Anon Goggles

Anon Goggles

For over a decade, Anon has challenged the competition by pushing the limits of design, style and technical execution. Art and design is incorporated into every component. By fusing proven performance with progressive aesthetics, Anon take it further to give riders what they need. To express their individual style. Part of the Burton snowboard family, Anon goggles have a proud pedigree. This has formed the platform for some of the most exciting developments in recent years, such as their Magna-Tech lens change system. Using rare earth magnets, lenses simply snap into place.


Part of the Burton Snowboards family, this is a youthful brand with a fresh outlook for young skiers and riders, pushing the envelope of conventional style and collaborating with tour pros including Bode Merrill and Eric Pollard to exhibit their gear.


New to the revolutionary Magna-Tech line this year is the M4 Toric, featuring a new lens shape that changes the game in snow optics. Sonar lenses made in collab with Zeiss deliver exceptionally clear views across a wide range of conditions on the mountain.


Anon specialise in clean, no-nonsense style for those who prefer to do their talking on the snow. If you're a fan of the low profile look then you'll feel right at home around this range. Anon cater to a range of face sizes for men, women and kids too!

anon is the industry leader in elevated performance and aesthetics. They provide optimal vision and comfort for every winter weather condition and fuse it with the latest in stylistic embellishment technologies. From progressive design concepts to technical executions, anon ensure every product meets the demands of the most elite riders in the world.

Anon Goggles

Proprietary technologies driven by relentless innovation

Season on season anon have never stood still, innovating to bring market-leading goggles to the masses. This season builds on the technologies of those previous to deliver a fully-rounded array of premium winter eyewear.

Sonar lenses by Zeiss return for another season, with the unveiling of new tint options including Sonar Night, Sonar Pink and Sonar Bronze for enhanced style and function. The new M4 Toric features Magna-Tech lens technology in an all-new lens shape!

anon's patented Magna-Tech is the industry leader in quick lens change technology. Using rare earth magnets, it provides riders with seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal with unsurpassed retention for a safe and simple interchange solution.

Up to eight connection points around the perimeter of frame and lens ensure the creation of a secure seal around the entire lens perimeter. Effortless, self aligning lens changes make Magna-Tech the pinnacle in high-speed change-outs and style.

Magnetic Simplicity

M4 Toric

Toric design with 18 rare-earth magnets.


Feminine design with 14 rare-earth magnets.


Cylindrical design with 14 rare-earth magnets.

Superior Clarity

Ultimate definition from the Sonar lens by Zeiss

anon's Sonar Lens by Zeiss has been exclusively developed for snow sports. These lenses enhance contrast for the highest possible definition and terrain recognition in a variety of weather conditions, keeping you out on the snow doing your thing for longer.

Available in different colours and light absorption levels on a wide selection of Anon goggle designs, Sonar is a fully functional yet stylish way to keep on top of the action whether your days are whiteout or bluebird.

Sonar Infrared

Designed for lower-light conditions, performs best on greybird days and in whiteouts.

Sonar Blue

An all-rounder which excels in darker conditions while handling intermittent sun well.

Sonar Red

An all-rounder which works best in brighter weather while coping well in darker spells.

Sonar Silver

Tuned for the brightest conditions on snow, cuts through intense glare while maintaining definition.

anon's proprietary Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI) is the perfect solution for protecting your face and simplifying your kit. Multiple connection points make sealing the facemask to your goggles a snap.

Reinforced, perforated O2 vents keep you fully covered and fog-free, making sure you never sacrifice clarity for comfort. Available on selected colours and after-market in a range of colour, styles and sizes.

Facemask Integration

Zero gaps, zero compromise

Confused which lens you need?

Building on years of sports and optical experience, our experts have broken down Anon's lenses. Mixing our expertise with your feedback, we have picked our favourites for every condition.


Changeable / Intermediate LightAnon's new Sonar lenses come into their own in bright sun, cutting bluebird glare while keeping definition high with contrast enhancement. Sonar Smoke is a killer – looks amazing and stops the sun dead!

Sonar RedSonar Red

Sonar SmokeSonar Smoke

Sonar SilverSonar Silver

Changeable / Intermediate

Changeable / Intermediate LightAmber and rose base tints are fused with a rainbow of flash mirrors. You benefit from contrast enhancement and improved depth perception, whilse keeping sun at bay. Sonar Pink, Green and Bronze each perform well in a wide range of light conditions.

Sonar PinkSonar Pink

Sonar GreenSonar Green

Sonar BronzeSonar Bronze

Low Light

Low LightAnon looks after you when the white stuff is about. The new Sonar Blue tint picks up the torch from the popular Blue Lagoon, whereas Sonar Night is perfect for riding at dawn, dusk or in the park under lights!

Sonar InfraredSonar Infrared

Sonar BlueSonar Blue

Sonar NightSonar Night

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