adidas Prescription Sunglasses

Designed to meet the needs of various sports and lifestyles, adidas Eyewear products ensure the best combination of next-generation frame and lens technologies. adidas' range of prescription eyewear is designed to provide sportsmen and women with clear and undistorted vision. Built to face anything, this eyewear will provide the best performance even in extreme situations, which can be adjusted to individual preferences and sports. The addition of adidas' revolutionary official glazing programme now gives you a wider range of sports performance lenses to cover any activity.


Boasting nearly seven decades of experience in the production of performance sports equipment, adidas have channeled their knowledge into creating quality eyewear, worn by some of the world's biggest names in a breadth of sporting disciplines.


Enjoy the freedom of choice with adidas, whether through a clip-on insert which can be easily attached or removed as and when you need it, or through a set of made-to-order, directly glazed prescription lenses produced by the official adidas glazing programme.


adidas specialise in extremely wrapped eyewear, providing total protection of the ocular area. Contrast-boosting, polarised and photochromic lenses, and a huge selection of frame accessories, make these models unbelievably versatile.

Ultimate vision, optimum protection, customised fit and maximum durability are the key characteristics of a quality sports frame. adidas eyewear has evolved these properties – fine tuned to the requirements of individual sports.


For 2017 RxSport is releasing its most complete offering of adidas prescription sunglasses to date.

adidas are continuing their legacy for sports eyewear in 2017 by introducing their official glazing programme. Benefiting from the options of official lenses, adidas have delivered the ultimate eyewear for road, track, field and water.

As a result of the new adidas glazing programme, even more adidas frames are available with directly glazed prescription lenses in your favourite tints for a premium, one-piece solution that is tailor-made to your demands.

You can still find our wide range of sunglasses with rimmed and rimless clip-on inserts, available with a host of lens packages including anti-fog and thin lenses for high prescriptions.


For the first time at RxSport you can get adidas’ high-wrap performance frames with directly glazed lenses made to your prescription. This includes models such as the Evil Eye Evo Pro, Evil Eye Halfrim Pro and Tycane.

Enjoy the comfort, convenience and performance of a clutter-free prescription solution that delivers premium corrective vision right where you need it.

We’re covering every niche with our selection of lens tints, treatments and finishes. What's more, all of our directly glazed lenses are made from lightweight and impact resistant polycarbonate, the premium choice for sports use.

You can still find adidas’ latest sports-lifestyle hybrid designs in our range including the Baboa, Excalate and Matic models. Choose your model, frame colour and lens tint for a completely customised prescription experience!


Now available in conjunction with the adidas official glazing programme; adidas steps up the game in sports performance eyewear. The collaboration with one of the finest glazing labs in the world to offer premium optics, specialising in sports eyewear. Clear and undistorted vision allows even the tiniest detail to come to life.

Using a freeform technology, adidas have cemented themselves in the top drawer of sports performance eyewear. Freeform technology allows for a greater field of vision and a clear view across the lens. This ultimate in prescription glazing compliments sporting performance in a number of arenas.

This new glazing programme has allowed adidas to offer some of its most popular tints in prescription, from LST™ to VARiOtuned photochromic lenses, arguably the best photochromic lenses on the market.


adidas prescription sunglasses work with the RXReady Performance Insert. The insert can be fitted easily and rapidly into adidas sunglasses without interfering with their functionality. Inserts are available in both rimmed and rimless form.

Using a clip-in insert allows you to change the outer lenses of the sunglasses to adapt to different light conditions - a cost-effective yet efficient way to stay on top of the weather when outdoors.

We’ve put together four lens packages that cater to the differing demands of athletes including tough hard-coated lenses, anti-fog treated lenses and lightweight thin lenses for high prescriptions. Among a wide range of other models, the revolutionary new Zonyk and Zonyk Aero models are both available with prescription inserts.