Zeal Prescription Sunglasses

Zeal Prescription Sunglasses

If you like Zeal sunglasses then you will love our range of Zeal Optics prescription sunglasses. You can expect the same brilliant quality from Zeal's prescription sunglasses as you do their non-Rx range. Zeal's Rx lens is superior to standard polycarbonate. With enhanced clarity you can enjoy crystal clear views like never before.


Zeal are based out of the city of Boulder in Colorado, amongst some of the most spectacular landscapes in North America. It's from this environment that Zeal have drawn inspiration for a product range purely for outdoor living.


Polarised lenses come as standard with every single Zeal frame. This means you are assured exceptional visual comfort and clarity, completely glare free. Zeal prides itself on its low-pollution, renewably-sourced Z-Resin frame material and Ellume lens material.


Find a range of shapes in this range catering to a selection of tastes. Sporty, retro, masculine, feminine, functional and everything inbetween can be found here! Zeal in particular specialise in wrapped frames, perfectly suited to active lifestyles.