 and as Trivex is ultra-flexible, it means a wide range of frame designs are included within the program.

Cebe Nano Active Design

Serengeti Lenses - Photochromic Technology

Photochromic Technology

Serengeti leads the industry in creating lenses that adapt to any light condition in any setting. The molecules in these lenses actively expand in brighter environments, such as sun-drenched roads where UV radiation is heavy, creating a darker lens that absorbs more light. In darker scenarios with diminished UV radiation, the molecules compress and separate, allowing in more light.

Serengeti Lenses - Photochromic Technology

Serengeti Lenses - Spectral Control Technology

Serengeti Lenses - Spectral Control Technology

Spectral Control Technology

Spectral Control® technology selectively filters specific light wavelengths, sharpening the way you see color contrast and improving visual definition. This technology limits shortwave blue light, the main cause of atmospheric glare and haze. The process of filtering and refining light leaves behind only the most vivid, balanced and natural colors.

Serengeti Lenses - Polarisation Technology

Polarisation Technology

In the same way a venetian blind functions by only letting in preferred light, Serengeti's polarisation technology organizes the light that passes through the lens. Parallel light rays pass through unhindered, but distracting perpendicular light, like the glare reflecting off the ocean, is reflected. This selectivity means you see things glare would otherwise have kept hidden.

Serengeti Lenses - Polarisation Technology

Serengeti Frame Technology

Nylon Frame Material

Using only the highest-quality injected nylon TR 90 for superior durability, these fashionable frames have the added benefit of being exceptionally light, chemically resistant, and extremely flexible and comfortable.


Dimensions for the Serengeti Bormio are as follows:

Lens Width
Lens Height